7 Reasons: Why your company needs indoor plants
reasons why your company needs indoor plants

7 Reasons: Why your company needs indoor plants

As sentient beings, we are highly sensitive to nature. Whether we realize it or not, nature affects us intricately and subliminally. Being in proximity with nature is key to the revival of our body, revitalization of our mind and reinvigoration of our soul. That is why we all run towards nature when we want to take a break and refresh ourselves.

However, forces beyond our control have taken us away from nature in the name of development. We may not be able to go to nature in our everyday life, but we can bring nature back to our lives in the form of plants, with obvious benefits of course.

So here we list the top 7 benefits of keeping plants in our offices, as identified by a detailed research conducted by the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA). The research focused on 5 negative states, one positive state, and one composite impact on the employees. Our blog focuses on these 7 criteria which include tension, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion, vigour and overall negativity.

1. Significantly reduced negativity in the office space
The research identified that overall negativity among the employees of both genders was significantly reduced. How much? By a whopping 64%. This singlehandedly takes away a lot of stress from the office environment, and makes it a much more enjoyable and fun place to be.

2. Considerable reduction in tension and anxiety
Even the presence of one plant in a designated office space reduced tension and anxiety by about 37%. This translates into a significant hike in individual effectiveness which means a positive change in the company’s productivity.

3. Significant reduction in depression
Depression has been known to make people asocial in the official environment which needs constant interaction between the employees. Thus, depressed employees, by breaking the communication chain, become barriers to company productivity. Office plants, the research claims, reduce depression by a jaw-dropping 58%. Anything that can help reduce depression to this extent is not a cost but an investment.

4. Considerable reduction in anger and hostility
With a substantial reduction of 44% in the anger and hostility between employees, the workplace becomes a much better place to be in. This magnitude of reduction was observed by keeping plants in the office during the research period of 3 months, while the no-plants control group experienced no reduction in these factors.

5. Reduces fatigue and enhances energy
The research revealed that plants helped reduce fatigue in employees by 38%. Plants in the office increase the level of oxygen, improve the pranic proportion and thereby help reduce exhaustion and lethargy. That makes the employees subconsciously feel better and revitalized.

6. Appreciable enhancement in clarity and reduction in confusion
Quietly and magically, office plants help the workforce reduce their confusion and inner chaos by about 30%. This effectively translates into improved clarity, which drives efficiency through focused action. This enhanced clarity helps the management take the right decision faster, which in turn helps the company in translating their vision into reality that much faster.

7. Noticeable improvement in vigour and vitality
Vigour was the only positive parameter that was a part of the study. Just as the category changed, the results pattern was also reversed. No-plant offices showed 28% reduction in employee vigour while the offices with plants showed no reduction in employee vitality.

Thus bringing nature into your office will enhance the positivity, reduce the negativity and considerably improve the productivity of your company. Considering the benefits, this is more likely an investment than a cost.

Even the ancient indian scriptures mention the importance of living with nature and keeping plants in your vicinity. For instance, basil, our very own tulsi, the king of herbs is very effective in keeping insects at bay, and its leaves are considered natural detoxifying agent for curing insect bites. To the extent that its leaves are considered highly effective anti-stress agents which help in fighting depression naturally. These are just a couple of benefits of basil. No wonder the hindus traditionally worship the basil plant as a goddess, and the scriptures recommend that every house should have a tulsi in the portico.

Nowadays, interior designers and architects suggest exotic plants that complement the furnishings in the well-designed office spaces. If you have a concern that these earthen planters do not complement the finishing of the office then wait, don’t rush away. There is hope for you.There are beautiful designer planters available in the market that enhance the beauty of such designer spaces. While the plants improve the productivity of the company through the well-being of its employees, these planters help enhance the aesthetics and décor of the office.

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