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Leppo MR by Bonasila

beige color capsule shaped planter
beige color capsule shaped planter

Bring modernity to your space tube shaped medium to big sized flower pot

Bring a touch of playfulness to your plant collection with our designer planters. These creative and fun premium FRP planters are from the house of trusted modern luxury planter manufacturers. And designed in a way, they're sure to add charm to any space.

beige color capsule shaped planter

Leppo MR

A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, H : height
Name PriceABCH
Leppo 30MR 1300516"6.5"30"
Leppo 22MR 967514"5.75"22"
Leppo 16MR 780012"4.75"16"
Leppo 11MR 441010"4"11"
Name PriceABCH
Leppo 30MR 13005406mm165mm762mm
Leppo 22MR 9675356mm146mm559mm
Leppo 16MR 7800305mm121mm406mm
Leppo 11MR 4410254mm102mm279mm
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