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Decorative planters amplifying space aesthetics

Bonasila brings you a range of planters that defies the norms of elegance and reshapes the sense of aesthetics. With the amiable aura of our decorative planters, its time you fill up your space with renewed energy and freshness. With each of our offered planter range, you will discover something astounding, something so exquisitely extraordinary that aligns the symmetry and asymmetry beautifully. Simplicity of fiberglass is trimmed with sophistication to carve out a planter so stylish that it compliments your space and elevates the complete overhaul of your plant. Dive into a world of ultimate class and explore the finest range of planters for your design scheme or just to satisfy your own guilty pleasure of premium happiness.

Features that magnifies the finesse
Bonasila planters are manufactured with stunningly unique features. It is that exceptional detailing that makes Bonasila Decorative planters the most in demand. From architects to top interior designers, our planters have always found a special place in their design scheme. From designer garden pots to refined small planters for work desk embellishment—we have planters that fulfill all your décor aspirations. Here are some of the features that marks the grace of Bonasila Planters

  • Light-weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Sophisticated Designs
Stylish fiberglass planters for stylish people

Excess Water Management
In our full body decorative planters, we have carved a special water management system. Bonasila planters are manufactured with pores impressed within which allows the water to trickle down and get stored. The plug near the base allows water to flow out cleanly. This system saves your from causing any mess. These full body planters are best suited for indoor décor since you have the choice to drain out the excess water according to your convenience.

Gloss and Matt Finish
To further the awe-aspiring effect of our planters, we offer you gloss and matt finish. You can either let the paint shine and attract the eye balls with our speclizied gloss finish or you can choose to go with matt and own a rugged yet classy look with your planters. Your decorative planters—your call. If you do have a query in regard to narrowing down on gloss and matt, reach us. Our professionals are here to help you and guide your way to the best decision. After all, we completely understand the importance of aesthetics.

Fiberglass moulded for your taste
Our Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) planters claim that they are not just consequential objects supporting your beloved plants. Instead, they are legit partners who value natural life and have come to shape to further the cause of natural happiness. Designed with the zeal to revolutionize the concept of planters, they are the sight to behold wherever they are placed. Choose medium sized designer garden pots, calming office planters, magnanimous hotel planter or tiny pots for your home library—Bonasila has a planter in colours you always wanted. We are at your service!

Explore the range of our decorative planters and delight your senses with the shapes you might have never imagined in the form of planters!

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