6 Home Spots to Place Indoor Planters & Grow Plants

6 Home Spots to Place Indoor Planters & Grow Plants
14 Jun, 2022

Indoor planters are the prime element of decor as it gives your home a much-needed summer refresh. The beauty of adding greens to an indoor setting is that they manage to instantly transform the space as per your vision.

Planting indoor planters in the living room makes it lively & gives more character to the space while placing them in the balcony brings some privacy.

Another great advantage of light-weighted FRP planters is that they can be easily moved. Planters once placed in the living room can someday also enhance the terrace garden.

Nowadays indoor planters are not just mere pieces to accommodate plants but are also seen as standalone decor pieces.

Let’s take a look at how we can make an elegant difference in our homes in ways that don’t call for major upheavals or investments.

Terrace Garden


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If you’re lucky enough to own a terrace garden the decor possibilities are endless. You can easily make your imagination for an elegant space come to life.

Colourful FRP planters, pots, water bodies, accessories – the list of things to prettify your terrace garden is unending.

You can convert it to a vegetable garden, herb garden, bonsai park, and whatnot. To make sure, your beautiful plants stand out, invest in beautiful planters that will complement your lovely plants.

For tall planters, you can add a rack & the small, delicate planters can be placed freely or hung up the ceiling to add some pizzazz.

You can also change the landscape of your terrace by installing artificial grass carpets or planting grass slabs. This will make your terrace an A-Spot to host barbeque nights.

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Some of us are blessed with green thumbs but for the not-so-lucky ones, investing in succulents & mini planters can be a great start.

These tiny planters & plants can be placed in the bathroom. It’s a fun way to spruce up your bathroom and also a great way to never forget to water your plants again!

Another factor that makes a strong case for adding greens in the shower is that the mini planters can literally fit into any corner and provide some serious style with those pops of green.

The air purifying qualities are just another bonus. Tiny plants paired with sleek planters will surely fit seamlessly onto any countertop, shelf or rack.

If you’re tight on space or don’t have a lot of surface area, adding planters to the bathroom may be the perfect approach for you.



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Greenery can make an ordinary kitchen feel exotic. You could use large planters to line a wall or even create a living wall altogether.

Another route is placing small herbs and succulents on windows or shelves if you’re short on space.

Growing herbs in the kitchen will allow you to cook with natural and fresh ingredients from your small vertical garden which invariably leads to an enriched meal and mood.

Hanging the fresh herbs in your kitchen will not only beautify the space but will also add a dash of freshness to your cooking.



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They say the first impression is the last impression which makes making your entrance warm and inviting inevitable.

Not to mention, your home entrance provides you with an amazing opportunity to make fabulous first impressions as a catalyst to display your style.

Decorating your entrance with indoor planters is a great way to add brightness, colour, and texture.

You can shop for some of the best planters online at Bonsila as you keep up with these home décor trends of 2022.



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Given the limited spaces that we all live in – a green patch of earth is a luxury few of us are blessed with.

Thus turning your balcony into a green spot is a must. Balconies offer beautiful view & are a perfect relaxation spot.

Adding plants & planters in the balcony makes the place more comforting & relaxing. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the limitless sky, surrounded by the coolness of your plants & sip hot tea.

Even if you find yourself short on space on your balcony, there are certain ways in which you can create a mini garden out there and enhance its beauty.

In fact, the space constraint could be a fun challenge to get those creative juices flowing. You could choose from numerous kinds of hanging, hooked or even suspending indoor planters for your balcony.

One could even enlarge the space with a vertical garden. This format of gardening is definitely an interesting way to add a new layer of décor to your home while making it memorable.

Empty Corners


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Home décor is definitely a long and sometimes unending process. It’s extremely common for one to plan and bring home the mos tasteful ensembles for their space to make it look lively, calm, warmer, comfortable, and/ or eccentric.

Once everything is set in its place, the room has been furnished, and you think you’re finally done, the lonely and empty corners that skidded your notice the first time around stand looming before you.

It’s common for even the most experienced decorators to miss these blank corners and the real problem is how much attention these blank spaces grab as compared to a fully furnished and well-decorated room.
Covering empty spaces with greens is a great way to make a spot aesthetically pleasing and accentuate serene corners and harmoniously complete them.

Things to keep in mind while bringing a planter home

Now that we’ve covered a few creative ways to spruce your home with your indoor planters, let’s talk about what factors you should keep in mind before you bring home your next green friend.

Size, material, and drainage requirements, all play a vital role as plants are more dependent on humans once brought home as compared to out in the wild.

Home plants and planters are needed to match the other visual characteristics as well. We at Bonasila carry a huge range of collections that offer a vast variety of shapes and sizes to make sure you find the perfect planter for your home.

What More? You can also customize your planters with us and join in on the design process!