This Christmas/New Year let’s pledge to make this earth a greener place. A Gift for tomorrow: Plants
let’s pledge to make this earth a greener place

This Christmas/New Year let’s pledge to make this earth a greener place. A Gift for tomorrow: Plants

It’s time to put up the Christmas lights and decorate your home with beautiful red and white balloons, socks, snow-flake danglers and more. With this celebration preparation going on full swing, the gifting ritual is not left behind. You must be going through hundreds of website to find the ideal gift. We understand the research and efforts you put in to gift something special to your loved ones, but sometimes it gets too messy. They already have everything and you still want to gift something unique, something that stands out and deems valuable, least usable.

The struggle is genuine and so should be your gift. A plant is a perfect gift that you could present to your close ones this year. Plants are good for everyone and blends in every space. More than them being a decor accessory, they are the catalysts of change in the environment around us. The increasing levels of pollution, the contaminated air, toxic waste, and so many other things make your breathing a difficult task in itself. Plants are literally the need of the hour.

Plants are one of those rare gifts that last for years. They are a sweet reminder of the wild beauty of nature, and more than that they are the simplest ways one can actually make a difference in the toxic environment we have at present. By actually deciding to gift plants to everyone this Christmas, you are not just bestowing them with a simple festive gift, you are giving them a source for a healthy life. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself with one plant. If your loved ones have a teeny tiny balcony or a backyard, you can actually get them a whole set of plants along with certain maintenance tools. It opens a wide arena for gifts.

The most important point, above all this, is the fact that plants are what the mother earth needs right now. We are already undergoing numerous threats like climate change, deforestation and having more plants around is the simplest way of giving back to the environment. Introducing this living element in your lives makes one person more considerate towards nature. The tendency to care and nourish awakens naturally since it requires maintenance. Here, we have discussed some of the important reasons why you should choose to take plant-gifting seriously and pledge to save our mother earth.

Clean the air around
Tress absorbs toxins, odours, pollutants and other chemicals present in the air. Their leaves trap all those harmful essences from the air and make it cleaner. The air outside is already becoming the agent of diseases and serious health problems, having clean air at home ensures the good health of your family and kids. Poor air quality has been marked as one of the top five contributors towards hazardous health risks.

Further, people spend most of their time at home, the furnishing, upholstery, and painting emit harmful chemicals like formaldehyde etcetera. Adding up with outdoor pollens, car exhausts and other pollutants contributes to an extremely inadequate air quality. NASA has called plants as ‘Nature’s Life Support System’. Plants are one of the most ideal ways of removing all the yucky invisible thingies from your air and making it worth breathing.

They combat climate change
Plants and trees absorb excessive carbon-di-oxide and release oxygen in the environment. The excess CO2 is the major factor behind the ongoing humungous climate change issue. The only catalysts who can potentially save us from our own downfall and make earth greener are plants and trees.

Little known fact this is, but apparently there have been reports that plants have heightened their photosynthesis process in order to soak up the increased levels of carbon-di-oxide. Furthermore, their absorption is a natural way of heat-trapping and it has heightened to reduce the rate of global warming. When plants are doing more than they are supposed to then it is time, that we humans who are anyway the most intelligent mammal, do our part as well. Before it becomes way too difficult for the existing plants to keep up with the monstrously increasing CO2, we need to start planting more plants. With this, we are not just saving our mother earth but also ensuring a green future for the upcoming generation.

Plants Conserve Energy
If you place at least three plants in your home, and that too strategically around your family, then you can potentially cut down your air conditioning needs during the summer season by 50%. Planting trees in right places can actually cut down your energy bills. A local tree canopy can influence temperatures near your home. For example, having trees on the west side of your home can provide mid-to-afternoon shade to your home.

Trees reduce the ozone levels and bring down the temperature in the summer season. Having trees and plants near reflective roofs and pavements can help you big time in reducing your energy bills. Did you know NASA has actually released a list of must-have plants to improve the air quality and reduce the energy? They highly recommend dedicating a certain amount of space for plants. You can utilise plants in multiple ways and decorate them all around. They would be the most elegant home decor element who will quietly demand attention. Be sure to select the right and place them in the right location in your home to increase the overall aesthetic value.

Trees increase property values
A house nearby well-planted surroundings automatically makes it more valuable. The street, locality, and the greens around play a vital part in deciding the market figure of a property. Having plants around ensures cool weather, shade, good air quality and greenery of course. All these factors dramatically raise the value of the property that has plants and trees around it.

They absorb sound and reduce noise pollution
Trees or shrubs who reach all the way to the ground block noise. They are the most appropriate weapon to reduce noise pollution in urban areas. Plants have the capability of absorbing the noise of high frequencies that people find annoying. A dense layer of plants near your main doors or front gate garden can be your optimum noise protection tool.

The leaves, stem, wood, bark of a plant actively controls the unwanted, distracting and interruptive noises. Moreover, the noise inside the home is also maintained by plants. A sound wave refraction is a process through which plants absorption works. The best example to understand this is carpeting at home. If the room has solid floors then the sound waves will keep bouncing withing and create an echo. But when you add carpeting, the echoes will no longer exist. Thus plants that cover more surface area does the same job.

Trees reduces stress levels
If you are looking to gift something special to someone who has their stress levels climbing everest then you must give them plants. There have been so many studies that indicate that plants and trees significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels. This small dose of nature gives a huge psychological boost to everyone around.

Researchers from the University of Illinois conducted a study over the effects of trees. According to their report a simple stroll down the tree-lined-street reduced the stress levels of their subjects and they felt confident. Now that it has been proven, it is time to get your hands on a plant and go ahead with your unique gifting. We know you want your loved ones to be good health, both physically and mentally. Gifting plants are the perfect way of ensuring the same.

Plants are the future
The importance of plants not just for humans but for mother earth is staggering. They are far more important to animals and birds than to humans. They are their natural habitat. In order to save the earth and keep it a place worth living, we must maintain the ecosystem first. Plants are a critical resource that helps the earth sustains life. Because of the many ways through which they help us, their importance must not be considered non-important.

Having more plants and trees around is like saving the earth for the future generation. The environment is more than just a resource extraction region. It is the source of life without whom anything can survive. Having a simple plant at home is the simplest, smallest and easiest way one can start giving back to the environment. And this Christmas or New Year, why don’t you be the one who kick-starts this unique custom of gifting.

The best way to gift a plant is to gift them in a beautiful planter.

Wondering which planter is best for gifting?
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