How do plants affect human health: 3 major benefits of Plants

yellow coloured frp plant
25 Oct, 2021

Did you know that human beings have a subconscious need to be around nature? You do not see plants and trees at so many places like hospitals, restaurants, homes etc just without a strong reason. According to studies, glancing at plants affects human behaviour and moods in the most positive way possible.

Introducing plants to any space helps in changing our perception. They supposedly control your behaviour in some or the other way. They help in cleaning the air around you, helping in creating a sense of well-being and enhancing your overall life. There is undoubtedly a magnetic correlation between plants and self-care. They reflect our lives in many ways and support us during our hard times. Being around them is a reminder to us, to try and give ourselves the much-deserved space in this world. Apart from simply using plants and decorative plant pots to liven up our spaces and accessorizing them, there is much more to it than just having them around for fulfilling aesthetic goals.

It has been observed that once you start developing the habit of surrounding yourself with greens, you will start thinking of them like your own kids. You’d end up looking after them as you might do for yourselves. So, to give you better clarity about how deeply they affect human health and in which ways, here is a list of 3 major plant benefits that we’ve dug up:

Enhance Air Quality

The core element of plants undoubtedly is their ability to enhance the air quality. They specialise in decreasing the carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, decreasing pollutants, decreasing airborne levels of dust and also keeping the air temperature regulated. With this, you will also find yourself feeling at ease. Witness less stress, more productivity and a happier environment. Keeping plants like English Ivy, Boston Fern, Flamingo Lily etc will make sure that your space has a much natural way to improve the air quality indoors as well. You can ensure clean and pure breathing with such easy to grow plants.

Improve memory and concentration levels

The fresh air produced by plants is said to help accomplish everyday tasks faster. It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to do so. You will also notice a significant improvement in your memory levels and enhancement in cognitive functioning. Plants proven to show such benefits are Huperzia, Rosemary, Beans, Peppermint etc. Not only will you feel that your environment will get freshened up, but also be super healthy. Especially at offices, where you have a stagnant environment, visually having plants around you can be very healthy. Just keeping one plant also has been shown to increase the ability to focus on the tasks. You should also not forget to look out for suitable plant pots online for your plant’s safety.

Help in the healing process

If you haven’t kept a close eye on this, then it’s high time that you notice this! If you keep patients around greenery or any small plant, you will see that they will heal faster. This happens because of the soothing effects that its sight brings in. The well-being and comfort are breathed out by them in the form of fresh oxygen. It helps in lifting the spirit of happiness by the natural elements present in them. A sense of purpose arises which makes a person more active and lively. So, if you feel trapped indoors with no great energy around you, bringing plants inside can help in raising positive energy. You start feeling calmer and hence your overall performance level is also increased.

Apart from this, we also have curated a list of some special plants that you can specifically plant depending on the efforts, attention and results that you want to get:

Aloe Vera

round frp planters with aloevera plant

If you want to get rid of some toxic skin patterns, then this plant is the one! As wondrous as this plant is, the easier it’s care is. All the damaged parts of your skin, be it cuts, burns or scars can be treated with ease with this magical plant. It is a perfect pairing for all purposes, emotional or physical and has reasonable pricing too. With its minimal plant care maintenance, it makes it more worthwhile to invest in this. Simply water them once in a while and make sure they get a bit of indirect sunlight. However, you should repot it immediately if there is any dead piece. While doing this, you can consider shifting them into fiberglass planters to protect them in a better way. Once you start using fiberglass planters by Bonasila, there will be no going back to the usual pots for you.

Peace Lilies

brown coloured rustic finish planter with peace lily planted inside

If you have a dull workspace, then this can be the best plant to cheer you up with this charm. Popularly known as ‘The Natural Purifier’, this gorgeous plant promises to lift up the energy around your space and also balance any harmful indoor chemicals present. You can treat yourself with this delicate, strong and gentle bloom. Pot them up in some good designer planters to further lift their beauty. Feel tranquility, purity and a peaceful sense of solitude with these around. You can also speak positive affirmations to these ones!


square shaped fiberglass planter with lavender planted inside

At the end of the day, when you feel super tired and just want to relax and get an escape from all your tasks, standing next to this plant can do wonders! The delightful smell of this plant can just bring you at ease and make you forget all your concerns. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are one of the best benefits from the tons that they already have. You can unwind yourself with this powerfully scented flower.

Snake Plant

green frp planter with snake plant planted

Humans have a great desire to have protective energies around them, and snake plants perfectly fit this criteria. They are durable and act as a gentle reminder that whenever you think you are alone, and are going through difficult times, you can always grow through and live through the most difficult situations. They act as a mood booster. Use good quality designer planters to uplift their beauty.

We hope that with this list of plant benefitting properties, you were able to decide which plant to buy for yourself and decorate at your beloved spaces. Remember that whenever you yourself are happy and content, your plants will bloom too. You will find yourself getting an instant happiness boost around them. With Bonasila, you can also guarantee a healthier growth of your plant along with the fulfilment of all your aesthetic needs. You can check the designer planters and choose according to your space and plant requirements. Thus, with plants around you, you will be reminded again and again that no matter what happens, you always need to keep growing and going. To get more updates about our planters and collections, you can follow us on Instagram.