Best Ways to Use Planters for Corporate Spaces

Best Ways to Use Planters for Corporate Spaces
18 Apr, 2020

When it comes to designing a corporate landscape or corporate space, designers and architects are required to be extremely careful. It is necessary to make sure that the purpose of the corporate landscaping is served all the while considering the other factors that are responsible for the healthy growth of the plants such as the environment and the sunlight conditions.

Now, the main purpose of the corporate landscaping is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that also helps create a lively atmosphere in the workspace leading people to feel positive. One of the first influencing factors that draw in the customers/clients and employees are innovative corporate landscaping. Let’s look at the ways you can use different planters for planting in the workspace along with elevating the standards of the interior and exterior designs.

Create a Vertical Garden

You can create a lush beautiful vertical garden at the entrance of your office, or if you have an open office, you can utilize your largest wall that has the highest sunlight and turn it into a vertical garden. Using small and medium-sized planters to plant beautiful flower plants such as peace lily, lavender, and jasmine, decorative plants such as money plants, English Ivy and fern, and also plants that have the highest health benefits such as succulents, aloe plants, etc.

Utilize Chandelier Planters

When your workspace is small and yet, you would like to ensure a fresh and alive atmosphere, get chandelier planters. Also, if your ceilings are quite high and your rooms have air ventilation, chandelier planters are the best functional interior accessory that will enhance the aesthetics of your office. You can choose plants that have trails and plant them in yellow, orange or green coloured planters to give them a modern and stylish look. On the other hand, you can also use black, grey and white colours to give it a corporate and yet stylish look instantly.

Place large designer planters

You can grow plants that increase the oxygen and decrease the toxins in the air. You can plant them in large designer planters that also function as interior accents. You can place the plants in the lobbies, entrance areas, near the canteen, in the break rooms, etc. The best way to separate spaces in a large open office or even small space, you can use planters. Placing the designer planters in your entrance or reception will help you make an exceptional first impression on your clients. You can create a relaxing backyard where you can create a mini garden with large and medium-sized planters as plants help in reducing the stress and create a sense of well-being.

Use Planters as Designer Extensions

If you are the one with a minimalistic approach, pick modern coloured planters that complement the wall colour and furniture of your workspace all the while enhancing the aesthetics of your interior and exterior. Designer planters in unique and contemporary shapes will help you create a modern yet minimalistic look of your workspace. Colours such as ochre yellow, scarlet red, beige, etc. can bring in the modern and clean outlook that enhances the luxurious feeling.

Large Planters in and around Meeting Areas

Plants have seemed to have positive effects on one’s mind. Using their exceptional mental health benefits, you can utilize plants to create a peaceful and relaxing environment in your meeting rooms. Using large planters as prominent design elements, you can also enhance the interior design of your workspace.

Use Desk Plants

Plants work as an air purifier. They not only increase the oxygen in the air but also eliminate toxins, meaning employees are less likely to fall sick. Hence, plants such as devil’s ivy, bromeliads, aloe, succulents, etc. can be planted in small planters and placed on the desk. Plants are also helpful in connecting with nature which can instill calmness and relieve stress.

Landscaping in planters is best for small, medium and large corporate offices, open offices, retail stores, industrial businesses, non-profit organizations, clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc.

Are you looking for planters for your office?

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