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Bonasila–The Ultimate Fiber Pots Manufacturer

Bonasila is India’s renowned manufacturer and supplier of classy Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Planters. We believe that every space must have its own identity which is justified by a lively element and the best possible way is through designer fiberglass planters. So we created these Designer FRP planters, something so effortlessly elegant that the sophisticated will feel as if the indescribable element in their inner vision of a beautiful space has been placed in front of them.

We are planter manufacturers offering a grand collection of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) plant pots that give shape to your beautiful vision of plant decor. We believe that stylish people with refined aesthetic sensibilities should have something palpably fashionable at their disposal.

India’s Fiber Planter Specialist

Each design of Bonasila planter is a brainchild of our in-house designers who hold intensive industry experience. For 18 years our team of designers has been working on plethora of design modules, understanding the industry, and gaining expertise in every domain. They craft design scrutinizing what’s trending and what deserves carving. These designs are further brought to life by our craftsmen who, with their skillful hands, give shape to fiberglass. Our in-house process of fiber pot manufacturing incorporates sheer precision of design and unrivalled quality.

Following the innovative method of fabrication where we glue the fiber raisin with the mould, we manufacture planters ensuring quality, consistency, and smooth finish. Fiberglass, due to its inherent properties of flexibility, showcases a perfect amalgamation of ecological advantages and gorgeous aesthetics. It makes the planters lightweight, frost free and rust-free, and resistant to water and moisture caused by the changing weather thus ensuring durability.

Grand Collection from Grand Planter Manufacturers

Bonasila manufactures plant pots in spectacular designs. Our range of collection is crafted in multiple colours ranging from scarlet red to lush green ensuring each decor dream of yours is perfectly met. Manufacturing planters in multiple sizes from the smallest of 7 inches up to the height of 42 inches, we aim to embellish every nook and corner of your space–be it a tiny shelf next to your home library or the large space near your office reception–our planters are available in sizes and colours that fit the design scheme of every space.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to having magnificent decoration with plants. Spread the natural green in your space with our planters. Bonasila is known as the reliable and trustworthy fiber pots manufacturer in the industry due to the commitment of ‘Planting Happiness’ in every space. Our planters are manufactured with an aim to embellish your spaces with absolute beauty and happiness.

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