5 best indoor decorative planters

indoor decorative planters
16 Mar, 2021

Indoor plants add liveliness to the home. The mere presence of these plants can make you feel happy. This is a reason why plants are preferred by designers when it comes to adding an element of nature in design. They are a true source of happiness. Spending some time with your plants in the morning can charge you up. Getting home after a heavy day of work, they can welcome you with the same energy, helping you leave all your worries behind. Plants help to bring emotions to the house.

There is much more to indoor plants than keeping a money plant in a glass bottle. You can select the plants to create a mood and atmosphere of your choice. Also, getting indoor plants does not need to compromise the aesthetics of your interiors. Aesthetically pleasing and vibrant planters allow you to incorporate plants into your spaces in style. While there is a wide range of FRP planters to choose from, we have handpicked a list of the five most attractive indoor planters that can add magic to your space.

Designs themes that embrace curves

With the advent of modern & contemporary designs, interior decorators experimented with several shapes in the design. These shapes included curves, sharp lines & even sharp edges. The evolution of industrial technology made it possible to mass-produce objects featuring curve shapes. This led to the increasing popularity of curves in interior designs. Design elements such as decorative lamps, statues, tables, chairs etc. that feature curves, appear bold and yet soft to the eyes. Inspired by the same principle, our designers created a range of planters. In this article, we have compiled a list of five such indoor decorative planters which are characterized by their elegant curves.


Simple objects can be effortlessly beautiful just like Vonny. Defined by its crisp clear lines, it stands out due to its minimalistic shape. It comes in three sizes that are 15, 20 & 26. This variety of range allows hosting a wide variety of medium to large shaped indoor plants indoors.

Where to place?

There are no hard rules about the placement of decorative planters. However, a little understanding can help you organize your plants better. Vonny blends in with both modern and contemporary design themes. It’s a medium to large size planter, which makes it extremely suitable to be placed in inner corridors, staircases & near focus walls for standalone plants.

Suitable plants

You can pair plants like Rubber and Fishtail Palm with Vonny, considering its size. These medium to large size indoor plants can go & grow well with Vonny. You can opt for either hollow or full-body, based on the plant’s root spread. For a plant with dense roots, opt for a full-body type planter, whereas for a plant with a short root spread you can go with a hollow body type.


If you get fascinated by circular shapes & curves, then Ovalio will surely mesmerize you. It’s a small to medium size planter. It comes in four sizes that are 8,10,14 & 18. This planter resembles a perfect sphere and that makes it stand out from the rest of the indoor decorative planters. The offbeat size of this planter makes it catch the attention of anyone who sees it. Its smooth curves and beautiful colours are pleasant to the eyes.

Where to place?

The wide range of sizes makes Ovalio suitable for placements right from the coffee table to stand-alone plants. This planter can seamlessly blend in right from the living rooms, bedrooms as well as meditation rooms. You can choose either a gloss or matt finish colour that can complement nicely with your home interiors.

Suitable plants

Whether it’s an indoor flowering plant like a Kalanchoe or a bonsai of a mighty tree, like Sacred Fig, Ovalio can hold any of your favourite plants. The only precaution that needs to be taken is to choose a suitable planter size so that the growth of the plant does not get hampered.


Corin is a medium to large size planter that comes in four sizes that are 15,24,30 & 42. Its polished curves and simple structure brings out elegance. Equipped with the smart water management system just like all our FRP planters, Corin is a perfect planter that can keep your floor neat and clean.

Where to place?

Corin’s beauty is the ability to host a wide variety of medium to large-sized plants. This makes this planter extremely suitable for entry lobbies, sidewalls in the halls, reading rooms, study rooms. The bigger sizes like 30 & 42 are best-suited for plants of large size, however, smaller sizes like 15 & 24 allow you to group plants and try a few combinations.

Suitable plants

There is a long list of mighty indoor plants that can bring the lush green feel to your house and Corin can host them all. Plants like Monstera, Bird of Paradise & Umbrella Plant grow really big. When paired with Corin, they can literally create a virtual forest in your house. The low maintenance nature of these plants is an additional benefit.


Coming from the series of curved designer planters, Mento is a timeless piece, reimagined with a new twist. It’s a traditional relic that is restored to transform decor needs of your interiors. It’s a small to medium size planter that comes in three sizes 10,12 & 16.

Where to place?

You can place a pair of Mento near your TV cabinets or your shelf of trophies, books. If there is any side table in any of your rooms, that often goes unnoticed or hardly used, you can place a size 12  Mento beside it. It can also charm up the recreational spaces like a bar in your house.

Suitable plants

Medium-sized plants like Croton and Jade Plant are perfect for Mento. The planter can host soil in a relatively higher volume, which allows roots of denser plants to grow evenly. You can also think about the plants that are easily available in your surroundings.


This small to medium sized planter and reflects both soft square shape and smooth curve edges in it. Combining two colours, this planter is one of the most preferred ones in modern design themes. If your interior theme heavily insists on symmetry and composition, then you can opt for Torta.

Where to place?  

While most designer planters included in this list can fit in all indoor settings, we observed something unique about Torta. It is mostly preferred for corporate settings like offices, studios & home-offices. However, this does not mean that you can not include it in your personal spaces. With a colour of your choice, this planter can merge flawlessly in your interior themes. You can place it in your study rooms, near walls with paintings and on side cabinets.

Suitable plants

Bamboo, Dragon tree, Yucca are a few plants that can fit superbly with the torta planter of any size. You can allow more than one shoots to grow if you have a large-sized planter. These simple and beautiful plants when paired with Torta, can surely help you attract a few compliments from your visitors.

The Journey of Bonasila

When we started designing our decorative planters, the vision was very simple. We wanted to create planters that can pave the way for more plants to be included in designs of interior & exterior spaces. We are a team of passionate people, who chose planters as a medium to reflect our creativity. Bonasila was born out of our passion for design and love for plants. Pioneering the use of fibre planters for home decor, we thrived while staying firm on our values and principles. We have reached to 15 Indian states and 5 countries across the globe, and we are just getting started. We have the longest range of planters with 160 shapes and sizes. In the era of outsourcing, right from design to manufacturing, we do everything in the house. This allows us to deliver a quality that is unmatched & when you see a planter from us you can identify it at a first glance.

Joining the conversation

We run this series of blogs where we host many conversations related to design and plants. If you are a gardening or designing enthusiast, then this space can help you learn more about the same. You can also feel free to join us by sharing your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. If you want to share your space transformation stories with plants, feel free to write to us and share the images of your beautifully designed spaces. We would love to hear from you.

Want to buy FRP planters? We are just a few clicks away

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