5 things to keep in Mind While Placing Large Planter in Outdoor Landscape

5 things to keep in Mind While Placing Large Planter in Outdoor Landscape
12 Aug, 2020

There are no rules when it comes to positioning planters in the garden. The most important thing to do is open the doors of your imagination and try to creatively play with all the beautiful large planters you own.

All the hard work and sweat that goes into growing beautiful plants can completely go in vain if they are not placed properly and are appealing to the eye. Keeping a few basic key points of landscape design in mind and channeling your inner creativity can lead to a beautiful output of plant perfection.

We, at Bonasila have prepared a small list that you can consider before designing your dream landscape with attractive plants and decorative planters.

1. What if the planters were a sculpture altogether? 

Pause for a moment and imagine what if all the designer planters you possess form a sculpture. Will they go together or appear mismatched and out of the place? This is the pertinent question you need to address while arranging planters. The plants might vary in shape, size and colour but they should look cohesive when put together.

2. Place Planters in Patterns 

Haven’t we all heard that there is unity in diversity, this somewhat holds true for decorating your garden as well? Don’t keep your potted plants the same size, they can range in size and colour but should be placed in such a way that they follow some pattern. For instance, you can place the same colour flowers in close proximity so the distinct colour flowers form a pattern.

Make sure there is variation in heights and sizes when you place plants together, otherwise it would appear monotonous and not catchy. The majority of people scare away from buying large planters as they can be very heavy. But manufacturers like Bonasila offer a wide range of vibrant and contemporary planters that are lightweight and easy to move from one place to another.

3. Right Planter for RIght Plant 

Choosing the right planter for the plant is very important. You cannot place a small plant in a large pot because there might be a possibility that more than the plant the soil is visible. Instead, the entire circumference of the pot should be blooming with flowers, which can also be achieved by planting more than one plant in a planter. As long as they look they require the same amount of sunlight, water and nutrients, they can easily breed together.

4. Don’t Forget the Minute Details

Every corner has a story to dictate. While planning the arrangements of planters in the landscape, do not forget the small little spaces and corners that exist. Make use of these corners to add a different outlook to the entire theme. These corners can consist of completely different hybrid plants, giving a distinct look. This can be an exclusive corner that can enhance the overall look of the landscape.

5. Rules are Meant to Be Broken!

If you wish to begin with a simple step forward, consider placing planters on the basis of different symmetry. You can choose one bright plant as the focal point and surround it with small plants that complement the main plant.

These are just a few tips that can help you enhance the planning process of arranging planters but one can always try something completely different, remembering the basic idea; it should be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Where to find the Perfect Planters?

While so much effort goes into growing and arranging plants, the planters should perfectly compliment the beauty of the plant. Bonasila manufactures the best range of decorative planters that are in elegant designs and vibrant and catchy colour. They are very convenient to handle as they are lightweight frp planters. For more information and help, connect to our experts now!

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