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We manufacture fibre reinforced plastic planters.
Yes. We have tied up with Gati Express Ltd. which covers 96% of India's pincodes.
This usually depends on the quantity. However, on an average if you're placing an order for 10-12 planters, it usually takes us 4-5 days. We always have 10-15 unpainted planters of every size in our stock, the time we take is only to paint and eventually to dry the paint well.
When you place the order, we share a proforma invoice with you which contains our Bank Details. You can do a wire transfer with the same
Yes. We have discount options available. The percentage of the same depends on the quantity of your order.
For this, it's better to talk. Let's get on a call. Here's our number- +91 8511347477
We make each planter as if we were to put it at our home or our office. So naturally, our sense of ownership and commitment to each of the planter makes them "the perfffect planters".
Absolutely! All you have to do is take a picture of the damaged part as soon as you open the packaging and share it with us within 24 hours of delivery. We will then get back to you for the same.
We use automotive paint.
Generally speaking, there is no warranty on our planters since they are FRP planters and that makes them long lasting. However, we do give a warranty on the planter's paint. Nothing shall happen to the quality of the colour. It will remain unfaded for at least 3 years.
Both are made of the same exterior paint, however rustic finish is comparatively smoother than texture finish. In texture finish, we create the pattern by using 3-4 different colours to make a stone or sand texture.
Absolutely! Our planters are weather resistant and you can decorate your outdoor spaces with them without worrying about weather-caused damage.
It's very easy to keep these stylish planters clean and maintained. You can use a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth from time to time.
By default, our fibreglass planters come with a drainage hole. However, under special requests by you, we can make the planters without the drainage holes.
We are not experts at choosing plants. But we keep posting images that we get from our customers on our website and on social media. You can always have a look at those photos and get inspiration!!
We are always extra-cautious and extra-attentive about our packaging because we provide replacement guarantee for damage during transit. But still, we understand that you would wish to see the packaging when you place a bulk order. In that case, we will be glad to provide you and image of packaging right before the dispatch.
Absolutely! You can.
The average thickness ranges from 1.5mm - 2.5mm. Further, the thickness increases in proportion with size and volume.
We use exterior paint, the kind used in construction industry and hence, it won't get faded for a long time for your generation.
This is because, at the moment, Bonasila's website is not E-Commerce. We are getting there!
You don't have to wait for a whole year, we roll out new designs every 6-8 months. For updates, follow us on our social media pages.
The material doesn't affect the growth of the plant. But we advise that if you are going to grow a plant that attains tall heights, you should buy a big planter to give enoughs space to its roots to spread. Another mistake that can be avoided for long life of plants is overwatering. No matter what the material of the planter is, overwatering will always hinder plant growth.
Yes we can plant directly into these.
Yes we can make a hole at the bottom of the planter as per customer requirement.
No, Colour will not fade with Sunlight. Our Planters are suitable for both - Indoor & Outdoor.
We produce after receiving customers' orders, once your order is confirmed your planters will be ready in 12-15 days.
No. GST will be additional 18%
Because fibre reinforced planters look gorgeous and they have a long life.
We are manufacturers of FRP planters.
Nope, but we love them :)
How do we justify this? :)
It depends who are you comparing us with!
But all we'd like to say is, there is proverb in our Gujarati language "સસ્તું અને સારું ક્યારેય એકસાથે નથી જતા" which implies when one wants something extra, they have to pay for it!! :)
Yes, but for that there is an exclusive criteria you have to match. Let's talk about it on+91 85113 47477

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