Best trees to grow in Bonasila Large Planters

Large Planters to plant big trees outdoor
28 Jul, 2022

Usually, when considering planters, people generally think of plants or small trees to be grown in them. But little do we know, that we can even grow big, proper trees in them. Sounds amazing right, now the billion-dollar question is do they offer any advantages in growing in planters, which planters to opt for and more importantly which trees can be grown in large planters?

Now, we would not leave you hanging without answering those questions or asking you to google them, that would be tedious & frustrating right, so without further ado, let’s answer them one by one.

Why should we grow some big trees in Large Planters?

Growing trees in large planters offer several advantages, like protecting them from frost in winters, and scorching heat in summers to having easier portability while switching places or even houses. They improve the aesthetic of the place wherever they are placed & help improve the environment of that area. The large trees filter the air & help improve the air quality too.

Which are the best trees to grow in Large Planters?

Wood Apple

Bonasila Large Planters to grow Wood Apple

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Wood Apple or Bael tree is native to South-East Asian countries. It is a medium-sized tree with drooping branches & yellow-green leaves. The fruit takes around a year to ripen and has a thick, hard rind that is almost round. It possesses fibrous yellow pulp & is extremely aromatic. Its juice has many health benefits & the pulp is widely used in the preparation of jams & chutneys.
Although it has a weird smell it is widely cultivated across India & Bangladesh for its medicinal purposes. It has an extremely hard shell which is commonly known as Elephant Apple. Growing such a tree in large planters would automatically be beneficial for its wide variety of properties.

Papaya Tree

papaya tree with papaya on it

The papaya tree is grown in subtropical to tropical climates, has high nutritional value, wonderful taste & possesses medicinal properties. It is a hollow, single stem erect tree that has a fast growth but short life of around 5 years. It is worth knowing that Papaya is a self-pollinating tree requiring low maintenance. It thrives well in temperate climates & large planters & requires moist, well-drained, high organic content soil.

It is one of the easiest fruit trees to grow with little or no pruning. Papaya fruit contains high levels of antioxidants & is used to treat a great range of diseases from diabetes, and heart diseases to even cancers. Fun fact, in 2020 India produced a whopping 43% of the world’s supply of Papayas.


pomegranate trees with pomegranates in a farm

Believe it or not, the much-adored healthy red juicy fruit tree can be grown in planters. It is a wonderful tree that is high in iron content. Pomegranate is widely cultivated in Middle Eastern, African & South Asian countries like India. It prefers loamy soil with better drainage. These trees bear red-coloured fruits with edible seeds that are rich in antioxidants & possess many health benefits.

These trees prefer a warmer climate & are mostly drought resistant. Due to their appearance & aroma, they attract many pollinators including hummingbirds. Pomegranate juice is often considered a rich source of increasing hemoglobin, beneficial for the human body. Growing Pomegranate in outdoor FRP planters would yield great results.


plumeria tree with white plumeria flowers on it

Plumeria trees, also known as Lei Flowers or Frangipani are native to tropical regions. Widely grown as an ornamental plant it is highly aromatic & blooms throughout fall. They can be propagated easily with the stem cutting technique. The flowers bloom in multiple colours from white, and yellow to red. They prefer warmer climates, require well-drained acidic soil & are a low-maintenance species.

They are often used in synthetic perfumes & hold religious significance in South Asian countries. Plumeria are tricksters, they trick their pollinators by their fragrance to pollinate them only to find there is no nectar in them. They are so loved in some countries, that they are the national flowers of countries like Laos & Nicaragua.

Indian Hawthorn

Pink Indian Hawthorn tree

Indian Hawthorn is an evergreen short shrub, that thrives well in warmer climates. Despite having India in its name, it’s not exclusive to India, and can be found in China, Australia & other Asian regions. It bears star shaped-five petals of light pink or white flowers that give it a distinct appearance.
It needs low maintenance, well-drained soil with ample sunlight. It works great as hedgers, foundation plantings & decor options. Indian Hawthorn adds great beauty to the surrounding environment & acts as a great air purifier.

What size & quality of planters to opt for?

With the top recommendations of best trees for planters out of the way, let’s address the elephant in the room, which container or planter size would provide for optimum growth. Being trees, and having sizeable growth, high-quality planters are to be opted for. Low quality, cheaper options might result in planters damage as the tree picks up height, it can also hinder growth causing pot bounding to occur. To mitigate such issues root pruning is required, and most importantly large, high-quality fibre reinforced designer planters are needed.

Another reason to opt for outdoor FRP planters is that trees have heavy roots & for their proper maintenance, in large planters space to work around would be more, large planters also make it possible for trees to achieve proper growth & height, simple planters also cannot bear the load of a tree, they require some reinforcement, for that purpose Bonasila FRP would do the job well.

Some Final Words

It may seem growing trees in planters might limit growth & not provide the desired result. In reality, with proper care, maintenance & efforts, these plants can reach their full potential & provide a gorgeous environment worth witnessing. Not to forget, the natural benefits they accrue like purifying air, increasing aesthetic appeal & help to give a relaxing, comforting atmosphere to the people. To aid them to grow to their true height, quality planters like the ones from Bonasila are suited.

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