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We’re welcoming you.

Because we want to take a break and go on holidays.

Not with you :) but because of you.

If you're anArchitect,Interior,Designer,Artist,Product Designer,Engineer,Hotelier,Landscaper,Chef,Musician,Dancer,Art Lover,Doctor,Scientist,Writer,Carpenter,Player,Gardener,Singer,Astrologer,Actor,Astronaut,Tailor,Educator,Driver,Lawyer,Plumber,Broker,Musician,Magician,Dentist,Librarian,Farmer,Student or simply,a Human,you can,
without a doubt,
help us.

Imagine a design for a planter andupload it here*

* dwg & pdf format only

Who knows?
Your design may make our collection more beautiful.

P. S., We know money doesn't grow on trees! Designs don't, either.
So, if we choose your design and use it, we'd be happy to reward you for the same.

Before you get going, have a look at our designs to get familiar with Bonasila.

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