All the Things You Need to Know About Compost for Indoor Plant Pots
All the Things You Need to Know About Compost for Indoor Plant Pots

All the Things You Need to Know About Compost for Indoor Plant Pots

Compost provides essential nutrients to the plants and fosters rapid growth. Whether they are your outdoor plants or indoor plants, compost can help you nourish your plants irrespective of the environment or the type of soil. However, compost is considered to be the best substance that builds a healthy soil structure, enables the soil to retain nutrients, water and air which further fosters the healthy and rapid growth of the plants. Let’s know more about the compost in detail so that whether you are using decorative indoor flower pots or using planters outdoors, how you can utilize the compost best way possible.

So, what is Compost?

Compost is an organic substance that feeds the soil. Compost and fertilizer are often mistaken to be alike, however, they are not. When compost feeds the soil you have planted your plants in, fertilizer feeds the plants directly. Compost contains organic substances including plants, animal matter, etc. which provides the essential nutrients to the plants.

How to Use Compost for Indoor Plants?

As the plants grow, the nutrients in the soil get used and eventually lessen due to which soil cannot provide enough for plant growth. Therefore, it is beneficial to use compost in indoor plants as well. While adding the compost, one must be careful with its amount, too much compost can hamper the plant when too little compost cannot provide enough to the plants. You can consider the size of the pot and the plant and then accordingly. However, it is safe to add one inch of compost with the potting soil for the best results. It is advised to avoid disturbing the soil and blend the compost closer to the roots of the plants and mixing the rest in the top layers of the soil.

How Often Should you Add Compost?

Considering the size of the plants and pots, the frequency of the compost can be decided. However, as your plants grow, you can add the compost in the soil and twice a year is healthy for any plant.

  How can Compost Help Your Plants?

  • Compost is very effective in maintaining the pH so that plants are not very dependent on the specific soil pH. The earthworms in the compost play an important role in pH balance by modifying the pH of the soil.
  • Compost helps in protecting plants from various diseases by neutralizing toxins, metals and acidic components often found in soils such as cadmium and lead.
  • Compost feeds the earthworms and microbial lives which play an important role in making your soil healthy and nutria-rich for your plants.
  • Compost enables the soil to hold more water which helps in plant growth.
  • Compost helps in improving the structure of the soil. When soil or clay can act like cement after watering the plants, the organic substance in compost helps in binding the soil particles and form crumbs or small aggregates. This enables the soil to hold more water and providing it to the roots of the plants where required.

Whether they are small indoor plant pots or gardens, compost can definitely improve the plant growth and plant life considering they are always provided with enough sunlight and water for healthy growth. Even if you are growing flowers in your indoor decorative plant pots, you can utilize compost for the best results.

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