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Vonny MR by Bonasila

black curvy U shaped planter
black curvy U shaped planter

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Vonny MR are stylish plant pots with longer and shallower design, making them suitable for larger arrangements of plants or flowers. These luxurious FRP planters can be used to define spaces and bring an element of class in the surrounding.

beige color round cylindrical planter

Vonny MR

A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, H : height
Name PriceABCH
Vonny 26MR 1237512"16"16"26"
Vonny 20MR 1048511"15"15"20"
Vonny 15MR 784510.5"14"14"15"
Name PriceABCH
Vonny 26MR 12375305mm406mm406mm660mm
Vonny 20MR 10485279mm381mm381mm508mm
Vonny 15MR 7845267mm356mm356mm381mm
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