How to own a fab terrace garden?
own a fab terrace garden

How to own a fab terrace garden?

You are here because you have decided to transform your terrace space into something naturally exotic and beautiful. Having a private garden set up on the terrace is an amazing decision but it is easier said than done. Before you jump into choosing which plant goes best, there are certain things that you must consider first.

First, you need to check out the proportions of your terrace. Understand the type of terrace you have. See how much area can be given to the garden. Many times, you think you have space for a garden but ultimately realise you are short of it and later change your plans to only having a couple of plant pots. Thus, assessing the characteristics of your terrace accurately is crucial.
Think about how you want your plants to grow. Do you want them growing on the floor, in raised beds or in legit pots? Once that is done, understand the space you decided to have your garden in. See the direction of light with respect to the selected space.

Pro Tip: If you have chosen to have plant pots then we recommend you go for larger containers than the small ones. Large containers are basically big planters which help plants grow easily in spaces like terrace as they give proper space for root expansion and moisture locking.

Now you need to understand two of the most important things–plants grown on the terrace usually go through different conditions than the plants grown indoors or on the ground.

  1. Terrace garden plants must be able to survive the high sun exposure. You cannot select a plant that needs less sunlight and place them on the terrace expecting it to bloom or sprout.
    This basically cut shorts your list of selected plants. In all our previous blogs also we have specifically mentioned that it is always good for you to do a little research about the plant before selecting it. There are many times when you go to the nursery and like a plant and wish to buy it right away. But, don’t be impulsive. Rather talk to the professional or just google the name, there is no harm in digging deep about the plant. After all, it hardly takes five minutes. Once you know the basics about the plant, go ahead and buy; but now you would know where to keep it and how to take care of it.
  2. The second significant fact that you can’t ignore is the wind change. Terrace plants must be able to take the constant change of wind pressure as it is mostly high in high altitudes. You can’t place a Jade Plant on the terrace as those type of plants easily shed their leaves due to constant movements. They need proper resting spaces as they are indoor plants.

Moving on to the other important factors to be looked upon while setting up your terrace garden. While choosing a plant for your terrace garden you can check these below mentioned things. Any plant with these can be apt for your terrace gardening schedule.

Tap Roots — These plants are known for their capability of storing moisture in their specialised root tissues. This helps them undergo bad weather conditions as they constantly keep themselves moisturised. The best examples of such plants are false indigo, coneflowers, and butterfly weeds.

Furry Leaves — Plants with furry leaves and silver foliage usually show slower evaporation of water from their leaves. If you live in dry spaces then these type of plants are probably best for you. Also, many times the watering becomes a problem then again, these are a good option to be kept in the terrace.

Plants that are part of a succulent family — plants that are a part of big plant families are known to lock moisture in their leaves. This allows them to survive in hard and dry conditions.

If you have selected any plant or really want to get a plant which your heart just couldn’t let go off then just check the belonging of that plant under any of these three categories and you’ll know whether they can go for your terrace or not. Don’t lose heart if your beloved plant does not fit into any of these categories. For we understand the love of plants and recommend you to go ahead and buy it anyway. You can certainly keep it indoors. There are specific plants that are best for indoors. Also, you can use them naturally to decorate your home in ways unimaginable.

Now, let’s get down to which plant you can actually choose for your terrace. Rather than selecting one or two plant types, we have actually compiled a list giving you an overview of different types of garden you can have. Let’s roll.

Growing Vegetables
If you have chosen to go for raised beds then you must be thinking about what we are thinking–Growing veggies! Well-sized pots or raised beds make for an ideal exposure to the sun, water, fertile soil and proper drainage–what more do you need when it comes to growing vegetables.

If you are new to growing vegetables then start slow. Start with tomatoes or cucumbers as they are extremely easy to grow. You can further expand your growing plate with eggplants or okras (lady fingers) or even chillies. These are low maintenance vegetable plats. Just half an hour of every day spent in proper pinching, pruning, watering and fertilizing can yeilld fruitful results, no hold on, vegetablicious results!

Have your own floral picture
Well, who dosen’t like flowers. Now you can stop admiring flowers at others’ balconies and have your own terrace floral garden. You can pair it up with your vegetable growing plan as well but keep the planters of these flowers farther away from your raised beds of vegetables. Maybe you can create a boundary with proper flower planters. Not too high and not too low.

If you have decided to have your own exotic floral setting then we recommend you to grow annuals. Try some tulip bulbs and hyacinths as they are easy to grow and demand less maintenance. You can also go for hibiscus but no need to stick to the usual red, hibiscus are available in different colours as well. You can further have the usual roses and give a hearty-healthy overall look to your terrace.

Succulents that demands low-maintenance
From full sun to partial shade, there are certain succulents that can grow in both well-drained and drying conditions as well. The best plants under these are aloe vera and cactus. Probably the ones demanding the least maintenance. You can also try out certain grasses and plants of composite family such as different types of ferns and other typical shade-loving plants.
But do not forget to analyse your space before choosing shade-loving plants. See which direction of sunlight your terrace falls into.

Herbs for health
The quick and easy to grow herbs are here to help you have a minimal garden you always wanted. Why stick with having herbs only near your kitchen window. Go a litter farther and expand your herb garden. If you are one of those who love having minimalistic gardens that do not require much of your time then herbs are your ideal choice.

Try thyme, rosemary lavender or sage as these require less watering. They grow properly under the sun and can withstand the rough sun exposures. Don’t forget mint and lemongrass. Easiest and the most in demand. Having these grown in your terrace will act as your own private supply of fabulous herbs–requiring minimal maintenance.

Dwarf Trees and Vines
A single potted tree can make a small terrace look like a proper garden. Also, these are in trend since last year and have been the ideal choice when it comes to plant decor for outdoors. When choosing the right tree, do as we have been telling you before, check your terrace space, light exposure and moisture of the site. However, you should not be hasty in deciding for swarf trees because not all dwarf trees grow well in containers.

Cirtus is the predominant choice when it comes to dwarf plants. Lemon, oranges and limes that fall under the citrus family are most apt for growing in your terrace. You can also try the evergreen conifers. Pine and juniper under these as they make for good container plants. All they require is a well-draining soil and they will thrive in the proper sun giving your terraces, balconies or any other space a classy appearance.

Don’t forget about plant pots
Planters must be chosen in harmony with the type of plant you wish to plant in it. Keeping both aesthetics and requirements in mind, you must make sure that the chosen planter will deliver exceptionally.

Do you know the best planter out there for terrace gardens?
Fiberglass planters are timeless and have been regarded as the simplest yet trendiest planters out there. They are easy to handle, lightweight and are best for keeping plants decoratively in your respective garden.

Bonasila crafts fiberglass planters in a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs that will certainly match your garden aesthetics and requirements. Each planter is given a classy design by our in-house designers which are brought to life by our skilled craftsmen. So, you clearly don’t have to worry about the beautifying section of your garden. Our planters have been the first choice to decorate the gardens, indoors and outdoors for numerous hotels, homes and offices across the nation.

Further, Bonasila planters come in sizes ranging from, smallest 7cms to highest 40 cms, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you wish to plant tiny herbs or lemon trees, our planters are available to fulfil all your needs. With a special water management system that takes care of the drainage, you can be assured about the water going out for your plants. In colours that match your design scheme and designs that justify your terrace aesthetics, we have fiberglass planters that will amplify your terrace garden exotic looks.

If you are still confused about which planter to choose for your terrace garden then reach us. Our team of plant lovers are here to help you chart out the most appropriate planter plan considering all your needs and desires. We are known as India’s Fiberglass Planter Specialist for a reason, talk to us and we’ll prove to you why!

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