Planter’s Guide: Discover the Best Outdoor Planter Material

Planter’s Guide: Discover the Best Outdoor Planter Material

Have you always dreamt of being surrounded by nature? Do you wish to leverage all the health benefits plants have to offer? Or would you simply like to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers for daily use without having to worry about pesticides and chemicals? Whatever the reason may be, once you have picked the plants you wish to grow in your garden, we can help you in your endeavours of choosing the best outdoor planters. Most people are focused on choosing the right sized aesthetically pleasing planters. But, you must pick the best outdoor planter material that suits the needs of your plants since it plays an integral role in the health and growth of the plant directly.

Outdoor planters have to endure unkind weather, unpredictable instances and more challenges so they are more susceptible to damage. Hence, they must be strong, weather-resistant, frost resistance, and lightweight that can last for a long time without any hassle. From the numerous planter materials available today, we have prepared a list of the most preferred and beneficial best materials for outdoor planters for your outdoor gardening.


Metal planters are strong and extremely durable even in the outdoor environment. They can stand extreme weather without causing irreparable damage. But, when they do not crack and break easily, they are extremely difficult to shift because of their heaviness. Some of the metals include aluminium, copper, stainless steel, zinc and more. Since some metal planters may cause damage to the plants due to the presence of many toxins in their material, it is better to use them as cache pots so that they remain functional décor elements. Utilizing double potting technique, you can place smaller pots in the metal containers. Also, some metals are not suitable to grow edible plants.

At first, most people get fascinated with their aesthetic features. They can be colourful and attractive; however, metals especially cheap ones can rust and lose their beauty. Hence, you can either galvanize the planters or clean them with gentle soap and dish scrubber from time to time. The major drawback is that metal heats up very quickly resulting in dry soil so if it is not watered more frequently, it can damage the health and growth of the plant.

Resin and Plastic

Resin and plastic materials are attractive, easy to clean and also cheap alternative materials. In comparison with other planter materials, resin and plastic planters come in a large variety of colours, sizes and shapes. You can choose what looks exquisite in your garden and fulfils all your plant’s needs.

Resin planters are eco-friendly as well as recyclable. If your motto is to go green and ensure everything is environment-friendly, resin planters are ideal for you. On the other hand, plastic containers raise serious environmental issues. And some plastic pots may contain harmful chemicals that harm the plants growing inside. Despite being durable, they can easily be knocked down making them inappropriate for outdoors. Also, plastic planters can become brittle due to the rapid fluctuations in temperatures and eventually harm the plant’s health.


Terra cotta planters are the most preferred and used planters across the globe especially as outdoor planters for its many unparalleled benefits. They are natural, comparatively cheaper, easy to personalize, and most importantly beneficial to plant growth.

Terracotta is porous. Thus, Terracotta planters allow air and water to pass through allowing the soil to be not too moist or too dry for the plant to grow. They allow roots to grow rapidly along with preventing them from rotting due to water logging. They can be used as outdoor planters since they are quite resistant to getting knocked over. So, terracotta is a reliable option, especially for outdoor container gardening.

With terracotta planters, it is challenging to move them because they are quite heavy once filled up. Also, they are susceptible to extreme weather especially cold temperature since it can cause cracks in the material. Being porous, terracotta is more capable of straining water which requires you to water the plants more frequently than required.


There is a diverse range of wooden planters with different types of wood available in the market. You can identify and pick the ones that match with your outdoor furniture, fences, benches and also doors and windows of your house.

If you are into DIYs, you must try to build your own wooden planters. They are easy to make as well as easy to paint. Also, they are not too light or too heavy, making them perfect to move around. Wooden planters can protect the plants in extreme temperatures irrespective of heat and cold. So, you need not go extra lengths to care for your plants in summer or winter. Considering you have checked the paint and other materials like bolts used to build them, they are perfect to grow edible plants.

The only challenge is their vulnerability to decay and damage due to the harsh sun that eventually shortens their life span. Wooden planters are more likely to endure pest damage, decay and rot. Even after proper maintenance and precautions, wooden planters have shorter life compared to metal, terracotta, plastic and clay.


Fiberglass planters are lightweight yet strong and weather resistant. With its modern beauty and sophistication, fibreglass planter can give an elegant and modern look to your garden. Even if you want to redecorate every once in a while, you can easily move and rearrange the fiberglass planters.

Fiberglass is an ideal material since they can resist extreme weather conditions including high heat, chilling cold and other seasonal changes. Hence, experts recommend fiberglass planters, especially for outdoor gardening. While metal, resin and plastic planters do not have drainage holes, it could be difficult and messy in drilling holes in terracotta and wooden planters, and it is exceptionally easy to take care of excess water with fibreglass planters. Most of them are equipped with excellent modern drainage facility that allows soil to remain dry enough to let the plants grow rapidly. Also, you can easily remove a small plug at the bottom to strain the excess water without any hassle.

Are you looking for fiberglass planters?

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