Tagaro by Bonasila

Unique bowl shaped planters available for your retreat

Just a glimpse of Tagaro will captivate you. It not only doubles as a decorative bowl, it's wide open structure makes it aesthetically appealing. These bowl-shaped planters are carefully polished for a stunning display at your space. The edges are crafted with a sense of stability.

Tagaro Frp Planter


A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, H : height
Name Price A B C H
Tagaro 14 16125 40" 10" 14"
Tagaro 11 12140 32" 8" 11"
Tagaro 9 10125 26" 6.5" 9"
Name Price A B C H
Tagaro 14 16125 1016mm 254mm 355mm
Tagaro 11 12140 812mm 203mm 280mm
Tagaro 9 10125 660mm 165mm 228mm
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