Why you must buy fiberglass planters for your indoors and outdoors?
fiberglass planters for your indoors and outdoors

Why you must buy fiberglass planters for your indoors and outdoors?

Choosing the perfect planters for your beautiful plants is a crucial task. The amount of effort you are going to put in maintaining your plants will yield good results only if the supporting factor i.e., the plant pot is equally good enough. There is a vast variety of planters available in the market and you must take your decision of choosing the finest planter carefully after all you want your plants to grow healthy and happy.

The amount of time you spend on choosing the right plant and placing it in the right location at home should be justified with an equally beautiful, carefully crafted, well-manageable planter. Plants have become one of the most important elements in interior decor today. You must have seen hotels having beautiful plants potted in unique planters. For hotels, it is a must to have plants for multiple reasons–the top one being–the major element behind them attaining the diamond star rating.

Trying to decide which type of planter best suits your needs is immensely important, especially when there are multiple options available in the market ranging from metal, sand, plastic and more. You need a planter that stays with you for a longer period, upholds the plant beauty and at the same time stays manageable. Fiberglass Planters are the best choice as it fulfils all the criteria mentioned before. Planters made out of Fiber-reinforced plastic has become the trending choice of numerous famous interior designers, architects, and land scrapers today. Here we have discussed in detail about how the fiberglass planter is made and why they are the ideal choice for all your indoor and outdoor needs.

What are fiberglass planters?
Fiberglass is nothing but a reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix. Due to their natural tendency of being lightweight, they become the ideal choice for manufacturing a planter. These fiberglass composite are combined with sand or stone materials in order to engineer a predefined surface or design. Since they are not kin-fired, they are considered to be extremely environment-friendly planters.

Attributes of Fiberglass Planters

Since the raw material i.e., the fiberglass is naturally lightweight, the planter also remains extremely lightweight. Be it a teeny-tiny size of 7 inches or magnanimous 40 inches, it still remains lightweight. This reduces the hard work and makes it easier for anyone to pick up and move around.

The ease of mobility makes it an ideal choice of designers as even the in-house living people can also make changes in the later stage when required. Any space can stay fresh as the pot can be regularly rearranged, unlike metal or stone planters which are very difficult to lift.

Weather Resistant
Fiberglass planters are known to withstand any season or weather. From high heats of summer to seasonal frosts, they can fight and maintain their elegant beauty as it is. Since they are low maintenance they won’t easily corrode due to direct contact with the soil. Further, the hard UV rays hardly have any sort of effect on the colour and finish of the fiberglass planters.

Metal pots may rust, plastic pots may dry, and wooden pots may splinter but fiberglass planters are strong enough to undergo all the seasons like a gorgeous warrior. They are frost-resistant, rust-proof and even break-proof. These will keep you miles away from worries as you can just leave them in your outdoors irrespective of the weather.

Since they resist the weather they automatically become long-lasting. Once bought fiberglass planter then you need not worry about buying another one for many years to come. You don’t have to replace them again and again thus it saves your pocket from any extra spending. Needless to say, they need minimal maintenance thus the one-time investment brings you a good amount of benefits.

Modern Design
Fiberglass planters are truly a work of art. They always give a classy and contemporary look wherever placed. They ate probably the finest planters available in the market that can continuously deliver authentic versatility and sophistication for years to come. Fiberglass has become increasingly popular because of its availability in modern designs.

Choosing fiberglass planters for outdoors
Considering the type of forefront area you have, you must create your own planter list. Carefully inspect the available area near your porch, front garden, the area near your front gate, balcony or backyard. Depending upon the height of your doors you can make smart decision of choosing the right size of planter.

Many people have a set of planters classically decorated at their porch whereas some go for the hanging plant decor. One of the most important check while choosing the right planter is the drainage hole. Always check where the water drainage hole is in the planter. If there is one or more than one, sometimes it may vary based on the size. Many times the hole is not appropriately done and the water gets clotted at the bottom. Make sure to check whether the holes are open enough to actually pass the water out.

If you want a simple and neat look at your front doors then we would recommend two large planters ranging from 20 to 40 inches. You can finalize this by properly analyzing the type of door you have. Even if you have kids or pets at home, you should consider having not so large planters. Further, if you have a huge space outside more or less like a garden then you can go ahead with choosing planters ranging from 10 inches 30 inches. We recommend you decide a theme first, if you choose to have a flowering plant dominated garden then you can play around with the colour of the planter as well. Fiberglass planters are actually available in multiple colours making your beautiful garden dreams come true.

Fiberglass planters for indoors
When choosing the right planter for indoors, a whole lot of thought process comes into use. There are things like your furnishings, the flooring, space where indirect light reached and so many other factors that must be considered. Same goes for the size of the planter you choose, you don’t want a spiderweb-like huge planter near your library blocking your view to the books. Choosing the right plant and the planter that goes perfectly with it is a major task in itself.

Research is the best tool when you come down to choosing which plant goes best for indoors. For example, plants like Aloe Vera have become the 21st-century favourite. You too can have them, in fact, multiple of them, as they don’t occupy much of the space. But before you need to study the type of soil they require, the amount of water they need and whether they grow in direct sunlight or an indirect one. Once you familiarize yourself about these things then you would be pretty clear about what exactly you need for your home.

Looking for the finest fiberglass planters?
Bonasila manufactures and supplies a range of modern fiber-reinforced plastic planters. We have a team of in-house designers who carefully create a design keeping industry trends and consumer taste in mind. Those designs are later given form by our skilled craftsmen who make it a point to carve out something exclusively extraordinary. Bonasila Planters are not mere inconsequential objects that support your plant. They are designed and manufactured with a zeal to revolutionize the concept of planter beauty. Their designs, though symmetrically or asymmetrically, astounds the sight and senses of not just the space but also the people.

Our planters are a synonym to quality. They are perfectly lightweight, water resistant, frost resistant and even have an excess water management system within. Available in gloss and matt finish, they can bring the real beauty of your decor vision. We offer FRP planters in colours ranging from bright scarlet red to calm aero blue. Our planters are supplied across the nation and have been justifying the decor aesthetics for every space. Be it home, hotel, office, gardens of landscapes, Bonasila Fiberglass planters have become the choice of numerous interior designers and architects. Sizes ranging from teeny-tiny 7 inches up until 40 inches we have planters to fulfil all your decor needs.

Contact Bonasila today and get the planter that suits you and your space the best. Our team of professionals will guide you through the decision-making and make it extremely seamless for you. Why wait? Let’s get in touch right away.

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