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10 Jul, 2021

Loved flying kites on terraces as a kid? Well, back then we looked at terraces from a limited perspective. It was a place for the playful time that we used to get after our school hours. In present times, having spent almost a year and a half stuck inside our houses, these terraces can be looked at from a different angle. There are some amazing terrace garden transformations that people have done & converted their unromantic, empty & barren terraces into places of rejoice.

If you are thinking of turning your terrace into an oasis, then you are in the right place. Right from identifying a layout for your terrace garden, selecting plants and suitable designer pots to taking care of your plants, we are going to explain each of these details. Stay with us till the end & you will be good, to begin with, your very own terrace garden project.

Symmetry, Asymmetry or a bit of everything? A good layout is key!

Before we jump right into the layout, here are a few things to help you understand your space better. All you have to do is to take a pen & paper and start drawing the layout of your space. Mark the direction of the wind, the total sun time that your terrace receives and arrangements for surface water runaway. Putting down these things on paper will help you understand the equation of your terrace. You can then utilise these insights & arrange your terrace garden layout.
This is also a time when you have to start thinking about plants that you want to see in your terrace garden. Your terrace garden layout is going to decide the plants, the designer pots and pretty much everything else. You can read our previous blogs to know more about the design themes based on symmetry, asymmetry and their combinations.

Choose your plants- the soul of your terrace garden

This can be a confusing and tricky part. There are different plants and finding a few ones that suit your garden is very difficult. However, we will give you a few tips with which you can simply nail this task. Remember the activity that you did for deciding your garden layout? That one is going to come in handy for this part. While choosing the plants, you can think about where you will be placing those plants. For example – To start with corners, you can think of tall plants that will bring in a sense of height to your garden and mark the boundaries of your layout. Similarly, towards para fit walls, you can place tall windcatcher plants that reduce the intensity of hot air. This can also prevent the other plants. This clarity also helps in deciding which designer pots you can opt to host your plants.

Some plants – to help you get started

Are you an absolute beginner and haven’t planted anything in your life, and you are starting this project? No worries. Here we are recommending a few plants that can help you get started. Since it’s a terrace garden remember that the plants we are recommending are outdoor plants. Let’s take a look at these plants & suitable planters that can host these plants.

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The Wind Catchers

These are tall plants that reduce the flow of wind & prevent surrounding plants from the wind and excessive heat. Bamboo, Ashoka or Frangipani make great windcatchers for your terrace garden. You can choose from a series of large-sized designer pots from our range that are capable of hosting larger plants. If your space permits, you can even grow a full-sized plant like a Palm tree.

Flowering plants

This is a segment where you can use your discretion and select the plants that you like and grow well in your local climatic conditions. Remember that different flowering plants have different blooming cycles. Some plants do well during winter while some bloom after the spring. In addition to this, the temperature and humidity tolerance level of each plant varies. Thus, you shall ideally choose plants that can naturally do well in your geographical area. You can host these plants from our range of planters that are considered one of the leading and most appreciated designer planters India.


These are plants that bring greenery to your garden. Non-flowering in nature, these are the plants that need consistent cutting. These plants recreate the ambience of nature in your terrace gardens. You can pair these pants with our small or medium-sized planters. You can get creative in arranging these bushes along with your windcatchers and flowering plants. Bushes also play a great role in attracting small birds and insects like bees to your terrace garden. This automatically benefits the other plants as well.


If you are someone living in dry areas, then succulents can be your top choice for your terrace garden. Succulents have a higher ability to retain water and require very low maintenance. These plants make great tabletop plants. To know more about succulents we advise you to read our previous blogs and get a better understanding of choosing a succulent. You can complement your succulents with our small planters – which consists of small designer pots for plants.

Other designer elements in your terrace garden

Well, a terrace garden needs plants but there are a few elements that complete a garden. So, here are a few that you can take a look at and decide to include in your garden.

A table & chair set

So, your garden is going to be a space of recreation and of course, you will be spending some time there, every day. So, we recommend getting some chairs and a coffee table that can host your private party. Whether you are having a cup of coffee in the morning or reading a book on a breezy evening, this table and chair set is going to be useful throughout the year.

Small covered shade

Monsoons are here & who does not enjoy watching the plants dancing in harmony with the rains. A small covered shade makes a great space where you can accommodate your table & chair setup, which enables you to be in your garden & enjoy the rains without getting drenched. Does your space allow you to create one like this? If yes, then go for it. While designing the shade, you can think of designer pots for plants. Complimenting colours and designs of the planters can enhance the overall visual appeal of your terrace garden.

Hanging Bird Feeder

Those magical chirping sounds are pleasant to hear at the same time watching birds come and visit your balconies and terrace gardens is a spectacular view. Though the flowers in your gardens will naturally attract the birds, we recommend getting a bird feeder that can help to invite these cute guests to your home.

Remember – Actions get things done

So, you read this article and you liked the idea of creating your very own terrace garden! So, what’s next? Are you going to create one for yourself? Or you will simply bookmark this informative article just to forget? Friends, we do understand that this whole terrace garden thing may appear to be a very complicated affair, but it’s not. All you need to do is to take the first step in that direction and just start.

We at Bonasila are the manufacturer of designer planters India. We offer the largest collection of designer planters with which we have paved the way for plants to be included in the design process. Planters which used to be simply considered as a medium to host plants are now looked at with a different perspective. When you are choosing a planter, you are not simply choosing the pot for your plants, but also decorating your house. This is exactly what our designer pots enable you to do. Vibrant colours that project happiness, the designs inspired by elegant aesthetics and the sizes that fit all kinds of plants makes our planters stand out from the rest. So, when you think of designer planters, think of Bonasila.

Want to buy plant pots online? We are a click away

Buying FRP planters is easier than ever before. You can visit our website and scroll through the gallery of our planters. Be assured that we have a planter of your choice. All you have to do is look for it. If you need any assistance about where to keep your planters or where you can pair the different planters while designing, our representatives can help you out. If you are an institutional buyer like a corporate or a hotel, hospital etc. & you have any specific requirements about the design and sizes of the planters, we would love to hear from you & explore possible solutions that fit your requirements.

We are leading plant pots manufacturers & our planters have reached 14 Indian states and four countries. The love and appreciation that we receive from the plant & design enthusiasts is a testament to the quality and commitment we deliver on. You can join us in the comment section and feel free to share your views & opinions. Follow us on our social media handles to stay updated about our latest design, colours and new launches. You can also reach out to us on 92650 77632.

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