Best Corporate Office Decor Ideas Which Increase Creativity

Best Corporate Office Decor Ideas Which Increase Creativity

Plants aren’t merely a decor accessory. They are far more important to human health than we actually give them credit for. Plant benefits are numerous and today we’ll put some light on the benefits of having plants in office spaces. Plants are something that can be found in almost every office. Yes, we agree that you might have included them in your decor plan by arranging them at the reception or near your lobby area where you welcome your business guests. But do you know the real benefit of having plants can be reaped when you place them near your legit workspaces? Let’s explore the best of plants and office decor ideas.

Keeping plants in the spaces where the team sits, where the employees engage and work, brings about a lot of positive changes. These changes are not sufficed to bringing health or improving the quality of air, it boosts mental health. Humans have an innate desire to stay connected to nature and that is why your employees take leaves and go for a vacation often. They are looking towards getting connected to the natural element.

There are numerous studies that have proved the fact that having plants in work areas increases employee focus, retention capabilities and even productivity. Same can be said for the people who work from home. Plus having plants in office areas can work wonders to make to your office look less formal and more inviting. Especially to the spaces that need creativity on a day-to-day basis. Advertising agencies, communication companies, film making studios and such companies must ensure that they have the natural element in their office.

The connection of people and plants goes way back and it has to with the evolution of human species. When mankind was evolving it is said that the more the man was near foliage the more comforting he felt. As he knew that the next meal could be found in the greens and thus he wouldn’t worry about filling his stomach with food in the upcoming food hour. This natural connection has carry-forward itself in humans and thus we keep looking for a thing that brings us closer to nature because we inherently feel secure. The comforting rush of emotions that we feel today has the foundation that was set during the period of evolution.

Another theory sheds some light on the manipulation of the colour green. The colour green has been associated with productivity and creativity since ages. According to a study conducted, it is was found that when people were shown a couple of colours following which were asked to do a task, they did it more proficiently when they saw the colour green. The other colours included red, white, blue and grey. But the maximum efficiency was reported when they saw green. Even the scientist conducting the test stated that the major reason why green was most effective boils down to the fact that green is usually associated with growth. When people see green it instigates the task mastery emotion in them and they believe it leads to their personal growth which is why they complete the work more efficiently. So you can be assured that green is the answer to the creativity and the motivation you were looking to inculcate among your employees.

Now let’s get down to how you can actually incorporate more greens in your workspace. Let’s get down to explore the best office decor ideas.

Small office desk plants next to those computers

Houseplants aren’t necessarily for the house, we believe you know that! Just how you wear your pyjamas out, you certainly can keep houseplants in office. Tiny houseplants can be beautifully transformed as your office desk plants. All you need is a good planter for office that can withhold the beauty of the plant and simultaneously doesn’t make your space go messy when you water them. So make a wise decision when choosing the right planter for your office decor.

Wondering which is the ideal office desk plant? You can go for aloe vera, anthurium, asparagus fern and other such small plants when trying to find the perfect small plant to place in the corner of your cubicle or desk. These plants need less water and maintenance so you don’t have to worry about water management. Also, simple yet elegant they appear in every direction. That’s probably the best way to decorate your tiny place with a tiny yet beautiful plant. 

Place planters between departments

You can have planters arranged where one crosses from section to go to the next section or department of the office—probably the best office decor idea too. It would be like a tiny welcome of green life every time any employee goes to another department for some work-related trip. Be it to get a file or approval over something, the secon they’ll look at plants, they will feel at ease and comforting deep within. Isn’t that a good emotion to have among the team?

Have plants decorated in the cafeteria

The spot where the team goes to take some steam off their back. The get-together area is probably the most loved space in your office. Thus it becomes immensely important to have the right element as your employees need a relaxing aura. Bring specialized tall planters for office with beautiful plants placed next to the seating arrangement. Like in the corner or probably near the cafeteria entrance.

The reception lovelies

Last but not least, have planters where people come and go most often. For the place that leaves the impression on visitors, you need the best office planter as well. You can either keep a 40-inch planter in your lobby or have a small planter on the reception desk. Greet your visitors with a green element and amplify the comfort levels of your space.

Even hotels make it a must to have plants arranged right near their reception area to make guests feel more at ease. For hotels, it becomes far more important to have plants in their decor plans in order to attain that 5-star rating.

Looking for aesthetically pleasing planters?

Bonasila manufactures decorative fiberglass planters for office in magnificent designs that are certain to elevate the aesthetics of any space. Our planters are selected to complete the decor plans for offices, hotels, homes, and outdoors for almost every space. We manufacture planters in sizes ranging from 7 inches up until 40 inches in colours that satisfy your decor needs thus providing a complete planter solution right under one roof.

We have a special water management system in our planters which helps store the excess water of the plant. Thus, when you water the plant, you don’t have to worry about the mess it would create as the water will not flow out. Only when you take the plug out, which is given in the bottom corner, the water will flow out at your convenience. Thus, saving you from any sort of mess. Why wait? Get your ideal office planters for your office desk plant and embellish your workspace and amplify your work speed as well as creativity with Bonasila planters.


If you have any queries in regards with the planters or office decor ideas, feel free to reach us. We have an in-house team of professionals who will help you make the right decision throughout your purchase process. Bonasila aims to ‘plant Happiness’ in every space, so talk to us and let’s get happiness planted within your chambers. Contact us today!

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