A guide to choose the right Flower Pot
Flower Pots

A guide to choose the right Flower Pot

The right plant for the right place is an important consideration when it comes to planting one in our surroundings. We go through many guidelines to make sure that the plants thrive with the help of our planning and evaluation. Different plants have different tolerance conditions and it is necessary to choose plants that match your maintenance capacity and the growing condition around you. Even the best of planting practice will fail if poorly sown and nourished in the flower pots where the plants will outgrow its height and width. We often make our research so strong regarding the plants and flowers that we forget about the planters that protect them from harm. Be it situational or seasonal. Selecting the right planter should be on the high priority list as well! All the plant enthusiasts should be well aware of this. An in-depth research of this can help your plant with the right support and growth.

Bonasila holds a collection of elegant-looking planters which was founded in Ahmedabad in the year 2016 that offers an extensive range of modern fiber-reinforced plastic planters. We are India’s largest fiber pots manufacturer who along with our exceptional team of experienced in-house designers crafts designs considering the current trends, customer taste, and plant requirements.

Choosing the right designer pots for plants from the diverse range of planters available today can be very exhausting. To find an easy way out with this tiring experience, you should perform an extensive research on your chosen plants to understand their basic characteristics and necessities. Based on this, list down the desired planters to determine the most suited planters for your plants. If it is still getting difficult to find the right one, you can always go for a customization! Study and get help with the size, drainage requirement, and aesthetics of the pots so that they are a perfect match to your space.

You might already have plants in your house or garden, but still they might not be growing at their ideal pace despite your consistent care and effort. In such a case, everything is right, soiling, sowing, planting and watering but the planter needs our attention!  Unsuitable size and shape of the planters can bring a halt to the growth of your plants.

If there is no extensive damage to the plants, you can replace the planters with designer pots for plants that are suitable in size, shape, strength and possess some important attributes like water management that help plants grow and sustain.

We present to you a  complete guide to choose the right flower pot as a list of essential factors associated with planters that certainly affect the growth of plants. The following will help you choose the designer planters to help you boost the growth of your plants.

The Right Size

The right sized designer pots for plants create the most alarming difference when it comes to the health and growth of the plant. It is a fact that different kinds of plants need different sizes of planters. To your surprise, many designers are not concerned about the size merely for the design and aesthetic aspect.

Each plant has a unique requirement that must be fulfilled for their healthy growth. Considering that you have chosen the plants that would grow the best around your space’s environment, you must choose the perfect sized designer pots for plants that can contain the required ingredients as well.

If the pot is too small, it won’t get enough nutrients that are essential for its growth. The water will dry too quickly in the soil which would then compel you to water the plant more frequently than the original requirement.  Besides, small indoor decorative plant pots would not give enough room for the roots to expand, which would eventually cause a situation that will drastically hinder the growth of the plant.

On the other hand, if a pot is too big, there will be too much water for a long time so the soil will be too wet which is not healthy for your plant in the long run.  Hence, consistency in moisturising of the soil can not only hinder the growth but also damage the plant’s structure by causing serious health problems.

The purpose of a planter is to carry a sufficient amount of nutrients for the plants. However, there are two main aspects to consider- Interior of your space and the growth process of the plant. If you are planning to get indoor decorative plant pots, you can pick one that complements the decor of your space. For outdoors, you can opt for planters that match with the exterior of your space provided their strength and weather-resistance. The planters can be half the size of the plant. However, if your plants have outgrown your current pots, you can repot them in planters that are 2 to 4 inches large in diameter. You can select larger designer pots for your plants if they grow faster than the average. At times, you should also consider the depth of the planter along with the width. For example, unlike most of the vegetables, they need a significant amount of space for its strong root system. Hence, the planters must have a depth of a minimum of 12 inches.

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Excess Water Management System

Are you aware that more plants die from overwatering than under watering? When the soil remains waterlogged for a long time, the lack of air passing through eventually damages their root hair. Hence, roots are unable to absorb oxygen that is needed to grow. As a result, they are inefficient to supply water and nutrients to the plant. So, if you are used to watering your plants too regularly, ensure that your planters have excess water management to avoid this misery.

There are a wide range of planters with multiple types of drainage systems. Some conventional planters such as terracotta planters have drainage holes outlined at the bottom that can be drilled for drainage. There are others with a removable plug at the bottom of the planter that allows you to clear out the excess water easily without any mess. We, at Bonasila, have carefully designed stylish Fiber- Reinforced Plastic (FRP) planters with modern aesthetic aspects that are equipped with an efficient water management system. The planters are manufactured with pores impressed within, which allows the water to trickle down and get stored. The plug near the base allows water to flow out cleanly. They are best suited for indoor planting since you can drain out the excess water from your indoor planters as per your convenience without creating a mess.

In case of the absence of a drainage hole, you can pick double potting. Planters made with materials such as plastic and ceramic often do not have drainage holes. So, in order to get rid of excess water, you can place a smaller pot with a drainage hole in your large planter. Then, add a small inverted saucer or bowl at the bottom of the pot to collect excess water. The double potting technique will prevent your plant from collecting excess water and damaging the health of your plant.

Planter Material

Before you dive deep into selecting various planters to decorate your house or office, you must consider one more thing, the planter material. Amongst many planter materials, most known are metal, fiberglass, terracotta, plastic, and wood. We would highly recommend fiberglass planters as they are equipped with all the necessary yet important qualities. Surely, you would like planters that are not only exquisite but also that would sustain for a long time without losing its glory. Not only the large variety of fiberglass allows you to choose and customize designs, but they are also strong, durable, lightweight, easy to maintain, and most importantly boost plant growth. They even dry out more evenly as compared to plastic, wood, and ceramic planters. Plastic pots may look cheap and harmful to the environment, wooden planters can be easily damaged by weather and pests making your plants more susceptible to diseases. So, go for modern day’s commendable alternative i.e Fiberglass Planters.

How can Bonasila help you?

We realise how durability, good quality, value for money, reliability and trustworthiness falls into the most wanted list of any consumers. The ultimate sophistication reflects in our designs. We ensure ease of maintenance for better plant growth remain on the top of our priorities. To explore more about plant pots online, get in touch with our planterprenuers for more guidance and assistance for your right decision-making. You can reach out to us at 92650 77632 for elaborative details. With our vibrant varieties of textures and rustics, we make sure that you get nothing less, and only more. Get the touch of excellence and elegance almost everywhere! Be it offices, balconies, rooms, cabins, hotels, home entrances etc. So, quickly come and grab planters as unique as you from our collection. Get yourself the Beauty of Bonasila now!

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