Apartment gardening for beginners using indoor decorative planters

indoor decorative planters
19 Mar, 2021

The countryside is fascinating. The lush greenery, clean rivers, beautiful hills and the chirping sounds of birds make you forget the world and discover your inner self. When you spend your vacations at such places, you are all charged up. Though these places are breathtakingly beautiful, the jungles where we have been spending most of our time are the concrete ones.

Living in apartments is not such a bad thing either, but you do miss nature. So what if you could create a space, that makes you feel close to it? Apartment gardening can be a great way to do that. It’s not that difficult. Be with us throughout this article & you will be able to restyle your space with indoor decorative planters. Plants of your choice, a mix of compost & garden soil, a few stylish indoor planters, a bit of planning and you are all set to start your apartment garden.

Understand your space

Firstly, take a look at your apartment. We understand that in most apartments space is a critical resource & it needs to be used smartly. Take a pencil & paper and draw a rough outline of your apartment. Mark the direction of the Sunlight and wind. There can be spaces with bright or low light. Having a sense of light helps you plan your plants accordingly. Also, understand the themes of your interior. Think about the dominant shapes and structures present in your house design. You can select indoor decorative planters for your plants accordingly. This is a primary step & doing this short activity will give you clarity about positioning your plants.

A quick visit to the nursery

Visit a nursery nearby. You will get to see plenty of plants. If you want to add a sense of height to your room, opt for tall plants. If you want something for the work desk, go for little plants. Reading our previous blog can help you get started with selecting suitable plants for your house. Don’t buy too many plants in the beginning. Start with two-three sturdy plants, understand the basics, and later you can buy a few more. Your plants will be hosted in indoor decorative planters, hence do keep in mind which plants you want for a specific planter. There are a few plants that you can grow from the seeds as well. However, if you are a beginner we recommend you buying the plant saplings.

Find stunning planters

Well, this is going to be the easiest part. With the largest collection of design & shapes, Bonasila is a market leader for designer planters India. Your search of finding perfect planters ends right here. For your indoor garden apartment, you are not just planting but also designing. So it’s you who has to choose the perfect planter. Our collection consists of 35 designs, including more than 130 sizes with 12 matt & gloss colours. So, you get a wide range to choose from. Select from colours of your choice. If you love textures then we also have 14 rustic finishes with 4 different textures. So, the experience of buying your favourite indoor decorative planters from us is going to be a special one. No doubt you will find your favourite planter, but the pieces of elegant artistry that you see during this time will stay in your mind & heart.

Potting with perfection

After purchasing the planters of your choice, you need to prepare a mix for potting those planters. The best-recommended mix for your indoor plants is a 1/3rd mix. You can make this mix in a few easy steps. Mix equal proportions of garden soil, vermicompost & coco-peat. Using this mix instead of soil will make your planters lighter and portable. Also, this mixture prevents excessive accumulation of water ensuring aeration for plant roots. While vermicompost provides nutrition to plants, cocopeat retains the moisture of the plant. It also has antifungal properties and this mixture fosters the growth of plants. After the preparation of this mix, fill it up in your indoor decorative planters and allow it to rest and set. You can then transfer your plant to it.

Nurturing like your own

Plants are living beings. So just like humans, they also yearn for love and care. Their needs are pretty basic. A fair amount of light & water along with little warmth can make them happy. Your home garden will be alive if your plants are lively. But how will you understand what a plant needs? It’s very simple. Spend a few minutes with your plants every day. You will learn a lot more just by observation. As you start to know your plants, you will understand if they need anything. Accordingly, you can include nutrients, change light settings with curtains and schedule the water supply. With the season, the need for water also changes. For example- in summers your plants will need relatively more water than in winters or rainy seasons. Please note that each plant blooms and flowers in its specific season. So if the decoration is your motive behind getting the plants, you may want to switch your plants as per their bloom, between your interior & balcony.

Acclimatization period

The new generation stylish indoor planters are lightweight, so moving and rearranging your plants is easier. This allows you to try out several combinations with your plants. However, if you are switching places of your plants, then give them some time to get familiar & adjust to the new area. So, for example- if you are moving a plant from your balcony to the interior, then in the beginning keep it at its new designated space for 4-5 hours and then place it back to its original place. Slowly increase the hours. Then you can ultimately keep the plant at its new place. Doing this will ensure that your plant doesn’t die with a shock during the transfer.

As you know more and take some interest, you will realize that gardening is a lot more than a hobby. The joy of growing a plant and seeing it blossom is something that you can only experience by doing it. We congratulate you for taking the first step in this direction. Reading & learning from one another is a great way to enhance this experience and with this belief, we run this series of blogs. Conversations hosted in this space are a great way to extend your knowledge and share your learning experiences. We welcome you to this community. You can feel free to join us in the comment section and share your views.

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