Classic ways to decorate your pool
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Classic ways to decorate your pool

Having pool is nothing less than a dream come true. Your own private space to relax, party, and enjoy is certainly a blessing in every possible way. Having said that, a personal backyard pool is trending more than ever in 2019, it is also involved in the major modern decor design schemes by many renowned architects and designers. An inviting, cool and peaceful ambience can easily be created where there are natural elements–be it plants our water. The blue of water contributes towards a great ambience. Decorating it further is just icing on the cake. You don’t have to leave your pool alone, although that can be done based on the landscape design, there is always a scope for improvement, and when it comes to swimming pool decoration–the scope is immense and the results are nothing less than stunning.

You can have your own personal barbeque party, a relaxing float on a happy day or just fun with family time sort of thingy–whatnot can you do near your pool. The elements surrounding your pool plays a vital role in setting up the mood. Right landscape design filled with all the right things can potentially amplify your backyard and swimming pool aura altogether. They compliment your space and enhance the overall aesthetics.

Here we have compiled a list of things you can consider when decorating your pool and the deck. This will give you an insight into the ongoing trends and further help you decide on which type of decoration is most apt for your space and pool-type.

Furniture Selection
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Before you jump into buying the furniture for your deck space there are certain things that you must consider. Start from understanding the type of pool you have. Whether it is a rooftop one, open with a panoramic view, or in the backyard with a garden view or a short pool attached to your open spaces like balconies or more. Analyse the size of the pool–big, small or medium–and then see the available space nearby. For example, if it is a short pool in your backyard then you can’t jump into buying a large table, rather you can go for short ice-bin type tables or more.

Avoid overcrowding your space with too many chairs. Also don’t place your selected chairs too close to the edges of the pool. Leave some space to move around. Always check the space before you buy any sort of furniture. Functionality is immensely important, far more than aesthetics. To further spice up your pool seating arena, you can place a rug between chairs. You can make a circular chair setting wherein the rug can be placed in between–this goes best for family get-togethers. Another adjustment of patio umbrella over the table for shielding from sun and dust will raise the level of aesthetics beautifully.

Hammock Style

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A single hammock near or over the pool can transform the entire mood of the pool area. You can have your own personal vacation with it. They make the areas far more inviting and relaxing than any other type of relaxing chairs. Decor with hammock also has a wide scope as you have numerous patterns and fabrics to choose from. Also, the colour plays a vital role. Though white is the most preferred one, we do recommend you to choose the colour pattern considering your landscape area. You can move above the usual white and try yellow, light green or turquoise colour.

If you are not able to set up a hammock or don’t have that sort of setting then you can also opt for hammock chairs. They do add value to your aesthetics and are extremely simple to move-in and move out.

Pouffe Bags

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More or less like the cousins of bean bags or the grown-up bean bags, these Pouffe bags adds a sense of welcoming and funky style to whichever space they are added to. You can get multiple shapes and sizes ranging from rectangular cube to oval shaped bags. These go best if you have kids around who visit the pool more often. Them being adaptable actually helps for everything and the best part about having them is the comfort they offer to almost everyone. A predominant choice for youngsters and kids these days–these bags are a hit!

Lights Decoration

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Another great way to decorate your pool areas is to by adding glossy patio string lights. All you need to do is to set them up appropriately so it dosen’t looks out of place and a proper electric outlet for constant power supply. You don’t necessarily have to overdo it unless and until you are throwing a party. Minimal lighting near your seating area or over your planters will work just fine. You can go for twinkling LEDs, round bulbs, pink lights or caged bulbs–there are numerous options to explore. It is indeed the most cost-effective and convenient way to decorate your pool.

Add life near swimming pool with plants decorated in beautiful and elegant planters. If you have an indoor pool then planters are a must. Even if you have an outdoor pool arena, plants are always a good choice. In fact, many of the renowned interior designers make it a must to add plants in their design scheme irrespective of the style. Based on the type of decor style you have, you can get planters accordingly and have beautiful potted plants near your swimming pool.

You can arrange them in line making a certain boundary nearby. You can keep in them near you seating area giving it an authentic lively look and feel. If you have the usual pool loungers then big planters will go perfectly well. If you are fond of small ones, then place them strategically near your garden area. If you are confused on which planter to get then we recommend fiber planters. Fiber planters are best for indoors and outdoors for numerous reasons. They are light in weight, looks naturally amazing and are trending these days.

Looking for planters?
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Bonasila fiber planters have special water management system designed in them which avoids the water from getting clogged inside. The proper water management systems ensure seamless water passing without spoiling the overlook of the planters and your space. Available in multiple colours, our planters satisfy the taste of every design scheme. Especially if you are looking to decorate your pool with planters then Bonasila fiber planters are ideal for you.

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