How to Play with Colours while Decorating your Space ?

How to Play with Colours while Decorating your Space ?
31 Dec, 2019

Colours can make or break the interior of your house or workplace. Being a prominent element in the interior design, it immediately reflects your taste and personality along with instilling a certain mood and energy in your space. Considering the variety and complexity of the interior design, it is clear that while designing, colours go beyond the wallpaper or wall-paint and lights. Hence, it is extremely important that you choose your colours wisely while decorating your space. And if you are the one to keep up with the changing trends, you must explore the current trends and identify ways to implement them successfully in your own space.

In order to bring out the best of your personal style and aesthetic preferences, you can consult an interior designer who can add their personal touch or dig up information on interior designs and use of colours and trends on the internet. To make your journey easier, we have prepared a list of tips that you can consider while choosing colours to decorate your space.

Pick a Theme

When you are decorating or redecorating your house or workspace, you can find a theme that goes well with your style, preferences and comfort. You can execute various themes such as traditional, cozy, casual, contemporary, formal, modern, etc. in your space and accordingly you can choose texture, furniture and colour scheme of your interior.

For a casual interior, you can choose neutral colours such as beige, tan, grey, white, charcoal blue, off white, etc. You can also use soft pastels to instill a peaceful look along with the casual look. For modern or contemporary interior design, you can pick neutral colours and accented colours which can include bright and bold colours. Some of the trending modern colours include emerald colours, bronze, beige, royal purple, mustard, yellow, etc.

To enhance the modern look, you can get heavily textured fabrics for curtains, pillows, rugs, etc. Your furniture and other elements can have vertical and horizontal lines or curved shapes. For a cozy, welcoming and comforting interior, you can pick warm hues and pastels. You can also pick combinations of rustic ruby and khaki; pale peach and citrus orange; aqua and brown; wheat and warm yellow; mustard yellow and pearl white, etc.

Apply the 60-30-10 Rule

When you choose a colour scheme, there are three colours which are identified as main, secondary and accented colours. The main, secondary and accented colours are used 60%, 30% and 10% respectively in the interior design. The main colour can be applied on walls, sofa, rugs, tables and large accented furniture. The secondary colour can be applied on drapes, curtains, linens, sofa, furniture, seats, accented chairs. You can use the accented colour to enhance the overall outlook of your space. Accented colour can be used in decorative indoor flower pots, designer planters, pillows, photo frames, artwork, lamps, accessories, candles, other décor elements etc. If you have chosen very bold and bright colour as an accented colour, the 60-30-10 rule helps you balance the colours in your space while making it aesthetically attractive and comfortable.

You can choose neutral colours as you main, a little bolder shade as your secondary and a bold and bright shade as your accented colour to perfect the balance.

Go Monochromatic

One of the most popular trends in interior design is to go monochromatic. It gives a bold, confident and dramatic look while still being elegant, luxurious and graceful. Choose a single base colour and incorporate various shades, tones and tints within your palette. As per the 60-30-10 rule, your base colour could be your main, various shades and tones of your base colour could be your secondary and accented colours. The monochromatic theme helps in creating harmony and balance in your space while creating a comforting and peaceful design.

Additional Elements

Apart from the right colour scheme, there are various textures and other elements that not only enhance the aesthetics of your interior but also bring out the best of your other décor elements. When you are using bold colours as your accented colours, you can pick textured and patterned furniture, pillows, rug, blankets, woolen décor elements, etc. You can add a patterned chair or sofa in your accented colour to bring out the bold look. Strategically arranged accented coloured pillows, rugs, accessories such as lamps look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

You can also pick different types of artwork and designed frames that complement the colour scheme and the interior design of your space. Place colourful tabletop designer planters, designer indoor flowerpots, and colourful flowers that add to the freshness and energy in your indoor environment. To create a relaxing environment, you can use colourful scented candles and pick out the designer candle stands made of metal to use them as décor items.

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