Rectangular indoor planter graptos 1
Incongruous refinement
Rectangular indoor planter graptos
Incongruous refinement

Rectangular indoor planter

Embellish your indoors with a unique planter. Bonasila brings you the most magnificent beauty of fiberglass carved over the rarest of rare designs. An amalgamation of geometry’s best deigns—rectangle with triangle—in a distinctively gorgeous approach, gives shapes to our Graptos. It is one such decorative planter which justifies the fact that beauty can arise from the oddest of places. Bonasila rectangular plant pots for indoor décor is a splendid statement to all those who claim that asymmetry can’t be splendid.

Upgrade your Indoor décor plans

If you are looking to decorate the tiny shelf next to your wardrobe, we have a 10 inch indoor planter that will certainly fit your décor needs. And if you wish to cover the huge space next to your porch, we do have 40 inch planters to embroider that space seamlessly as well. Bonasila has a wide range of rectangular indoor planter which is carved out to complete your décor plans.

Having plants indoors is like borrowing a natural element for your personal liking. Thus it becomes immensely important for us to take absolute care of that beautiful life. Having a planter which has appropriate water system and space, for the roots to spread, must be your first priority. Thus bringing home Graptos, the rectangular indoor planter, will not merely fulfill the functional aspects but will deliver on your furnishing needs as well.

Plant Pots that Deserve Applause

Vibrant colour which shines through our exotic range of planters are a sight to behold. The sizes, designs and the ultimate finish, be it of matt or gloss, rings true to the fact that ‘beauty is complicated yet simple in its own terms’. Indoor plant pots must be selected in a way that they don’t disturb the existing aesthetics of your house. The finest feature of Graptos, Bonasila’s ultimate indoor planter, is that it seamlessly with any space. It boasts of a unique asymmetrical design that makes it a part of any given space; which is why it is also one of Bonasila’s finest rectangular indoor planters.

It comes with a special water management system which lets your shed the water out at your convenience. All you have to do is to take the plug out and the water will come out as per your time and schedule. This is an increasingly important feature to have in your indoor planters as you don’t want a mess to be created due to the regular watering. No you can water the plant and take the excess water after coming back from office or during your free time.

Choose your beloved colour and size, and get down with your planter now. If you have any queries in regard with the indoor planter, reach us! Our team of professionals is here to help you make the right decision and sort all your doubts regarding planters.

Graptos Drawing
Name L BL H D ID W
Graptos 10 in. 14 7 10 2-3
cm. 36 18 25.4

L – Length, BL – Bottom Length, H – Height, D – Depth, ID – Inner Diameter,
W – Weight (indicative), L, BL, H, D, ID – inches/centimeters, W – kilograms

  • Light Weight
  • Stylish Looking
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors
  • Gloss
  • Matt
burnt umber
scarlet red
chrome yellow
brown sugar
burly wood
aero blue
mist green

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