Top 8 Bonasila Indoor Planters – Customer’s Favourites

Top 8 Bonasila Indoor Planters – Customer’s Favourites
28 Jun, 2022

Bonasila Indoor Planters are an easy option to get functionality with great aesthetics. Decorating can be a taxing job and indoor planters can be an instant fix for any bland corner. Having India’s largest FRP planters collection, Bonasila brings in a great variety. Filled with options, be it colour palettes, shapes or textures. Many variations are available, be it planters for your partitions or main entrances. The big planters make for excellent porch and veranda accompaniments while tiny planters break your desk’s monotony. Although, all our designs are our dearest, let’s take a look at our customer favourites.

Contemporary Vonny

Our Existo Collection compliments clustered arrangements leaving a bit of colour all over the space. The customer favourite ‘Vonny’ has a contemporary design that sits well with modern minimal interiors. These Bonasila Indoor planters are perfect for huge lobby corners and entrances. Bonasila Outdoor Planters also complement waiting areas and open garden spaces. The simple yet elegant design is a favourite as it blends seamlessly. Vonny doesn’t garner much attention from your centerpieces, be it wooden furniture, centre show pieces or reception desks.It has become a quick choice for beginners or first-time designers as it is the easiest yet most effective to style. The shades ‘Rustic Sand’,‘Warm Cocoon’,‘Buff’,‘White’ and ‘Grey’ are the best sellers in this category. Apart from this ‘Canara Hills’ and ‘Sand Textures’ make for bold and interesting statements if you wish to experiment.

The must have Leppo

‘Leppo’ is yet another favourite. Manufactured for lavish spaces, Leppo can easily blend in any space. Great for porches and verandas, this design works wonders in groups of three or clusters as small planters. The balanced design of ‘Leppo’ helps elevate entrance areas, doors and glass windows. A mix of different sizes of this design gives the room a statement look. The best options for ‘Leppo’ are the ‘Stone’ and ‘Graphite’ textures coupled with warmer neutral tones in the Rustic series that can easily complement various setups. As said both these designs work very well for planters in aisles, foyers and passageways. Made to own spaces, these planters are best placed in big rooms. ‘Leppo’ also proves to be a match made in heaven for trending terrace gardens.

The Perfect Centrepiece

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Gone are the days of extravagant showpieces and chandeliers. Our Newo collection does the trick. With a hint of tradition and a mould of modernism, ‘Tagaro’ is our bowl-shaped planter that provides character like no other. These beautiful pieces double up as big decorative bowls that can simply transform any space. Meant for grand spaces, ‘Tagaro’ is fit for tall and short plants. These premium Bonasila Indoor planters are big and they tie the space together when placed at the centre. When it comes to grand lobbies, hotel entrances or big courtyards, ‘Tagaro’ becomes the eye-catching element. Available in beautiful rustic shades of ‘Wild Mustang’, ‘Modern History’,‘Sustainable’ and more, the planter can be ordered in multiple sizes to best suit your interiors.

Fix the corners with Feijo

‘Feijo’ another favourite, combines elegant curves with modern cuts. The planters of this design conveniently blend into any space. That said, brighter colours and experimental looks can also be achieved with Bonasila Indoor Planters and their designs. Fit for placing in corners of waiting areas or even in the exteriors, ‘Feijo’ brings empty corners to life. A cluster of bright shades like rustic shades of ‘Canara Hills’ ‘Basil Leaf’ and ‘Metal blue’ can brighten up any white wall or light interior. The seamless nature of this design makes it a favourite for artificial plants as well.

Spelling refined with a capital ‘R’

Thinking outside the box? Let’s think of the box for a second. The ‘R’ in ‘Rezelo’ stands for reliability. Our Rezelo collection brings in the most practical shape with endless possibilities. These premium tall planters are sturdy with durable designs that can make any space look refined. The ‘R0832’ is amongst the customer favourites. It can be placed alongside walls and walking paths, at the entrance doors or next to walls with your company logos. These rectangular pots are great for adding lines and clean geometry to any large space. ‘R0832’ looks the best in huge elevator areas, can double up as a partition for lobbies or cafes and a variety of other spaces.

Creative Cuboids

The second favourite from this collection is ‘R2408’. This design can be used in the most innovative ways possible. These cuboids when placed on the ground give a partition; while attached to the walls give a spectacular contrasting look. Be it plain concrete or red brick walls, similar small planters when arranged enhance organic materials and backdrops. The best thing about this collection is that multiple dimensions of these rectangles in a combination of colours can set the tone of the space. While most restaurants, corporate houses and hotels follow a theme, the Rezelo collection seamlessly blends into any. Multiple designs of these tall planters can be attained with arranging these pots creatively for eye-catching outdoor or terrace gardens.

Table buddy Tapto

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Work is where you spend most of your active hours. Why not add an element of indulgence? Our Tabto collection brings in luxe in the form of tabletop planters. ‘Narcio’ and ‘Moso’ are more than just pots. They are your table buddies. These tabletop planters can brighten any space and break a room’s monotony. These classic designs are suited for desks, living and dining furniture, windows as well as shelves. These tabletops are easy to move around so you can style different spaces. Bright colourful planters can be placed against neutral textured walls. Similarly, neutral rustic shades can be placed against bright contrasting walls. Placing these planters at reception desks, suites, open dining and cafeterias is a fun way of fusing nature into the day-to-day. Tabletop planters grant freshness to your eyes after your screens have tired them out.

Bonasila Indoor Planters move beyond basic and add a touch of luxury to your space. While these are the customer favourites, you can explore yours at India’s Largest Collection of FRP Planters.