What are unique office decor ideas?

What are unique office decor ideas?

Your office design must embody the values, and philosophies of your brand subtly. If you have an advertising agency, you would not want your company interiors to look dull and kill the creativity of your employees. Rather, bold and happy colours with different playful elements that create a happy environment for your employees, and in turn boosts their productivity.

Office interior decoration is not sufficed to mere advertising or any of those non-formal offices. Every company must take special note of decorating their interiors. A good office interior make the employees feel great and give a face-lift to the company, after all they spend 1/3rd of their day’s time there. Further, you’ll feel comfortable inviting your clients, or prospective candidates down to your office.

Today it has become a trend to have happening and comfortable interiors, designed to make employees feel free and happy. It is one of the major reason behind the company’s efforts to amplify the productivity of employees and set up a admirable image of the culture in the market among the competitors.

You can go for a stylish setting full of colours, life and inspiration which constitutes towards an energetic environment. Here we have discussed some of the things that you must consider while redoing your office space but we strongly recommend you hire a designer for a detailed and customized renovation.

Your company’s vision and Mission


You can dedicate a section of your office to highlight the vision or mission of your company. Further, you can go creative with it. Why stick to mere frame, write it on the wall with a huge font, or get the designer to craft it differently and make a stand out of it so whenever anybody passes by, it makes them feel motivated, Also, not everyone will remember these important words by heart but by seeing them, it’ll get subconsciously register in mind and bring closer to the company.

Ideate with your brand

What about the textures, concepts, and wall colours you wish to have in your office? Consider your company as a human and think about what colours suit him/her the best. Hint: Look at your logo, you’ll understand your primary colours. Or simply call up your brand team and understand which colour defines your company and use it to the maximum.


If your company positions itself as a new-age innovator then you must ensure that it looks that way too. Take your primary and secondary brands colours and create concepts with it to decorate your office. If your company has or follows certain words, such as creativity, teamwork, value, ideas, etc. then hang them around or make engaging and eye-pleasing posters or frame out of them.

Use good furniture

Nothing kills creativity more than blandness. If your office space is just filled with desks and then it creates an image that you just want your employees to work every second they are there. Give them some space to relax. Instead of having usual corporate-ish chairs, introduce different fun-furniture. Designate your creative spaces with different sitting arrangements. Also, designate non-desk spaces with couches, bean bags, armchairs etc that facilitates team-oriented thinking and creativity.


You can also throw some cute creative art pieces to inspire your team. Have engaging wall-hanging, different paintings, quotes, and simple everyday phrases. Whatever the office culture you envision, it must first depict from your space. Office decor doesn’t have to be boring.

Give a theme to your conference room

The easiest office decor idea is to change the looks of the conference room. It actually would be very boring to enter a conference room with dated decor (sometimes plain white wall), no art, same usual corporate chairs. To make it more exciting you can involve your brand colours here as well.


If you have offices in multiple locations like Mumbai, Dubai, and Shanghai and add location-centric images such as Marine drive, Burj Khalifa, or The Bund, etc. Or you can have theme based room as per your product or service. Hang and frame product blueprints, service success stories, or quotes that relate to your brand’s philosophy.

Go Green


The best way to decorate your office space is to add decorative indoor flower pots or large planters. With plants you can induce life into your decor and plants are something that blends in almost every decor type. Be it funky or sophisticated. Having healthy plants inside your spaces won’t just brighten the interiors but also remind you to keep your employees closer to light and fresh air. Treat your staff and your people like humans and don’t force them to stay inside all the time. Have open spaces with beautiful large planters or decorative flower pots for both indoors and outdoors. You can go for FRP planters for any type of plant selection that you do. They are rigid and come in various designs to fit your aesthetical needs.

If you wish to produce good quality work and unhindered productivity from your employees then you must create a space that your employees absolutely love. The days of dull and dab cubicles are long gone and these days companies are utilising even their most tiny space to imbibe creativity and togetherness in their indoors. Inspiring and dynamic surroundings stimulates productivity.

Looking for the right office decor FRP planters?

If you are looking for the best plants to have in your office spaces then you are on the right page you could ever be. Bonasila designs and manufacturers FRP planters in multiple sizes and colours. We have an in-house design team with 18 years of experience who formulate the designs of the plant pots from their compulsive research and design strokes. These designs are brought to life by our in-house craftsmen.

Fiberglass planters are long-lasting, lightweight and weather resistant which makes them ideal for space decor. Our FRP planters come with a special water management system, which means, you can drain the excess water out of the planter at your own convenience. Bonasila understands the importance of office decor and thus crafts functional planters. Our planters have special space on the bottom where water trickles within the pores and gets stored. Removing the plug, provided in the bottom, you can remove the excess water without causing any mess.

Bonasila is known as the Fiber Planter Specialist of India. We have designed, manufactured and supplied our FRP planters for the decoration of numerous offices, hotels, and homes around the nation. We guarantee quality and reliability with or planters. Our range of planters is available from teeny-tiny 7 inches up to 48 inches in colours that are perfect for your decor scheme.

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