9 Benefits of Using Rainwater in an Indoor Garden

9 Benefits of Using Rainwater in an Indoor Garden

With the monsoon in its full glory, the beauty of nature flourishes as the rainwater washes down the dust and frees the nutrients and minerals that foster plant growth making them healthier. Monsoon is the best season for nature and hence, it is considered to be the perfect time to plant trees as they grow faster. Also, the most suitable atmosphere and more importantly the fresh rainwater is responsible for the plants and trees to look greener, fresher, cleaner and lusher in the monsoon.

If you have a garden in your patio or backyard or have plants in your house, it is recommended that you make the best of this season by utilizing the rainwater to reenergize and refresh your plants. When outdoor planting doesn’t require an extra effort, if you are planting indoors, you can store rainwater and use it to water your indoor plants. Here are some important benefits of using rainwater for your indoor garden.

Rainwater is Soft water and hence, safe for plants.

Unlike tap water, rainwater does not contain salts, minerals, treatment chemicals as rainwater is pure hydration. Even the groundwater and surface water can be contaminated or have chemicals that are built up in the soil over time which makes the groundwater not only harmful but also useless for plants. In addition, watering plants with tap water or groundwater can be more harmful when it is used to water the plants that are in planters as the chemicals are soaked in the soil and have no space to spread like they can in the natural plant beds.

Rainwater matches the right pH needed for plants to grow.

As we know, rainwater is a little acidic putting it on the right pH scale, around pH 7.  The ideal pH range for plants to grow is 5.5 to 6.5. Now, tap water and groundwater often have a pH range ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 which makes it very harmful for the plants. However, when used rainwater, it can balance the pH bringing it to the neutral range. Rainwater can be used to flush out the chemicals in the soil and bringing the soil to the ideal pH range.

Rainwater contains essential components.

Rainwater contains macro-nutrients that is the most useful form of nitrogen that fosters the plant growth. Some of the forms of nitrogen cannot be absorbed which makes it difficult to provide the right nutrients easily. Since nitrogen is the key component responsible for the health and growth of the plant, receiving nitrates directly from the rain can help you grow your indoor plants more rapidly than ever.

Rainwater frees essential elements in the soil for plants to thrive.

With rainwater soaking the soil, the nutrients and minerals present inside are freed so that the roots can easily absorb them and enable the fast growth. This may be easier for the plants grown outside in the flowerbeds but plants grown indoors do not get rainwater easily unless they are placed on the terrace or in the balconies. In order to make sure that your trees planted in large planters, plants in small indoor plant pots in your house get the same nutrients and water to thrive, you can implement rainwater irrigation systems and observe your plants and trees to grow at a rapid pace.

Rainwater is easy to access and store.

With small rainwater irrigation system or rain barrels, you can easily store rainwater that you can not only use for watering your plants but also in the household chores like cleaning toilets, washing clothes and dishes, showering and even cooking. By utilizing the available rainwater in the best ways possible, you are also saving water as it is a step towards an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

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