Follow these eight effective steps to grow an impressive garden

Follow these eight effective steps to grow an impressive garden
5 Mar, 2020

The urban life comes with a bane.

That bane is staying away from nature. With almost inch of space now getting covered with paver blocks or concrete, we are decidedly moving away from nature, one dying step at a time.  However, there is one ray of hope.

We can opt to create a green corner in our balcony with potted plants and avoid snapping our vital link with nature. For starters, it requires only minimal efforts, some sunshine, a lot of love and one, nice planter which drains well.

In this respect, FRP planters (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) are the best bet. What’s more these are not just functionally optimum, but aesthetically appealing too.

So, if you were thinking of transforming your surrounding with an impressive garden then read on and you will know how exactly you should go about doing it.

1. Choose your garden type

Consider this the first step in your gardening journey. Decide your objective before working on it. Do you want to make a kitchen garden or a floral garden or a herb garden? This is an important decision as the quantum of effort required to make and maintain it will be dependent on this decision. We recommend that you take baby steps before you make a giant leap.

2. Choose your location

Most potted plants need six to eight hours of minimum sunlight to survive and thrive in the interiors. Hence ensure that the spot you choose fulfils this condition. If not, then you would be better off changing the plant mix to include varieties that will survive in little or no sunlight. Check with your local nursery for specific varieties that will thrive in your sunlight conditions.

3. Prepare the soil

The next important aspect is preparing the soil and making it ready for your potted plants. Ensure that you remove all the weeds; mulch the soil and replace the old soil with a fresh dose of compost. You may use simple tools readily available from any hardware store or the nursery to do this. Replace the existing soil with this compost-rich soil for a long and stable plant life.

4. Choose your plants

If you are clear about the type of garden you want to create (kitchen/flower/herb), it won’t take you long to decide upon the species. Space availability is not a hassle as Bonasila pots come in all sizes. We have a mind-boggling range of decorative planters to cater to any species’ space requirement, so do not fret or fume.  Browse through our range to decide what plants can be paired with which containers.

5. Plant your Garden

The ideal time to plant any garden is when the weather is moderate – not too hot, windy or rainy. This allows the seeds and roots to grow strong and the weather conditions become conducive to their growth. While some plants are available as seeds, others are available as hatchlings and some directly as young saplings.  Depending upon what plant variety you choose, corresponding ground conditions need to be created. Do not crowd them by planting too close together, leaving little or no space in between to grow.

6. Water them right

The initial few days of plant’s survival in any changed condition are crucial. Irrespective of whether you chose seeds, or a young sapling, make sure that you water them right. Too much or too little is sure going to kill your plant. Once the plant is settled in, you can vary the frequency of watering depends upon the climatic conditions in your area. Hot regions definitely need higher watering frequency, while cooler or humid ones need lower. Also, ensure that you allow the excess water to be drained out and on that Bonasila guarantees to give the best results.

7. Mulching

By throwing in a small layer of mulch into the soil, you can not only prevent moisture evaporation but also weed growth. Mulch requirement varies from plant to plant, much like the health cover for your family.

8. A regular dose of love

Once the roots have caught on, your plant needs a consistent dose of love to thrive. Regular maintenance by way of watering, cleaning and using natural pesticides is all that it takes to create an impressive potted plant garden.

Also, if you are using FRP planters, make sure that they are made by reputed manufacturers of fiberglass planters India specific and are designed scientifically to ensure right soil conditions and water retention properties, besides promising great aesthetics.

In these eight small steps, you will give yourself happiness that will last a lifetime.

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