Decorative Planters for Modern Interiors. Why are they so popular?
Decorative Planters for Modern Interiors

Decorative Planters for Modern Interiors. Why are they so popular?

Modern interior designs find their roots in the modernist movement that stood up after the industrial revolution. These designs adhere to the principle of ‘form follows function’, flawlessly blending simplicity with functionality. Designs are characterized by the use of manufactured material, like steel, glass, metal objects etc. The designs are simplistic and uncluttered. Some people believe that modern design is confined to the twentieth century. Many believe that modern design too got richer with time with the inclusion of elements like water bodies, plants, and modern planters. However, integrating plants can bring out a sense of refined richness to your house.

Decorative planters – Blending beauty and functionality

Modern design themes are simple and clean. Decorative items are selected so that they can blend well with the design theme. The same goes for the planters. As mentioned earlier, modern design themes follow a principle – ‘form follows a function’. The same is reflected in Bonasila’s modern planters. The design of these planters is clutter-free and minimal. A smart water management system in planters helps to keep the premises tidy and clean. This functionality & enhanced beauty of planters allow the inclusion of soulful plants in your interior spaces in style. These designer planters thus blend the function with aesthetic beauty. This makes them a perfect choice for modern design enthusiasts.

Why are our planters popular? 

In the last few years, our planters have seized the attention of designers and gardening enthusiasts. When we introduced these planters, it opened a new dimension for including plants into the design process without compromising on aesthetics. Our planters stand out because of the following key features.


The stunning beauty of our planters is the primary reason why most people buy our planters. Designed by the finest artists & handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, these planters always get applause for their aesthetic beauty & visual appeal. We have a perfect planter for you that can enhance the beauty of your existing interior while holding your favourite plant with love.


Our planters are handcrafted and built with high-quality fibre material. The paints used for the planters are automobile paints, which lasts longer. This makes the planters very durable.


The highly portable nature of our planters gives you the freedom to rearrange the plants. You can update the interiors as per the season. For example, some plants may bloom in certain months. You can choose to switch these plants between your living space and balcony and keep the design fresh.

Colours and Textures

The colours leave a deep impact on the mood. Our planters are painted with a wide range of colours from Scarlet Red to Lush Green. The thoughtful selection of these colours is unmatched. The same is true with the textures. The wide range of colour & texture of our planters will let your personality reflect in the design.


The smart water management system of our planters allows you to collect the excess drain water at your convenience. This helps you to keep your premises tidy. You can further reuse this water for other plants and optimize water usage. This makes our planters highly functional.

You can check the collection of our modern planters by clicking here.  You can choose from the planters of different styles. Each of our planters narrates a unique story. You would be able to incorporate the planters that go with your interior design theme. Towards the end of this article, we will give you our top picks of planters that can go flawlessly with the most modern design themes. The attention paid to the small details can help you create a bigger picture. Before you dive into the design basics, it’s essential to understand the origin & philosophy of modern design. This quick summary will give you an idea about the same.

Modernism – Origin & Development

There is a long list of artistic geniuses whose work shaped the evolution of modernism. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, C.F.A.Voysey, Olbrich, Hoffmann, Loos, Van De Velde, Wright and Sullivan are some pivotal figures of modern design. The mass-produced industrial artistic goods revolutionized the way people choose their inner furnishings and elements. Later in the year 1925, Marcel Breuer of Bauhaus, best known for his rational approach, created iconic tubular chairs. (Bauhaus is a famous German design school that shaped many designers of the time). This design of steel chairs continues to inspire the admirers of modern design. During the mid 20th century with the advancements in mass production, art came from private to public spaces. It was during this time, the public spaces such as airports, banks, libraries, museums, community halls started including modern design in their themes. Modern design is considered to be reimagined, bringing out the flavours of inventiveness and richness. Thus, the style still holds its significance with an increasing fan following.

So, when you are opting for a modern theme in interiors, do keep in mind that it has emerged and evolved for years. Many artists, designers have contributed to the enrichment of this stream of art. You can continue or add to that legacy if you stick to the philosophy and principles of the design. We recommend you to read more about modern design and gain a perspective of the same. Reading our previous blogs can be your first step in this direction.

Creating magic with plants

After understanding the decorative planters and philosophy of modern design, now is the time to get into designing basics. The following details will help you to include the plants in your design and stick to the modern design theme that you are opting for.

Matching the contrast 

If your house walls are painted with colours like ivory, light yellow, pale yellow etc. then you can select the plants that are dark in colour. Choose from the plants like Raven, Burgundy Ripple, Black Rose, Black Velvet etc. On the other hand, if your walls are coloured dark then opt for plants with lighter shades. The same principle can be used while finalizing the colours of your planters. Always think about how you can balance the contrast within the room. Bonasila’s FRP planters come in a variety of colours and textures. You can choose from the series of colours that project happiness & help you set the mood of your interiors.

Water bodies & Plants

Water bodies in modern interiors are incomplete without plants. These bring the feel of purity and peace. The emphasis is often on the water flow and demarcated borderlines. You can select plants that can complement these water bodies. Choose plants like golden bamboo, that can bring a sense of height and grandness to these water bodies. Plants complete the waterbody setup and recreate nature within the walls of your house. You can use your creative imagination for the placement of your FRP planters.

Placement and Composition

When you are placing two or three planters in front of the wall, then place them on a single side (either right or left). This will help to maintain the proportion. If the room has dense elements, then you can opt to select small plants. On the other hand, if space is large, you can opt for bigger, denser and taller plants. This way you can balance the composition of the room. This small trick can help you keep the ambience decluttered.

Bonsai Vs regular plants

Bonsai plants are very popular and used across the globe in modern interior designs. The Bonsai technique has emerged from Japan and now practised by hobbyists around the world. This technique allows creating miniature versions of mighty trees such as Banyan, Sacred Fig etc. Many people create bonsai of flowering plants such as adenium, and roses. In design, it’s more of a matter of your choice when it comes to selecting the plants. If you are one of the bonsai hobbyists, then you can include the bonsai plants in your design. Bonsais can also help you if you live in apartments and space is your primary concern & you still want to be surrounded by a variety of plants. If the spaces have scope for regular size plants, then do consider those because the maintenance of those plants will be easier. You can choose designer planters that can suit both the bonsai as well as regular plants.

Our Top Recommendations

Remino, Atia, Escon, Rezel D and Molly are our top picks that can easily blend in with any modern theme. But, we encourage you to check from our planter gallery. Choose planters that represent your personality and can enhance the mood of your space.

Design with us

You spend most of your time at your home. A good space can help you make this time more pleasant and enjoyable. You can do this with us. We run this series of blogs where we bring interesting information. This can help you learn more about the design and plants. You can also tell us your views in the comment section. We keep getting space transformation stories from across the world and we love them. If you want to share your story, feel free to write to us.

Bonasila – Your one-stop solution for buying fiber planters online India

We are not just fibre planter manufacturers. Our team consists of people who are fascinated by plants and design. This led us to choose planters as a medium to reimagine the space transformations. Our planters paved a way for more plants to get included in the design process while enhancing the beauty of those designs. This is the reason why our planters are loved and appreciated. If you want to buy these planters then you can do that by visiting our website. For more details, you can give us a call on +919265077632 from 10:30 AM to 7:30 AM (IST), Monday to Saturday (except first & third Saturday). Our team will make this entire process very convenient for you.

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