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Navlika Parihar
Navlika PariharSales Co-ordinator

Hey :) I'm the person whose voice you hear every time you call Bonasila.

I didn't belong to the field that I interviewed for and this was my very first experience with Sales. I thought the easiest way to grow is to align my goals with Bonasila and that's what I did. I dream of seeing Bonasila as a household name for plant-lovers, and not just in India. Along my journey, I understood Bonasila's vision and how perfffection is a part of every process and this made me realize that indeed, God is in the details! I understand the intrinsic features of fibreglass planters well and that is what enables me to assist you all.

Here's a promise from me, if you talk to me even once, I will remember your name and location for life! Don't believe me? Try yourself :)

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They say walls have ears,
we say planters do too!

They say walls have ears, we say planters do too!