Trendy ways you can decorate your hotel with designer planters

Trendy ways you can decorate your hotel with designer planters

Hotels are adopting the trendiest ways to decorate their interiors. It is not new to see the most dazzling chandeliers and spectacular seating areas in hotels these days. Creative decoration has become a must and one cannot deny the fact that ‘the interesting beauty has always been able to win the hearts of people’. The rapid change in the decor world has a lot to do with the new ways hotels are changing their looks. From rethinking guestroom configurations to transforming accommodation units into a highlight entertaining space–the changes are many and immaculate to count.

But today we are here to talk about that one element which has always been one of the major parts of hotel decoration. Today, it has become one of the most experimental element. We are talking about plants. Hotels have taken different routes in decorating their spaces with plants differently. Reaching over the usual plant pot setting, they are open to experimenting with plants on the walls like lights or like stairs and many such things.

Benefits of having plants in hotel decor

Plants are a must part of hotel decor for numerous reasons. They add beauty, improve air quality and enhance aesthetics in ways unimaginable. Just a proper placement is all you need. Hotels are supposed to look and feel relaxing. And plants have a lot to do with creating that comfortable aura. It is popularly known that having a plant right in front of your porch or the main gate automatically gives the guest a welcoming feel. When plants are capable of doing this, then you can imagine the amount of comfort and welcoming aura they would create inside the space.

Also, plants absorb the noise in their leaves and stems and thus act like your ideal noise reducing agents, thus having plants near your entertaining arena are perfect to reduce the noise levels. Plants in your interiors helps you achieve a relaxing and stress-relieving atmosphere which in turn makes your guests happy.

Here we have mentioned how hotels can use designer planters in different ways to decorate their space while highlighting some of the trendiest decor ideas recommended by renowned architects and interior designers.

Hang the designer planters
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Every A-starred hotel has more than one cafeteria or restaurant. If you wish to do something different with your restaurant in terms of greens then do try this decor idea. Get tiny designer planters in sizes you can hang. Make sure you get your interior designer involved in this idea. Have plants that can actually sustain the hanging and needs less watering. You would not want you restaurant floor to get messy with the drainage water.

Accessorize bathrooms with plants
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Add more to your self-grooming spaces than the fancy titles and hardware accessories. There are certain plants that are best to grow in bathrooms and such darker places. They easily survive and further add a sense of calmness and relaxation where they are kept. Giving the bathroom a fancy planter is something that has become recently popular. The 5-starred hotel has started keeping tiny 7 or 10 inches designer planters in their bathroom ensuring a tiny living element that keeps the guest feeling happy and relaxed.

Greenify your lobbies subtly
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Source: Plantz

Plants have the capability to blend in any space seamlessly. This attributes of theirs make them the ideal decor element. Between your lobby couch, on the table, or behind the seating arena, You can get a designer planter that suits the decor scheme of your hotel and have a beautiful plant planted in it. All you need to do is it ensure your staff keeps it tidy by trimming leaves whenever necessary. But that also depends on the type of plant you choose to have. Plants like snake plants do not require trimming as they grow straight without causing any mess sideways. Also, they require less watering thus you can see them flourishing green even if you take 15 days to water again.

Planters on your terrace
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Source: Telegraph

If you wish to do something more to your garden then we certainly appreciate this thought. For having a beautiful terrace garden can bring an immaculate positive response from guests. You can lend it to guests to conduct their parties or have your own restaurant on the top. There is nothing better than giving your guests a personal open space they have been longing for. You can have a fancy planter set up near your sofas. You can further have a whole planter arranged in a garden like a set-up with flower pots and more. If your hotel has a sea-view then having big plants are the best choice you can make. Keep huge planters on the corners of your terrace or near the couch thus crafting a natural atmosphere.

Add classy life to reception areas
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Source: Ambius

Did you know a single planter at reception can lighten the mood of your guest? Reception of a hotel where guests usually take time–be it for check-in or check-out. During holiday seasons we are sure you must have had guests waiting near the reception area. Having plants in such areas also create a striking first impression when the guests walk-in. Though we do recommend that you make no hasty decision while choosing not just the planter but also the plant. Go for the sharp topiary instead. But mind that it would require constant care and maintenance from your staff, and though they take time, it is completely worth it.

Add plants in your guest rooms
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The most important of all–the guest rooms! If you truly wish to amplify you design aesthetics while keeping your guest happy and even the critics happy then go for having plants inside the guest rooms. But do remember, you cannot keep daily watering plants in such places as you can’t disturb the guest again and again. In fact, you can have them only in your best of rooms that too selectively. Let it be your guest choice to have a room with a plant or not. Many guests voluntarily ask for a greener and relaxing place and what more can be better than having a beautiful plant where they rest.

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