A Complete guide to plant decor for your home interiors
Decor home interiors

A Complete guide to plant decor for your home interiors

If you are new to interior designing or belong to this line of design aesthetics for far too long to remember, it’s always good to go back and refresh your memory on certain interior designing rules that never goes out of style. One of the most important aspects of redoing your home interiors is to decide where the green beauty will go. We understand this hustle and are here to help you out.

Plants are probably one of the most seamlessly attractive elements in home decor. They are pleasing to eyes, your health, and fits perfectly in any type of home interiors, be it minimalistic or rustic. Them being non-expensive is another added advantage. You’ll be spending minimal and gaining a plethora of benefits. These days it has gotten a must to have plants in your interior design scheme as they are trending more than ever.

Plants literally revitalize your home with a green energy. Having plants in your home is far more beneficial than just increasing aesthetic value. They are known to be the agents to clean the air. It would be like having your personal oxygen producer right at your home. Also, a little-known fact– an excess amount of CO2 in a home makes people drowsy. Thus the extra oxygen will come in handy. The overwhelming benefits do not end here. Plants make an environment naturally relaxing and stimulating. They increase the sense of well-being and dramatically reduces the levels of stress and anxiety. Bringing plants in a home is like bringing a piece of nature in your own personal space. By including plants in your home decor plan you have already made a good decision, we are sure you must be a pro or on the verge of becoming a pro in interior designing.

Now let’s discuss how you can make the best use of plants in order to increase the potential aesthetic value along with some plant growing tips. Decorating home with plants is not rocket science. It’s actually pretty easy since plants are very versatile within themselves. They have the ability to jell-in in any environment or in any corner. The biggest questions are what plants need to grow, factors affecting plant growth, how much space do plants need to grow and most important of them all is which plant is best suited for a living room, garden area, front door, kitchen, study room and etcetera. Here we have shortlisted some of the best plants for you to choose from. Explore and start making your own list of your favourites.

Areca Palm
Areca Palm
The big green leaves falling beautifully in every direction is ideal for your home corners. They are long and naturally provide a very soothing aura. You can have them grown inside your house in indirect sunlight. If exposed to direct sunlight, their leaves will go yellow. They usually grow up to 30 feet but since they are ideal for indoors, you can cut them down to 7 feet or more according to your decor plan. If you want them to grow restricted i.e., limiting the size of the plant, then you can have a small planter for these. Growing them in small planters will have its roots crowded and will automatically limit the size.

Areca Palm is great in reducing harmful chemicals like xylene and toluene from the air. If you are one of those who like having a certain amount of moistness then these are literally ideal for you as they are known as one of the most effective humidifiers. Also, you don’t have to spend too much time on their maintenance. Just water them enough and make sure the soil gets moist. Sometime during the winter, you can even let it dry between regular waterings.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

The much-demanded plant holding abundant benefits. Aloe plants are known to be the natural skin cleansing advocates. The plant is loaded with advantages right from the gel found in its leaves up until its roots. These plants usually stay dry and warm instead of being wet and cold, thus whenever you’ll see the soil in Aloe plants, it would be usually dry. If you have just bought one and potted then you don’t even have to water it for two to three days–let the roots settle first. The plant can do without water.

The best place to have Aloe plants are near a sunny window. You can either place it near your bookshelf or study table but near a window. These plants do not thrive in full shade. So make sure wherever you place them, there is a proper passage for sunlight. You can buy a small to medium size of planters to pot this since they are not huge in size. Having these rustic looking plants will certainly add a positive vibe to your ambience.

Image Courtesy: Proflowers

These are popular home plants as they are extremely easy to grow. This ubiquitous houseplant having rich dark green leaf beautifully mixed with a shade of white makes it look good anywhere. These plants thought do not require direct sunlight but require a medium to bright light. Also, since the leaves are a little long they require a larger space to grow. But you can always control the height by pruning. Their soil must not be kept too soggy. Keep it evenly moist and avoid the brown leaf tips.

The best location to place Dracaena is near a sheer curtain window. They will also go beautifully next to dressers to pull a room together. The larger and older plants that have grown quite a bit makes for a remarkable focal point for your indoor decor.

Spider Plant
Spider Plant
Image Courtesy: Plantshop

Here’s a beautiful plant for your front doors. Its uniquely shaped leaves which dangle like spiders on the web is how this plant got its name. This is a great plant when you have pets at home. Completely safe for them. Their spider-like leaves, though fall all around, can be cut down as per your decor plan. But we suggest you be careful as their natural fall is what makes this plant appear beautiful.

This plants go best at the porch, near the front door, near the door of your backyard, and also in the balcony. You’ll need a medium to large size of planters to pot this plant, again that depends on the size of the plant you are buying. They are slow growers but self-sufficient. If you notice someday the plant turning brown, don’t worry. It is very normal in these plants and they will soon come back to their original green life. Remember to keep the soil well-drained. Don’t make the soil too soggy as it deteriorates the fresh look of spider plants.

Snake Plant
Snake Plant
Image Courtesy: Whiteflowerfarm

Snake Plants has been identified as one of the top air-purifying plants by NASA. They are best suited for bathrooms since they are experts in filtering out formaldehyde, commonly found in personal-care products. But their elegant look makes them beautiful anywhere you place them. These plants require absolutely no extra attention. Even if you are going out of town for days and there’s no-one who can water them, there will be no problem. This plant has the capability of surviving without water for weeks. They’ll keep giving you long and fresh leaves with almost minimal maintenance.

The best place where you can decorate this plant is your dining room table. Or the table of your living room. Their spiralled yet straight leaves goes nowhere except upward. Without taking much of your space, these will add an urbane and modish vibe. You can have small to medium sized planters. You can also experiment with elevated planters as they’ll add a classy edge in your space. One thing you must not forget about these plants is that they should be planted in free-draining soil. It is one of the important factors affecting plant growth. They easily rot if not planted in proper soil thus when you are out in nursery to buy these, make sure to get appropriate soil. Fun fact: these plants are also called mother-in-law’s tongue and Saint George’s sword.

Weeping Fig
Weeping Fig
Image Courtesy: Specialistfurniturecontracts

A plant with its own sophisticated look. Weeping Fig is a beautiful plant for home but requires a certain amount of care. This plant initially takes time to grow and attain its proper growth, i.e., approx 10 feet, but once grown it’ll stay with you for many years to come.

Once placed they shouldn’t be moved too much as their leaves shed easily. Don’t keep it near doorways as that would also make its leaves fall. You can place them in indirect light either inside your living room or out. You must keep watering them in every few days in order to make sure that the soil stays moist. Since the plant itself has many features, you can have a simple white or aero blue colour planter of small to medium size for them.

The Caring and Growing

You buying and decoring your space with plants is not where the job gets over. Now that you have decided to have them in your space it is your critical responsibility to care for them. After all, it is a life in your own space we are talking about. Once you incorporate greens in your home, your green bone will automatically start working. So, here’s a couple of plant growing tips you mustn’t forget.

  • First, think twice about the location you have chosen for a particular plant. If you don’t know about the plant then it’s better to do some research as to which kind of plant it is. Whether it needs direct sunlight or not, how much space do plants need to grow, factors affecting plant growth and accordiingly you can make a decision.
  • Second, give your plants enough light. Though they are placed inside you must make sure that they are getting what they need. Open up your windows, let the fresh air and light pass by.
  • Third, water them properly. Understand the amount of water the plant needs (research time) and accordingly water them,
  • Fourth, watch out for pests. Many plants are a meal to pests thus make sure you have appropriate things to keep to those pests away and safeguard your leaves.

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