How can Bonasila’s large planters beautify your home’s entrance?

How can Bonasila’s large planters beautify your home’s entrance?
28 Jan, 2021

Entrance is the first thing that a person notices after visiting any place. There are a few places where right after walking you feel that everything is perfect. It’s because a lot of thought has been given to the design and arrangement of that place. Walt Disney once said, “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in details.” Attention paid to small details makes a great difference. It takes you a step closer to perfection. It’s a personality trait of successful people to pay attention to small things. It makes them stand out from the crowd. Using the same principle in decorating your home can help you stand apart from the rest. This article talks about beautifying the entrance of your home and the finer aspects that you can consider during this process. A few ideas which can help you design the entrance and choose correct planters are summarized here.

Why plants and large planters are irreplaceable?

A wind chime, nameplate, vintage old lights and a beautiful letterbox adds to the beauty of a home entrance. While these elements add a layer of a personality to your home entrance, plants bring the feel of liveliness. Plants are living beings welcoming visitors on your behalf. Hence, including plants in designing the entrance house is a great idea. Plants like Areca Palm Tree, European Olive or Rubber Tree are common choices to keep at the entrance. These are large-sized plants that add a stunning beauty at the entrance. You can get creative with ideas while choosing plants at the entrance. There is a wide range of plants to choose from. However, choosing the right planter may get tricky. Mortar-concrete planters that are difficult to move add a very little aesthetic value. Fortunately, today there is an option of FRP planters, which allow you to customize the experience of decoration. You can bring emotion and feel of your choice with decorative planters. All you need is a little imagination and some time. The more attention you give to the details while designing the entrance, the more beautiful it will be. While it’s a great idea to look for inspiration, you should avoid copying ideas as it is. The work done by you reflects your personality. That’s the beauty of originality.

Knowing the details

A house gives an idea about its occupant in the very first appearance. While designers and architects design houses they take many factors into the consideration. The local temperature, wind direction, sunlight exposure and many more. At the same time, they also think about the emotion and feel that they are trying to bring in the building. Most well-designed buildings are examples of functional and aesthetic understanding of its designers. Colours, the elevation is planned while keeping these things in mind. If you study your house in depth, you can get the original ideas that can go well with the soul of your house. Imagine selecting best-suited planters for your house with such intricate details? The result will help your decoration stand out from the rest.

Style of House

For the sake of simplicity, we will avoid using any complicated terminologies and use simple examples. If the house is primarily characterized by sharp edges and angles or prismatic shapes, you can choose Bonasila’s Gracili planter. On the other hand, if the square and rectangular shapes are dominant, you may try Bucciro, if the house features curves and circles, you can consider opting for an Aldero planter. You can pair planters to fit with the style of home. Choosing the correct planters can help to enhance the beauty of the entrance.  This helps in creating the perfect first impression on the visitor. If you want your planters to stand out, then you may even choose the planters contrasting to the style of the house. It’s a little bold, but the idea is to explore all the possible ideas.

Type of House

Bungalow, penthouse, farmhouse and apartments have different types of entrances. There is a variation in the available space. Bungalows and Farmhouses have plenty of scopes to play along with the placement of plants. Also, the theme of existing gardens in front of bungalows or farmhouses can be extended towards the entrance. The open space at the entrance makes it easy to choose from the outdoor plants. Large plants like Dragon Tree, Yukka, Parlour Palm, Rhapis Palm and Golden Bamboo blend in really well in these types of surroundings. Bonasila’s and Corin and Torta are an excellent choice to host these plants.

For penthouses and apartments, there is a limitation with the use of space. The entrances are also covered which puts the limitation on using only the indoor plants. However, just because the entrance is covered does not mean you have to compromise on the size of plants. There are several great options for indoor plants that require no direct sunlight but are large. Some of the options to choose from are Croton, Weeping Fig and Boston fern.  If you are fond of colours and like flowers, you can also consider plants like Bird of Paradise, Flamingo Lily, Peace Lily. Lady’s slipper orchid is a beautiful plant that is rare to see and gives a pleasant feel.

  • Colours

The colour is another important aspect that requires thoughtful consideration in this process. Let’s discuss the colour of each of the important elements;

  • Colour of House

Please consider complimenting the planter with the colours of the house. Stick to the pairing of colours that works. Some reading about the colours can be of great help. Here are a few combinations for reference, Blue and Orange combination works great, so does the Grey and Green. You can choose the planters to complement the colour of the external walls.

  • Colour of Doors & Furniture

Try to avoid the repetition of planter colours with colours of doors and furniture. You want your planters to stand out, hence stick to the formula of complementary colours. Choosing a Red colour planter to keep near a green shade door may not look very attractive.

  • Colour of Plants

You can get creative with choosing the colours, to complement the colour of plants and flowers. For example, a plant-like Bird of Paradise would look great in Bonasila’s Cilita planter of yellow colour. Having a clear idea about which plants to keep at the entrance can help in deciding the colour of planters.

  • Colour scheme of other decorative material

Planters are one of the many elements that are required in the decoration of house entrance. There are other items at the entrance such as nameplate, lights, wind chimes, wall hangings and some art pieces. Please ensure that the colour scheme of these items fits well with the colour of planters.

Other Aspects

You should give attention to factors such as the growth of plants, the strength of roots and the water requirements of plants. Plants like Banyan bonsai have strong roots, hence full-body planters are more suitable to such plants. Just like colours you can also try some variation in with the textures of planters. There is also an option to go with either the matt or shine finish of colours. Functionality is another essential aspect. The big plants need more water and hence there is more seepage that occurs from the normal planters. If the planters are capable of handling the excess water draining out, then it helps to keep the premises tidy and clean. Please consider these factors, before you finalize planters.

Bringing emotion to our house entrance

There is only one rule to be creative, that there are no rules. You can choose to follow the norms or may decide to be bold and experiment with creative ideas. Trying out several things and keeping what suits the best is a way to go about it. If there are a few areas where you may feel that your friends can help you out, then you shouldn’t hesitate to ask them for help. For example, if any of your friends have a good understanding of colour schemes and textures, taking their advice will only benefit your project. The colours & texture, the style & shape of planters will reflect your style and personality in the overall decoration. The same is true with the other decoration material like windchimes, typography on the nameplate, the style of lights and the doormat. Approaching all these variables may appear a bit complicated initially. However, studying each of these would help the project. A plan with a clear idea and effective execution helps to reach the goal smoothly.

Way Forward

If you find this article helpful to come up with ideas to decorate your house entrance, please do let us know in the comment section. Bonasila’s large planters chosen by you are handcrafted by our finest craftsmen, which are the best mix of aesthetic beauty and functional utility. If you would like to share your entrance decoration project with us, please feel free to write to us along with the beautiful pictures of your projects. We would be really happy to see those. The best way to get something done is to start it. All the best.