How to style your interiors with decorative indoor flower pots?

decorative indoor flower pots
18 Feb, 2021

Flowers are a source of happiness. Remember as a kid how a flower brought a smile on your face and made you run behind those beautiful butterflies? Flowers still have that ability to make you smile. The early flower decorations by humans date back to ancient times. Back then, flowers had a place in personal grooming, gratitude gifts, as well as social and religious rituals. Since then, humans have developed a deep connection with flowers. In recent times, researchers in their independent studies have confirmed the positive impact of flowers on human emotions. In today’s fast-paced lives where stress and anxiety are common occurrences, flowers hold the power to induce happiness and calmness. This makes flowers more and more desirable. It’s really easy to buy flowers and keep them in pots for a day or two. However, those flowers are separated from the parent plant and they will only add a visual appeal. Whereas the plants have the power to bring life to a space. Flowering plants kept inside your home can take care of your mood and bring positive energy.

In this article, we will walk you through a few ideas that can help you design your space with beautiful flowers. We will talk about decorative flower pots, recommended plants, key aspects of designs and styling of different spaces in a house.

Decorative indoor flower pots

These are garden pots made up of fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP). Bonasila has played an instrumental role in pioneering the use of decorative flower pots in styling the indoor spaces. Contrary to popular belief the planters need not be always small. You can choose decorative planters of small and medium sizes as per your preference for plants. There is a lot of scope to explore ideas. You can let your personality reflect in your design by choosing planters from a wide range of colours and designs.

Recommended Plants

If you are a beginner and have very limited knowledge of indoor flowering plants, here is a list of plants for you. You can start with these plants and further graduate to growing more complex ones.


This plant is fairly easy to grow and requires no additional care. The varying temperature can be a challenge. This plant booms well at milder temperatures. The thick leaves of these tiny plants store the water in them. If you are travelling away from your home for several days, Kalanchoe can withstand the water stress. Confirm the colour with your nursery before you buy a kalanchoe as there are different colour variants. Avoid the direct sun exposure for a long period as it may lead to the loss of moisture and shrinking of leaves.


Widely grown in India and across the globe, this plant is shade resistant. You can grow them in indoor settings. The flowers are charming and there are colour variants of crossandra. This plant can be grown with moderate care.


This is a must-have indoor plant for your house. This plant flowers throughout the year. Some people make beautiful bonsai out of this plant. You can choose from the various colour variants. Adenium is a welcoming plant and can  be kept at the hall or entrance lobby.

You can refer to our previous blogs to know more about flowering plants. This will help you pick perfect flowering plants as per your choice and preferences.

Different spaces have different needs

Every space in your home is built to serve a certain utility. For example – The function of Hall is to receive the guests, while the study room is meant to cut the disturbance during the reading or similar activities. This is a reason why every space requires a different ambience. The meditation space can be of soothing colours whereas a children’s bedroom can be painted with more playful colours. This understanding will not only help you in selecting planters and plants but also visualize the space during the design process. This small key understanding can add a sense of depth to your design. You will be able to create the desired emotion in spaces and improve your overall living experience. Giving a thought to these intricate details can help you in choosing the right designer garden pots for your plants.

Recommended planters

Bonasila is a renowned fiber pots manufacturer and the pioneer in introducing planters into a design. The aesthetically pleasing planters by Bonasila are a unique blend of utility and creativity. We recommend a few planters that can be excellent hosts for your flowering plants. These combinations will help you get started with the thought process of the design.


This circular planter blends well in symmetrical as well as asymmetrical designs. Bonasila’s Ovalio is a great choice to host a flowering plant like Ixora in an entrance hall. Ixora is a welcoming plant and its appearance is soothing.


Characterized by its pentagonal shapes, this flower pot can be a great host for plants like Petunia or Dianthus. You can place his planter in your study room or a library. It will remind its presence but without disturbing the atmosphere of your study room.


Admired by the lovers of symmetry and sharp edges, Bonasila’s Atia is a planter that reflects its bold nature. It has an elegant appeal to it. This planter is an excellent choice if you want a host for plant-like Adenium bonsai in your bedroom.  Place it near a window, which will allow it to fetch sufficient sunlight.

Please visit Bonasila’s website to explore all the available designer planters.

Where can you keep your planters?

There are some key spaces in your house that you can start with. This basic understanding of your plants and space, will allow you to place your small indoor plant pots

Coffee Tables

Tiny plants like Jasmines or Dianthus can be accommodated well on coffee tables. These tables usually have books, newspapers and certain space for coffee trays and other eatables. It’s advised not to keep large planters on coffee tables.

Corner Tables

If you are planning to keep large plants like Adenium (non-bonsai) or the Peace Lily, corner tables are a great choice. These tables are ignored and un-noticed most of the time. However, an attractive flowering plant with charming planters placed on these corner tables can bring some life to the corners of your space.

Bed Sides

You should choose the most soothing and peaceful plants for your bedside tables. Along with your night lamp, you can pair a flowering plant of your choice. You can opt for plants like Adenium or African Violet, or any other plant of your choice. A pleasant plant in your bedroom can set the mood of your place.

Study Tables

Think of flowers that are soothing. White colour flowers are considered the best for study tables. You can think of plants like Jasmines. However, there is no such rule. If you do not get distracted easily by strong colours, then you can choose a plant of your favourite choice as well.


Shelves are not just restricted for books or showpieces. You can use your shelves to place your small indoor plant pots. The shelves with vibrant colour flowers will help you to create a feeling of liveliness in your house. Bromeliads and African Violets,  are a great choice to start with.

Picking plants that share a connection

You grew up with certain flowers around you. These flowers can be the common flowers such as Marigolds, Hibiscus or Roses. There is a memory and certain connection with these flowers. These flowers have the power to make you happy. This is the reason why we want you to pay attention to plants that are easy for you to relate. You don’t have to get a Night Lily just because everyone else is getting it. Think of plants that you like to be surrounded by. Include them in the interior designing of the house. Remember, your space should reflect your story.

After a heavy day of work when you go back to your home, having some welcoming flowering plants to cheer you up is a great idea. If you have taken a first step into that direction, we wish you all the best.

What Next ?

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With this series of blogs, we intend to increase awareness about home decor and plants. If you wish to learn about the design and the underlying aspects of space transformations, you may find our blogs helpful. If you like this piece of information and think this can add to your understanding of design and aesthetics, please stay connected with us.  We keep bringing the best content for you. If you find this blog helpful, please let us know in the comment section.

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