How to Use a Large Pool Planter to Decorate Your Pool

Decorative Modern Pool Planters Ideas
28 Feb, 2024

Pools are places that are meant for relaxation, fun, and even exercise and a large pool planter can change the look and feel. Many memories can be made around a pool whether it be time spent with family and friends or because of where the pool was on a vacation. The fact is, pools make a visual impact and if a large pool planter is used appropriately throughout, it can transform the entire setting.

In this blog, let us explore some of the best pool planters ideas, which can make your pool space look elegant, stylish and cosy.

Commercial Planters and Personal Pools

Personal pools and resort pools by design are different. With personal pools, all the mechanics must be relatively close to the pool itself. This means that people need to figure out different ways to cover them up or camouflage them. People find different ways to do this, whether it be with landscaping, or possibly putting it in a large shed. Landscaping works, but it can easily get overgrown and the maintenance takes a lot of effort. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with the mechanics, landscaping may have to be dug out and destroyed, which would be a large loss in investment.

Large pool planters work the same way as landscaping without any of the negatives. Rectangular FRP planters can be stood side by side to make a pseudo wall to conceal the mechanics in a stylish way. In fact, the rectangular FRP planters can be tied into whatever theme the other commercial planters are being used for throughout the rest of the pool area.

A wonderful aspect of a large pool planter is that when they are used consistently throughout the pool area, they create a theme that is connected throughout the entire pool area. A theme by no means just ends and begins with decorative planters. However, choosing the style and colour of the planters does make a major additive in creating the correct ambience you are looking for.

Resort Pools

Resort pools are large-scale, which is also why the mechanics are always hidden from sight. Because of this, large pool planters are used differently. There are different variations of how planters can be used at resort pools because of different resort styles and what they aim to offer their guests.

Rectangular FRP planters are a great way to create partitions and privacy between areas. This allows for the resort to create different spaces in the open while still defining them. Some resorts offer pool cabanas but since many don’t, having the planters used to create these small forms of privacy makes guests feel like they are not on top of each other while giving them a sense of seclusion.

Resorts mostly have the liberty of space, in which we can experiment with the plenty of pool planters ideas, from placing them to making them look like a part of the pool, the ideas are endless.

The Plants Make The Difference

Whether a private pool or a resort pool, commercial planters offer the ability to accommodate almost any type of plant. Tall, grassy plants are generally used most when creating a natural wall because of how tall and full they grow.

Other than using a large pool planter for large-scale plants. Take for example a large, oval-shaped planter, which can be used to fill with small succulents or smaller-scale plants or ground coverings and can almost give a firepit-like feel. A large pool planter with mid-sized plants also makes them seem grander than they would normally seem if they were at ground level.

Themes are also tied in based on the plants that are used in the planters. If going for a tropical vibe, palm-related plants with colourful flowers at the base would be a nice way to create the illusion of a beach-like tranquility. Uniformity is not a necessity when going for a theme. Mixing and matching plants that align can engage the eye more and bring diversity. On the other hand, depending on what is desired, having a uniform wall of the same type of plant in each planter will create uniformity. Both work on their own and there is no right or wrong way to go. What is most important is to know the options in order to come to the right conclusion based on what the desired end result is.

Accessorize a Large Pool Planter

Another concept to take into account is accessorizing commercial planters. Filling the tops with stone has been a popular look amongst many, however, a newer look is using glass stones to give more flare and colour options for the top-filler. Many people may also not consider lighting the plants in a large pool planter. It is easier than ever with solar lights designed specifically for this purpose and gives a truly rich look to taller plants. These lights would be placed inside the planter itself but because of how nice decorative planters are, lighting can be done around the base of the planter itself so it can be appreciated literally in a different light when it becomes dark. Whatever the use may be, large pool planters make a large statement, especially when used correctly.

Having different pool planters ideas and using them efficiently can elevate the entire look of your pool space. Just make sure you use these ideas in a prominent way, be it a private pool or a resort pool.