Stylish Planters : Beautify Your Space With 10 Decorative Planters

Beautify your space with 10 stylish planters by Bonasila

Fiberglass Planters by Bonasila For Living Room Decor
29 Mar, 2022

If you’re a proud plant parent or someone who is looking forward to adopting it, then firstly, we’d take a chance to “Thank You”. Thank You, for taking a big step towards changing the world. Did you know, by planting even 1 plant, you can contribute a lot overall? They help in removing loads of carbon from the air, make you feel calmer, uplift the aesthetic look of your space and much more. These are just a few listed benefits from the lot. To add a more sophisticated and classic look to these plants, you should consider adding stylish planters to your spaces.

When it comes to decorating your interiors, know that plants and planters will add great textures and colours to dull spaces. You can place them at absolutely any corner of your home or office spaces. Be it those awkward corners, rough edges or dull spots. Now, as you ideate placing these plants around, we would like you to know something really important; Different shapes, sizes, colours and materials of a planter leave a huge impact on the plants placed inside. So make sure you choose them wisely.

There are so many types and sizes of stylish planters available these days. It can be a bit overwhelming to choose from any of them. So, to make your decision-making easy, let’s learn what can be the best types of planters for your plants.

  1. The first step is to decide if you want to invest purely for gardening purposes or aesthetic purposes.
  2. If the purpose stands for gardening purposes, then you can go for simple planters with stone or terracotta, they will give you a good drainage facility and will also help in optimal growth.
  3. If you want to take up planters for aesthetic purposes, then FRP planters would spruce up your surroundings.
  4. Do not get confused. If you are all set to purchase the planter for your space, you might end up feeling dazed and might also bring home a lot more pots than what you usually need. Some might be big size planters or small-sized planters. Understand your space well before picking a planter.
  5. The planters that you choose, should fit well for your home decor. In this case, you can also have a word with your interior decorators to guide you well.
  6. Make sure you plan the execution of your planters well. Decide where you want to put these planters at your home. Whether it will be your verandah, balcony or indoors.
  7. Bonasila, A Planter Wholesaler can help you select your desired planters well and enjoy your greens.

Be it for gardening or aesthetic purposes, one of the most crucial things is that any stylish planters that you pick, should be able to move a bit effortlessly. Any place that you choose, you should be able to shift it without any hassle. Also, your planter should be to turn your house into a wonderworld. So, here is a list of 10 different shaped planters by Bonasila that can be accessible for you with these qualities.


Rezelo Rectangular Fiberglass planters by bonasila

Buy Rezelo by Bonasila

First glimpse of Corin and it may remind you of a musical instrument. Its simplistic shape brings an urban appeal to it. If you are looking for small to medium-sized decorative planters, then they can be your best picks. Be it for your balconies, door entrances etc. these can act as your welcoming planters.


Bonasila Indoor Geometric Shape FRP Planters

Buy Escon by Bonasila

This planter would suit the best to symmetry lovers. These stylish planters has been designed with some distinct edges and forms triangular shapes within. For your modern interiors, these big-size planters can be the best suit.


Bonasila tall colorful fiberglass planters for outdoor

Buy Corin by Bonasila

First glimpse of Corin and it may remind you of a musical instrument. Its simplistic shape brings an urban appeal to it. If you are looking for small to medium-sized decorative planters, then they can be your best picks. Be it for your balconies, door entrances etc. these can act as your welcoming planters.


Bonasila stylish decorative fiberglass planters for home interior

Buy Cono by Bonasila

These stylish planters carry a strong visual presence and meet simplicity along. They have strong and round edges which give them a soft, smooth and pure appeal. They are a perfect pick if you wish to add a creative and luxurious touch to your lifestyle.


bonasila designer planters for home decor

Buy Milnelo by Bonasila

Minelo offers an impressive style with zero compromises on quality. Their luxurious automotive paint gives them a long-lasting look. To enhance your plant’s beauty and complement your modern interiors, these high-quality planters can be your pick. You can place them outdoors, near a table or your window, at your home, office etc. Buy these pots and planters online to add a different style statement to your empty spaces.


Tabletop stylish planters by bonasila

Buy Moso by Bonasila

Moso is a set of minimal and elegant planters that are aesthetically subtle. They promise to keep your space calm and connected. If you want to feel closer to nature, Moso could be your go-to planter. They add a touch to life with their classy circular circumference.


Curvy and modern design planters by Bonasila for outdoors

Buy Vonny by Bonasila

They promise to give a contemporary touch to your decor. They have modern and curvy designs that would leave an incredible impression on the viewer’s mind. They have perfect finishing with brilliant colours and textures. If you wish to give a bold statement indoors, then these can be your pick.


Garden Pots by Bonasila

Buy Pothos by Bonasila 

These are cupy-edged planters that would complement your outdoor space. They are available both in matt and gloss finishing, They are unmatched and their smooth texture will give your space a simple and natural look.

We at Bonasila, believe that any space can produce positivity and happiness if decorated with wholesome dedication and lots of love. In this case, plants will be your best friends and their vibe is never going to disappoint you. To give your space an exclusive and elegant touch, order pots and planters online from Bonasila. Bring home the perfect decorative planters.

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