Large outdoor flower pots escon 1

Large outdoor flower pots

While you decorate your indoors with contemporary designs, your outdoors require an equal aesthetical element. The courtyards, or in other words patio, can naturally attract many eyeballs. It sets the mood and your standard in the eyes of any visitor. To embellish your outdoors, Bonasila introduces a unique geometrical elegance. Blending the design of octagon with an innovative web of triangles, we crafted this symbol of sophistication and proudly call it ‘Escon’. The wavy wall of Escon is designed to instantly draw your attention and evoke an involuntary ‘wow’. Let your outdoors dance in the magnificence of plants whose beauty is elevated with aesthetical Escon.

Geometric elegance of large outdoor planters
Plants add life to any space. Having them aesthetically aligned in your outdoors is like having a natural welcoming note for guests. Your beautiful plants need an equally beautiful planter that does justice to their natural elegance. The geometrical elegance of Escon makes for a perfect partner of your plants. The sleek corners and edges make excessively stunning and the unique design gives the aura around it a significant individuality. Whether you wish to tiny plant pots of Aloe Vera or have large outdoor flower pots placed adjacently to your main entrance, Escon can seamlessly add stars to the beauty of any plant.

Bonasila has an in-house team of designers and craftsmen who thoughtfully create every planter. The design for Escon was artistically created by our designers and given life by the skilled hands of craftsmen. Each planter from Bonasila is a synonym of quality. Uncompromising on quality, Bonasila aims to plant happiness in the spaces of our consumers. Escon is crafted in colours ranging from scarlet red to mild blue, ensuring all your décor plans are met. Size ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches in height, Escon is manufactured in various dimensions to meet all your décor requirements.

Features that defines beauty

At Bonasila, we take pride in our unique craftsmanship. Escon is manufactured with a special water management system. It allows you to drain the excess water at your convenience. The body of the planter is constructed with pores separating the upper body from the bottom. The water tinkles through the pores and gets stored at the bottom. At your convenience, you can just remove the plug from the bottom corner and let the water out without causing any mess. This system makes it an ideal planter for the Indoors as well. Further, Bonasila’s Escon is light in weight, weather resistant, frost resistant and stands beautiful for years in the harsh UV lights of the sun. There are many features that make Escon the outstanding planter that it is, and the sheer elegance it holds, tops the rest.

Choose Escon in your favourite colour and desired size and get started with your décor plans. If you have any query in regards to the planters, let us help you. Bonasila professionals are here to help you make the right décor decision.


SIZE A B C D H PRICE Hollow Body PRICE Full Body
Escon 24 in. 26.5 16.5 16 24 10900 14700
Escon 18 in. 19.5 12.5 10 18 8300 11250
Escon 12 in. 13.5 8.75 9 12.5 6830 8700
Escon 24 mm. 673 420 406 610 10900 14700
Escon 18 mm. 495 318 254 457 8300 11250
Escon 12 mm. 343 222 229 318 6830 8700
A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, D : depth (in full body), H : height

Measurements : in mm

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burnt umber
scarlet red
chrome yellow
brown sugar
burly wood





  • Light Weight
  • Stylish Looking
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

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