Does the Shape and Size of a Planter Affect Plant’s Growth?

Does the Shape and Size of a Planter Affect Plant’s Growth?
26 Aug, 2020

Water, sunlight and soil are the most important necessities for a plant to thrive. But there are other crucial aspects that may directly or indirectly affect the growth of plants.

Bonasila, the leading manufacturers of frp planters has done extensive research to understand how the shape and size of a planter, popularly used in container gardening, affect the growth potential of a plant.

Container gardening has become very popular in recent times because it hands the freedom of growing plants, vegetables and fruits in places which may not be ideal to grow something. People who live as tenants, stay in a high-rise building or even don’t have a big yard to do gardening are now able to enjoy their gardening skills. The right choice of container or planter is very essential as it is one of the significant driving factors when it comes to the growth of plants.

It is often believed that buying decorative planters that add an aesthetic touch to your beauty are the best planters. But if you are keen to grow some beautiful as well as healthy green plants and make informed choices before you make a purchase, read further to know more about the shape and sizes of planters.

Are your small planters too small?

Soil as mentioned earlier serves as the main source of nutrients to the plants. Small planters are those that have smaller circumference and comparatively less space. This means that the pot will be able to accommodate less soil, which in turn means fewer nutrients to the plants.

The roots that have a tendency to spread can also be constricted by the small area of the planter. The roots can get packed which can have an adverse effect on the plant, as root is the medium through which all the necessary requirements of the plant get transferred. The plant may also tip over due to the overweight of the plant in comparison to the planter. The overall plant and the pot may also look disproportionate, which will take away the beauty of the interiors as well.

To know whether your container is small for the plant, you would have to closely look and check if the roots are poking out from the drainage holes in the bottom. If the soil dries out quickly and is not able to hold enough water, the following are the signals for you to change your small planter to a larger one.

How large should your large planters be?

Large planters may seem like the ideal planter due to its space. The roots can get an enormous area to spread to their best potential. However, large pots can also have many negative effects on a healthy growing plant. As the planters are very spacious they can hold a great amount of water and retain it for a much longer period of time. The soil will take a longer span of time to dry which can lead to root disease, mold growth and rotting of the plant.

Adding to the above list, the overall appearance can again look out of the ratio, taking away the aesthetic beauty of the plant.

The ideal plant companion

The very obvious question that now arises is, which size of the planter should be bought?
There is no best pot, but it ranges according to the need and the size of different plants. A plant may require a certain amount of space, water and nutrients, hence the planter should be the one which fulfils all these needs.

The right container should not soak when watered but drain the excessive water. Mostly when we buy plants from the nursery they don’t come in pots which are of ideal size. For instance, tomato plants come in a smaller container size than they ideally should be. Therefore, make sure you do extensive research and not take the nursery pots as your guide to buy planters.

Containers for plants come in various ranges with different sizes and dimensions such as depth and width. Even though a five-gallon pot holds the same amount of soil, it can vary depending on the shape and structure of the pot. In some scenarios, depth is a more important characteristic of a planter to focus than width. Hence comparing not only the size but the dimensions and other characteristics after doing a good research on individual plants can help you select the right planter.

Bonasila, the one-stop for planters of every kind

Bonasila takes pride in being the leading designer and manufacturer for frp planter. The exquisite range of contemporary designs with vibrant colours brings grace not just to your interiors but soothe your eyes and heart. Keeping in mind the plant’s needs, every Bonasila planter comes with a water management system, which drains the excessive amount of water and stores it at the bottom. This can be removed as per your convenience.

There are different sizes and unique shapes for outdoor and indoor purposes. For any further queries, contact our experts. We would be happy to help you find the right planter for your plant. Contact our experts now!