Modern Indoor Flower Planters for Luxury Spaces
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Modern Indoor Flower Planters for Luxury Spaces

Nowadays, the use of plants in modern interior luxury spaces is gaining more and more popularity. It makes spaces more appealing and alive, they also play a crucial role in your overall health development. Designing and deciding the look for a luxury space is a thoughtful process that requires putting a great deal of thought. Depending upon the choice of an individual, some may like to keep it synchronized while others might prefer blending different styles into one unique interior. Whatever is the selection, the most important aspect that should be focused on while choosing the décor items for luxurious spaces is that the overall look should come out unique, distinctive and appealing. Instead of some cliche decor pieces, why not try something that restores value and positivity around and is just the best thing to wake up to every morning? Indoor flower plants can be used as accent pieces, to soften our areas or even to create a certain expression.

To give more justice to them, Bonasila’s indoor decorative planters would help you out! If we look at the bright side of having greens around, plants are very attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, plants are not that too expensive just like other decors that would cost you twice or thrice the price of a single plant. So if you feel like staying close to nature and get yourself some artistic designer planters along, It’s high time you should get your hands on an indoor plant with an indoor decorative planter along.

Looking at the facts that decor primarily expresses the personality and the choice of the beholder, we at Bonasila design exclusive fiberglass planters that act as a focal point for the visitors and add a finishing touch to the space around. Pulling out the entire look of the space together, our fiberglass planters tend to stand out because of their durability, thoughtful designs, matt and gloss colours, and the visual value that it creates. Since different kinds of decor styles drift in and out, this one form of accessorising that will never lose its liveliness i.e setting up floral arrangements in your space. Suited for any room of the house, well-chosen plants will entirely lift your interior instantly. A combination of the right flower type and an ultimate planter can really amplify your chosen aesthetic. There are several benefits of having plants in your homes but let’s explore some of the most important ones. It has been believed that using plants for indoor decorating would not only mean aesthetic purposes but can go with multiple benefits: Here are some tips about why to add plants into modern interior luxury spaces.

  • Psychological Benefits

According to studies, plants engage a dramatic effect on any surrounding thus making it more relaxing and stimulating. Additionally, it can increase our self-esteem, sense of well-being, and turn us to be more optimistic. In this case, it would reduce the level of stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Cognitive Benefits

Believe it or not, plants help in lifting your mental ability by improving your concentration power and memory game and help you lead a better goal achievement.  This will boost up your attention and awareness and bring peace and calmness around your space.

  • More oxygen supply

Scientists have discovered that having indoor plants can improve the air quality at home. It will reduce the level of carbon dioxide. Also, it can lessen the level of toxins that are turned into dust. In order for us to breathe effortlessly, we need more oxygen which these indoor plants can provide.

  • Fresher indoor air

Do you know that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air? Having more indoor decorative planters at your homes can be a solution to this! Plants are deemed to be a useful filter device, be it filtering the aura around you or within you! Small FRP planters by Bonasila can perfectly help you fill in this gap by giving you perfectly aesthetic yet traditional planters along with a touch of modernity to create a positive area around you.

  • Enhancing the exquisiteness of your space

By placing indoor plants in your home, you can decorate your house in a more thoughtful manner. At the same time, it can be an efficient piece of decoration that can soften the look of your modern interior luxury spaces. In short, it can effortlessly bring life to any boring corners and areas of your home.

Now, not sure whether to channel cool modern indoor flower planters or to go big and bright? Hesitant about bringing plants inside the house? These tips will help you get it right!

  • Observe the space around you

The first step is to analyze the space and understand the strongest and weakest points of a room and add plants to your design. Scan around as to what part of the space can be lit up and where you can add planters. Walk around your room and look at your space from different perspectives, this will help you select the best spot to make your planter statement.

  • Narrow down the chosen style

After that, you can start thinking about what plant would look better in your planned space. At this point, it is really important to include your client in the decision-making process and give them some options to choose from.

  • Don’t clutter the space

Just a  friendly reminder, don’t clutter your space, keep an open plan giving the planter enough space to breathe and flow.

  • Using large indoor plants

Large plants make a bold and positive statement in a room. They are perfect for minimalistic interiors where you want to emphasize certain parts of your isolated space and not overcrowd the room. It is really important to carefully choose a pot that goes with your space, this will make a big difference and will beautify the space around you.

Large planter options

Strong, durable and weather-resistant fiberglass planters by Bonasila like Vonny and Corin will help you redefine your space with crisp/smooth edges, matt/gloss finish.


Simple objects can be effortlessly beautiful just like Vonny. Defined by its crisp clear lines, it stands out due to its minimalistic shape. This variety of range allows hosting a wide variety of medium to large-shaped indoor plants indoors.


Corin is a medium to large size planter. Its polished curves and simple structure bring out elegance. Equipped with the smart water management system just like all our FRP planters, Corin is a perfect planter that can keep your floor neat and clean.

For more details on our large indoor decorative planters, you can reach out to us without any hesitation.

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  • Using small plants

Small plants look very cute and are catchy. Due to their versatility and low maintenance, they are perfect for basically any space in the house. The most common small plants are cactus, air plants, Aloe, English ivy etc. which can be protected by small classy designer planters of Bonsila and give a stunning look to them.

Small planter options

Our planters like Ovalio and torta can be the right pick!


If you get fascinated by circular shapes & curves, then Ovalio will surely mesmerize you. It’s a small to medium size planter. This planter resembles a perfect sphere and that makes it stand out from the rest of the indoor decorative planters. The offbeat size of this planter makes it catch the attention of anyone who sees it. Its smooth curves and beautiful colours are pleasant to the eyes.


This small to medium-sized planter reflects both a soft square shape and smooth curved edges in it. Combining two colours, this planter is one of the most preferred ones in modern design themes. If your luxury interior theme heavily insists on symmetry and composition, then you can opt for Torta.

You can have a tiny planter over your reading table, or near the window. You can place large planters near your dresser or in the corner of your space where nothing else seems to fit. There are literally a thousand ways to use plants for your indoor home decor. Apart from these, if you still want to have a really personalized look, you can always hire a professional to do so. They will incorporate your needs in drafting a legitimate decor plan for you. Of all things, we can help you with planters.

At Bonasila, we are truly inspired by almost everything around us. Conventional and unusual shapes make us curious and stimulate our creativity. Our designer indoor planters with their striking shapes promise to elevate the look of your indoor space, while the geometric patterns blend in easily with the ambiance. Each of our planters respects the norms of elegance and reshapes the aesthetic sense. With an amiable aura, their presence will fill up your space with renewed energy and freshness. You will discover something astounding, something that aligns the symmetry and asymmetry beautifully with Bonasila. We are leading planter manufacturers of  Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) materials that are not just mere objects to support your beloved plants. They are much more than that. FRP planters are best due to numerous reasons, a few of them being, lightweight, durable, and reliable.

We have an in-house team of adept designers and craftsmen. Our designers with two decades of industry expertise, understand the decor trends and produce planter designs that are finest and contemporary. Then the craftsmen bring these to life with fiberglass. We craft FRP planters in numerous designs, colours, and sizes so they fit every decor need, hence we are the Fiber Planter Specialist in India offering a sophisticated range of extravagant designer planters. Designed with utmost zeal and careful execution plan, to revolutionize the concept of modern indoor flower planters, we would surely behold a positive aura with our planters, wherever you place them.

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