Explore how gardening can boost up your mood and health
how gardening can boost up your mood and health

Explore how gardening can boost up your mood and health

Whenever you feel too drowsy, bored and reach your saturation point, you get up and take a walk. You go outside! A simple two-minute walk outside near a greeny-weeny tree calms your nerves down and refreshes you in ways unimaginable. We all have done that and felt that, right? Have you ever wondered how a simple stroll down a green lane, some time spent in a garden or a quick walk in your balcony can being such a drastic change in your overall body language? Gear up for some more green greatness people.

Researchers have proved that getting your hands soil-dirty is like getting your soul refreshing-cleaned. Don’t scoff off the idea of sitting in the garden and actually getting mud all over you, trust us it is literally the best thing you need right now in this excessively busy and stressful world. Spending time for gardening is like attaining. And the process of attaining the mindfulness goes back to the time when Buddhism was established. According to one of the Buddist traditions, the practice of mindfulness is attained when you calm it down and make the entire buzz go away. The practice to focus to focus your mind and make the entire buzz go away is the right way of achieving mindfulness. And the Buddist zen gardens are used for the same purpose only for past 100 years.

Being in the green area is good for your health for many benefits that we’ll discuss further, but actually getting down to the soil is like a soul-reward in itself. A tiny garden area is like a happy place with only happy vibes. You can unwind yourself from the entire hectic day there. In fact, many people choose to start their day with a teeny bit of gardening. Here we have listed a few of the many reasons that would hopefully boost you to start gardening and help you attain the mindfulness you always wanted.

The serotonin from the soil
Soil contains a bacteria, called microbiome, that helps boost serotonin in humans. And the people who don’t know what serotonin is, it is the ‘happy chemical’ of your body. So when you actually dig down and play around with soil, the bacteria present in it stimulates the serotonin production in your body and makes you feel lighter and relaxed automatically. According to a study conducted on cancer patients, they have found that soil had helped the patients calm down and lead a less stressed life.

Moreover, serotonin helps fight depression and boosts your immune system. So there’s probably no harm in even getting your hands and feet extra dirty, after all, who dosen’t like an extra dose of happiness and relief. Gather all the serotonin you can, it is a scientifically proved anti-depressant.

The Dopamine Effect
You don’t have to stick to only having decorative plants. Since it’s your garden, go crazy and sow your favourite veggies or fruits. Having your own food grown in your space releases a chemical called Dopamine. It is an important chemical that gives one a mild euphoric feeling. It is also said that dopamine is released when one sees their Facebook or Instagram post getting a lot of likes. Similarly, when you see your own veggies growing, you feel happy and proud at the same time. Dopamine doing all its happy-happy work!

When you see your hard work bearing beautiful flowers or edible fruits then it is indeed a time to celebrate. Take a step back, pull down a chair and grab yourself your favourite drink be it coffee or tea, and let the dopamine do all its work. Be it tiny, happiness is happiness and it must be celebrated. Tiny moments like these are like your personal and private mood-uplifting and stress-relieving therapies.

Exercise Up
One dosen’t have to go jogging and sweat out on the treadmill in the name of physical exercise. Gardening has almost all-round of physical activities which will actually help you get your own personal cardio that too a delightful one. From cardiovascular, bone health to muscle, gardening includes activities which will cover all aspects of your workout regime. For example, pushing a hand mower or raking is perfect for your cardiovascular fitness goals.

Little known fact: Gardening has been regarded as ‘moderate physical activity’. Planting, weeding, pruning, digging and more can actually work up the sweat and help you get your physical exercise on track. Pulling out the soil, reaching out for tools will work on your muscles and help you improve your stamina, flexibility and strength. You might as well get engrossed in the work so much that you’d burn out extra calories without even realising it.

Clear your head
When you have loads of dopamine and serotonin flowing down your body, your stress, anxiety and bad thoughts will fly away. Plus when you get engrossed in one work, you hardly remember the other crappy thing that was bothering you before. Since gardening is also termed under moderate physical exercise, it will help you reduce your stress-levels anyway. Also, a few calories burnt is like icing on the cake.

It is also been scientifically said that looking at nature gives your brain rest from the constant cognitive functions. You certainly deserve a dose of nature to lighten and brighten up your mood. So, it’s time you go out and get yourself a teeny tiny garden. Get the plants you always wanted and start digging. Everything involving gardening is good for you so don’t give this another thought, go right ahead and bask in the glory of nature.

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