Outdoor plant pots

If sophistication for outdoors had a name, it would certainly be a synonym to Orino. Bonasila presents a unique style statement for you with decorative plant pots for your outdoors. The elegant simplicity is crafted using the simplest curves. Though simple, they withhold a magnanimous amount of elegance at every turn. There is a reason why Orino has become a predominant choice of architects, land scrapers and even renowned interior designers.

outdoors garden plant pots
Let your patios, balconies and gardens have a circular theme that graces your fashion statement in home décor. And why just stick to your home, Orino’s smooth curves, ideal circular body, and the pristine polish makes it perfect for ornamenting any space—be it your office, hotels, gardens, or your special home-office. Though Orino has crafted a spectacular niche among the outdoor plant pots, nothing stops it from decorating indoors as well. The unassuming sophistication of this beautiful planter which is both classy and inviting blends with any décor plan.

Curvy decoration with decorative plant pots

Curves are known as the transition elements in a geometric design. Also, people tend to call design with curves far more beautiful than the liner one, a little known psychology fact. Roundness is hard-wired in the brain of humans since evolution and it seems to be a universal pleasure. Which is why our designers who have with them over 18 years of experience, twisted this curvy satisfaction into a planter design that sits perfectly on your décor plans. Your outdoor plant pots aren’t merely planters, they are the face of trending fashion and symbol of your emotional connection with the worldwide geometry.

Bonasila manufactures Orino in colours that spread calmness and a bold aura together, seamlessly. The curves are smoothened with gloss and matt finish, both, to ensure your décor plans are thoroughly met. Further, they are available in sizes ranging from 13 inches to 21 inches in length. So you can embellish your patios or set up a garden in your balcony. These will perfectly go single in one corner as well as in group as your set of outdoor garden plant pots. All the planters come with a special water management system which allows you to take the excess water out at your continence. Once you water the plants, the excess water gets stored in the bottom through the pores. By removing the plug, you can drain the stored water out as per your schedule. You don’t have to worry about the planter making a mess as the water gets instantly stored.

Orino comes in sophisticated colours, classy sizes and special features. Choose yours and get started with your green decoration. Reach us if you have any queries. Our professionals are here to help you make the right decision.


SIZE A B C D H PRICE Hollow Body PRICE Full Body
Orino 22 in. 21.5 11 12 22.5 7300 9780
Orino 15 in. 17 9.25 9.5 15 5400 6900
Orino 10 in. 13 8 7.5 10 3400 4120
Orino 22 mm. 546 280 305 572 7300 9780
Orino 15 mm. 425 235 241 381 5400 6900
Orino 10 mm. 330 200 191 254 3400 4120
A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, D : depth (in full body), H : height

Measurements : in mm

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burnt umber
scarlet red
chrome yellow
brown sugar
burly wood





  • Light Weight
  • Stylish Looking
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

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