Why add plants to your home interior design scheme?

Why add plants to your home interior design scheme?

Redesigning the interiors of your home is a massive decision in itself. There are so many important steps to be followed and tasks to be done before one actually gets down to the job. You must be going through numerous things, doing a whole lot of research, rejecting and accepting varied ideas, and what not. We understand the hustle. In fact, we want you to excel in the undertaken job. Though it looks like a Goliath now, once taken down, the result is eventually going to be full of pride and wow-like.

To make your interiors further grand, you can incorporate plants into your design scheme. Plants have this natural ability to add a certain luxurious element in the ambience. They are more or less like a subtle complement to the decor. Having plants in your interiors is like having a living, portable and ever-growing element as part of your decor. They are so much more than just air purifiers and clean agents, they are a mark of luxury. Have you ever been to a hotel or resort which doesn’t decorate its interior with plants? No, right!

Now, let’s get into facts. There are numerous reasons why you must add plants to your interiors, a few of the important ones are here to help you make a rigid decision.

Plants act as focal points
An indoor plant acts as a perfect focal point. It basically draws people inside and to a particular destination. There are so many ways you can implement this. Large specimen plants are ideal for this objective. Palm, ficus trees, and so many another type of plants are majorly grown for these reasons only. They are readily available in the market as well. Using shorter groundcover plants under the canopies of big plants can actually help you have a remarkable set-up.

Plants with unusual forms act a sculpture, plants with varied colours can further be used as the best focal points either alone or with masses. Having big plants in the outdoors can establish a walkway in itself without much of a hassle.

By decorating different types of plants (in terms of shapes and sizes) throughout a walkway, people tend to walk rather slowly. They tend to look upon the plants and thus reduce their speed of walking. They will slow down even more if the walkway is curved instead of being straight. Similarly, if the walkway is decorated with the same type of plants then they would walk quickly as there is nothing much for them to see. Thus, based on the type of ambience you are decorating, choose wisely. For hospitals it would be better to go for different type of plants, the reason being obvious.

Plants Substantially Reduce Noise
Being the best natural elements, they are catalysts of serene silence. Do you know plants are mostly used in the freeways in order to reduce the noise distributed in adjacent communities? Plants can absorb sound. Their stems, bark, leaves, wood etc absorb sound constantly. Thick bark and fleshy leaves are best at absorbing due to excess amount of surface area.

If you have a choice to go with both bigger and short sized plants, we recommend you to go with both. An arrangement of having both types of plants arranged in a systematic manner increases the probability of extra sound absorption because such an arrangement completely utilizes the varied surface areas.

To maximise their ability of sound absorption, you should place them around the perimeter of the house rather than keeping them in the centre. This way when the sound gets reflected by the walls it directly gets absorbed through the leaves.

Plants instil a sense of calmness
Having plants in your ambience is like fostering wellness. Transforming hectic moments into blissful ones is made easy with plants. It is like borrowing a piece of nature and keeping it in your house. Away from the bustling city, in your own corner, having a plant is like having your own tranquil element.

Sharp corner and brick walls often create a harsh vibe in the room. Having plants is mother nature’s way of allowing us to add freshness to our personal spaces. Don’t you wish to have a lively, colourful plant in your sons’ room who is about to hit teen and desires to fill his room with video games?

Plants have this ability to warm up any room. You can reduce the uninviting look of your bathroom by keeping a tiny plant at the corner or near the window. Having decorative pots near the doors will create a look that’s extremely exciting and welcoming.

Plants Control Humidity
Increased levels of humidity might be a welcoming feature in winters but usually, people avoid having that sticky and gluey atmosphere in the interior of their house. There are so many plants that act as perfect humid absorbing agents. Though you water them, they will effectively absorb the humidity from the air through their leaves, for example, peace lilies, reed palms and more.

Nobody wants too warm and moist environment that breeds bacteria and mold inside the house. You can diminish this humidity by having a certain type of plants at your space. Having them along with other humid absorbing solutions, you can get rid of that stickiness that encourages the growth of harmful bacteria.

Plants Purify the Air
Plants play a pivotal role in cleaning the air indoors. Today, pollution has taken a strong command over the exterior environment, but that certainly is out of control. You can improve the air quality of your interior by adding plants to your house.

Do you know that even NASA uses plants at their international space station to maintain a healthy air quality? A little-known fact this is. Now you know how important plants are to remove the toxins from the atmosphere. Also, they strongly recommend one plant per 100 square feet. Spending a fraction from your budget in plants will literally yield long-lasting positive results.

Enhance your design aesthetics
Whether you have a minimalistic design scheme at your home or a rustic one, plants go everywhere. It is probably the finest feature of them all. You can decorate whichever type of space you have with carefully selected plants.

If you have a corner that looks too hard, add plant there. If you wish to subtly differentiate two areas, have a plant arranged there. Like we said before, plants are natural catalysts of relaxation and beauty. Further, having them in coloured pots and will give you a classy edge over the others. Today, Fiber planters are the trend for interiors. Greening home with fibreglass planters has multiple benefits in itself.

Plants make your house a home
Other than all the qualities they have, this one is certainly the best of them all. Plants are living things. And when you have an ever-growing element with yourself, you psychologically become more considerate. You would want to water it regularly and take care of in order to make sure it grows properly.

It will radiate a healthy energy not just to you but to the other family members as well. Fragrant flower plants are like icing on the cake. You can ditch those artificial fragrances and indulge into the ecstasy that real plants offer. Plus, potted colour improves the mood. Plants are known to intensify the mood of people naturally. The positive vibe that they create soften the mood swings and keeps the people around in good mood.

All in all, having multiple plants in your house is doubling your own standard of living. You are improving the air you breathe, enhancing the look and feel of your home, bringing a lively element, freshening your air-quality and most of all doing the healthiest-best for your family and yourself. With little expenditure and maintenance, the results are boundless.

Looking for decorative planters to magnify the beauty of your plants?
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We manufacture planters in-house and supply them across the nation to our consumers with a guarantee of aesthetics and quality. Whether you wish to decorate interiors or exteriors, we have plants that best fulfil your needs. Since Bonasila manufactures planters at home, we do take special requests in terms of sizes. Our aim is to Plant Happiness at every corner of the nation with designs that stand as a synonym to luxury and premiumness. Contact us today and give your vision of beauty a palpably fashionable element that stands out from the rest.

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