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Should we call ourselves 'perfffect'?

Ofcourse not, because we know nothing is as perfect as nature.
Having said that, we couldn't resist stealing a extra Fs from the 'eFForts' we put in to make each planter - the perfffect planter.

Should we call ourselves 'perfffect'?
Perfffect Eort

Today, we might not be totally perfect but we believe we can keep inching closer and closer to perfffection by working hard, learning so many things, improving our skills, changing our mindset, maintaining our strength and growing day in day out.

When we talk about perfffection,
we are aware that it is more a threat than a strength.

Why threat?

It indirectly pushes us to keep becoming better and better everyday and that, in turn, becomes our strength.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be called perfect. There is always some scope of improvement, Always!

We feel proud in calling ourselves imperfect because the quest to achieve perfection has helped to keep our passion ignited.

We often refer to our fibreglass planters as the Sisyphean* planters.

(Sisyphean /ˌsɪsɪˈfiːən/
Denoting or relating to a task that can never be completed. Example-"The pursuit of perfection is a Sisyphean task")

After all this, when somebody likes or expresses love for our planters, we rejoice and find happiness in the fact that we are indeed on the right path.

We desired to plant happiness, spread greenery, make something that people loved and not just 'liked' and finally, be perfffectly memorable.

We feel delighted, when our planters reach your space and create their own place in your space.

This is Us. This is Bonasila.

Bonasila is not just our brand name, it is also a reflection of the values that guide us.

Bona is short for 'Bonafide which means 'genuine'; while
Sila is a word from Pali language which stands for 'morality' or 'as it is'.

Together, Bonasila implies genuinity in its most ethical form.

We don't just extend these values to our planters, it is mirrored in what we say, what we do and also, what we don't do.

That is Us. That is Bonasila.

We Bonasila.We are Bonasila.

And you'd love to find our love in everything what we do.