Designer Indoor Plant Pots mento 1
Classically modern
Designer Indoor Plant Pots mento
Classically modern

Designer Indoor Plant Pots

This classic and eternal beauty in the world of decorative planters is perhaps the oldest and the most visible shape. And yet, the finish that the team Bonasila has affected on it has converted this traditional relic into an anachronistic piece of modern day art. Best fit for ambiences that are a beautiful blend of traditionalism and modernism, with indoor and outdoor planters.

Haven’t you always aspired to decorate your space with something old-school and yet classy at the same time that the viewer can’t help but take a deep breath of awe? All of us have the zeal to decorate our personal space. Well, ‘Mento’ is one of Bonasila’s classiest planters that seamlessly blend with any space. Its curves talk but not too much to disturb the aura or create disorder. The curves of mento jell with environment just right—not too much, not too less.

Decorative Planters for Indoors

Mento is for those who appreciate the age-old beautiful curves. It’s exclusively for those who understand that the real beauty lies in simplicity. And for those souls who value and cherish the traditional nerve of design and décor. We understand that you wish to own a valuable décor asset that magnifies your personality yet does it elegantly without being loud or rustic; which is why our designers smartly played with the original curvy design and produced something beautiful and extraordinary decorative planter. Neatly adding the extra diameter to the opening of the planter gave it a modern aesthetic appeal while maintaining its original fashion statement.

A circle has always been a thing of beauty and our in-house designers have contemplated over the numerous reasons why it becomes the most profound symbol. The curve of it makes it same no matter where you look at it from. Similarly, a plant and its aesthetics are beautifully same, irrespective of the direction you look at it. And when you combine these two, what you get is the most perfect amalgamation ever. Bonasila brings you this perfection in colours that dominate the design and décor universe. You get to choose from the best range of indoor decorative plant pots and embellish your space like never before.

Pick your colour, size and go ahead completing your décor scheme. If you do have any queires in regards with the planter or wish to make any customization, then reach us. We are just a call away; our professionals are here to help you make the classiest decision.

Mento Drawing

Name L BL H D ID W
Mento 16 in. 21 13 15.5 17 5-7
cm. 53 33 39 43
Mento 12 in. 15 9.5 11.5 12 2-3
cm. 38 24 29 30.5
Mento 10 in. 12.5 8 9.5 10.5 1.5-2.5
cm. 32 20 24 27

L – Length, BL – Bottom Length, H – Height, D – Depth, ID – Inner Diameter,
W – Weight (indicative), L, BL, H, D, ID – inches/centimeters, W – kilograms

  • Light Weight
  • Stylish Looking
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors
  • Gloss
  • Matt
burnt umber
scarlet red
chrome yellow
brown sugar
burly wood
aero blue
mist green

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