Outdoor garden planters conza 1
Symmetrical beauty
Outdoor garden planters conza
Symmetrical beauty

Outdoor garden planters

When exquisite symmetry is your choice of décor then nothing can fit your green space better than Conza. Our designers wanted to create something so blissfully perfect for outdoors that every visitor or even passerby takes pleasure in its natural beauty. After following the décor trends closely, they blended their design strokes with voguish aesthetics and what we had was the definition of sheer elegance i.e., Conza. It is where the symmetrical beauty of hexagon meets the holy trinity of triangles that are courteously stacked over each other. It’s time you give your outdoor garden plants a planter that justifies their natural beauty with a smart geometry.

Large Outdoor Garden Planters

Inspired from the ultra-modern design of multi-storeyed building façade, Conza certainly makes you take extra seconds in gazing at the flawlessly placed hexagonal strokes. Be it to suffice your need of having a tiny patio plant or the desire of having big outdoor plant pots, Conza is crafted so finely that it will seamlessly blend in any given space. Especially to those garden lovers who do more than the usual to decorate their gardens; those who love to have potted plants, sown plants, potted trees, furnishing, ornaments, and even lights. Conza is perfect for outdoor garden plants. The colours don’t fade from the scorching sun or due to the changing weather.

Bonasila manufactures each planter with world-class raw materials ensuring the quality stays perpetual. The use of automotive colours to paint the planters ensures long-lastingness. Also, to match your distinctive décor plans, Conza is made available in a plethora of colours ranging from dainty red to calming green.

Distinguishing Features of Sophistication

Conza is manufactured in sizes ranging from 9 inches up to 20 inches in height, fulfilling your green décor plans in every possible way. It is frost resistant, weather resistant, stylish, durable and lightweight. If you are one of those art lovers who stick to one design, then don’t worry. Conza is perfect for indoors as well. It is crafted with a special water management system that ensures when you water the plant the excess water doesn’t get drained out causing a mess. Rather, it gets stored in the bottom, travelling through the pores. At your convenience, you can just remove the plug in the bottom corner and let the water drain out. Since its lightweight, you can lift the planter out and drain the water. Now, you can go ahead decorating your outdoors and indoors without worrying about any watery fuss.

Choose your beloved colour, size and design and complete your magnificent green decoration. Let your plant breathe in a stylish aura and behold the eyes of passersby. If you do have any query in regards with Conza, let us help you. Our professionals are here to help you make the right décor decision.

Excess water management

Excess water in the full body planters trickles down through these pores and is stored at the bottom. The plug near the base allows water to flow out cleanly, at your convenience.

Conza Drawing
Name L BL H D ID W
Conza 20 in. 11.5 11.5 20 2.5-3.5
cm. 29 29 51
Conza 15 in. 11.5 11.5 15 1.5-2.5
cm. 29 29 38
Conza 10 in. 11.5 11.5 10 1-2
cm. 29 29 25.4
Conza 24D in. 21 21 24 12 15 9-11
cm. 53 53 61 30.5 38
Conza 18D in. 14 14 18 10.5 9 5-7
cm. 36 36 46 27 23
Conza 12D in. 21 21 12 9.5 15.25 4-6
cm. 53 53 30.5 24 39
Conza 9D in. 14 14 9 6 9.5 2-4
cm. 36 36 23 15 24

L – Length, BL – Bottom Length, H – Height, D – Depth, ID – Inner Diameter,
W – Weight (indicative), L, BL, H, D, ID – inches/centimeters, W – kilograms

  • Light Weight
  • Stylish Looking
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Excess Water Management
  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors
  • Gloss
  • Matt
burnt umber
scarlet red
chrome yellow
brown sugar
burly wood
aero blue
mist green

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