How to Convert a Small Space into a Beautiful Garden?
How to Convert a Small Space into a Beautiful Garden?

How to Convert a Small Space into a Beautiful Garden?

The small spaces inside or even outside your house/workplace don’t have to be empty and dull anymore. Whether it is a small space under your staircase, a small entrance, a narrow pathway, a small balcony or a tiny patio and backyard, you can dress them with beautiful plants using equally impressive planters and accentuate the interior or exterior design – just like a cherry on a cake. Growing a garden in your small space or secluded space is not only an enhancement to the indoor or outdoor design but also therapeutic and relaxing for you. It can be your natural stress-relieving activity, just a hobby or a convenient way to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Here are some of the easy to carry out methods to grow a garden in the small space.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is nothing but plants grown on a vertical space such as a wall. In little to no space, the vertical planting helps in completing your gardening endeavour by maximizing the number of plants and giving you the perfect garden feel in small spaces. All you need is a sunny wall and you can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, succulents, root crops, etc. According to the design and the needs of your plants, you can get a self-reliance garden tower, a wooden wall where you can hang the pots, gutter system, traditional trellis, pallet tray, bottle/tin garden, hardware cloth wall, freestanding garden, pallet planter, beam planter, hanging planters etc. You can place the appropriate vertical gardening element and a few planters in your balcony and also grow herbs or flowers on your window sill.

When you are growing a vertical garden inside your house, make sure the plants get enough sun and air as per their needs. If you are growing flowers, you can enhance the look by painting the wall with different colours and also get decorative indoor flower pots to give the garden a designer touch.

Tropical Gardening

Make the small space look bigger with tall plants. A bunch of tropical plants lined up on your small pathway will increase the positive energy level, the air purity level and welcome you as well as your guests and please you instantly by inducing positivity. Planting tropical plants in your courtyard will make it a cosy and warm place for you to lounge and relax. You can place armchairs, sofas, a mini couch, a hammock and other seating arrangements such as building a cabana for you to sit and relax, read, watch movies or just have a nice time with your loved ones. Since water is an essential element, in a corner of your courtyard, you can also create a pond in a container to complete the tropical setting. To enhance the look of your courtyard, you can grow smaller plants in colourful and elegant fiberglass planters to add in some more colours.

Container Gardening

In little to no space for placement of garden beds, planters also known as pots and containers are best for outdoor as well as indoor gardening. Since they are perfect to grow small trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs and some fruits, you can grow plants in style by choosing getting designer pots for plants as per your decor conditions and available space. Along with growing plants hassle-free, you can also easily redesign your garden or if you are gardening indoors, you can get small indoor plant pots and change their positions as per your liking and the plant’s growth. Container gardening is flexible and hence, easy to maintain. With water management facilities, you can control the watering and remove the access water without any hassle. You can grow vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, lettuce, peppers, chillies, radishes, carrots, etc. and herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, lemongrass, etc.

Container gardening allows you to swap plants with other garden enthusiasts. In addition to the portability, it is easier to prevent plant infection and spreading diseases since they are not in direct contact with one another. Indoor garden is also an impressive addition to your interior decor and provides you incredible health benefits such as clean and fresh air, more oxygen, prevention of spreading of harmful bacteria and virus, balanced temperature and much more.

Are you looking for attractive planters or containers for your small space gardening project?

Bonasila manufactures and supplies customized fiberglass planters with a modern and sophisticated touch. From different colours to their shades, shapes and sizes, you can customize your planters as per your space, design requirements and likings. When they are lightweight, they are also durable which make them perfect for your small space gardening project.

We understand that it can become a little challenging to start gardening in small spaces inside or outside your house. Hence, our experts at Bonasila can help you choose the most suitable planters that fulfil all your planting as well as décor requirements. To discover the most appropriate planters for your small space gardening, contact our experts now.

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