5 Reasons why hotels must have plants?

5 Reasons why hotels must have plants?

Strategic use of interiors can make any hotel either stand out in an unmatched elegance or stand-down as a testament of obsolete. Where lighting, flooring, furniture and other elements take the centre-stage in interior decoration, there is one element which can potentially make or break the overall aura of the ambience.

The prime trick of the trade in making your hotel more inviting is investing your bucks in potted plants. Believe it or not, common plants are actually having a strong comeback in fashioning interiors, especially in the hospitality industry. Your guests have made their way to the doors of your hotel in search of a great experience, or least, they are expecting it to be better than the one they did not choose. And trust us, the way up to the hospitality ladder is to provide your guests with a calming and comforting experience; having plants is one way of guaranteeing the same.

Plants are proved to seamlessly add a lively character and atmosphere to whichever ambience they are placed in. It was true when the hospitality industry started, which is thousands of years ago; it is just as true today. They are the natural agents in improving air quality. Further, they substantially reduce the internal dust. For hotels that have numerous hard elements, such as concrete or porcelain floors, large windows etcetera, plants can play a vital role in smoothening the overall atmosphere and offering a rather welcoming feel. Thus, plants can be used for a lot more than you think. Your investment in potted colour to enhance the ambience will yield benefits left, right, and centre.

Here we have discussed a few of the many reasons why you must, right away, make plants your priority in the interior design scheme of your hotel or guest-house.

Make first impressions that last a lifetime
What do you want your guest to feel first when they walk inside your hotel doors? Irrespective of the star rating the hotel has got, almost every hotel strives to create a luxury feeling in itself. Plants are known to evoke a sense of luxury, impeccably. In any setting, plants tend to create an elite impression provided, of course, they are kept agilely and elegantly.

Guests in numerous hotel surveys have reported that healthy plants in the reception or lobby area contribute to a major positive welcoming factor. Further, every hotel upholds its own authenticity. That uncompromising authenticity should not be compromised with replicas. Always make it a point to purchase real plants. Popular Interior designers and decor experts also say that it’s always best to go for the real plants rather than fake ones as they offer a genuinely relaxing feeling.

You must have come across huge planters right at the front entrance of all the 5-star or 7-star hotels. What’s interesting to note here is the fact that they don’t stick to one planter for a longer period-of-time. In every 4-5 years, many a time annually, their procurement managers make a note of changing the planters or the plant itself in order to continue having a fresh feel right at the front. You can understand the importance of having plants with this.

If you are in the run of becoming one of the top-star hotels then you need to get coloured pots on board. Based on the overall colour scheme, you can have selective potted plants in your space. And if you are already in the race of top-hotels then never stop believing in the power of a aesthetically pleasing planter.

A place automatically gets associated with freshness when there are plants nearby. They are the elements of liveliness in any space. Also, according to a psychology study, consumers are found to be more spendthrift when they are in presence of a flower or plant filled surroundings. Your planters can potentially create a blueprint of emotional happiness for your guests which is nothing but an added benefit for you.

Give yourself that diamond star rating
When guests arrive at your place they are obviously looking something more luxurious than what they find at home. Like we have mentioned before, plants add a rather calming experience. They further add a wow-factor as well. Maintaining the aesthetics of the very plant is not everyone’s piece of cake.

Plants are one of the requirements listed for a property to actually attain the diamond AAA rating i..e, 5-Star rating in India. Thus, strategic placement of planters, the size, the colour and the selection of the plant itself becomes an increasingly important task. Since it is a peculiar step in the evaluation process, hotels these days have started taking precautionary steps in maintaining them. Like we mentioned before, they keep changing the planters in order to maintain freshness. It isn’t sufficed to outdoors, the same rule is followed throughout the hotel, be it interior or exterior. The consistency in the design of the planter also has its own importance. We highly recommend you to consult a professional if at all you are planning to planters at home.

Adds elegance to your online presence
In the era of internet, one cannot underestimate the value online bookings. It goes without saying that majority of the consumers prefer to book online. The plethora of online apps rendering the services is like an advantge for them in analysing which option suits them the best. Though prices play a very important role, the image you choose to upload will also have a major effect on their purchase decision.

A bland picture of a room with a TV and bed is not going to spark any interest in any potential consumer for that matter. Adding a plant in the ambience will indirectly send a message to the consumer that the respective hotels give prominence to detailing. Further, as we mentioned before, people tend to spend more when there are in the presence of plants. Also, it’s better to constitute something that makes their stay quiet and restful.

Increase ROI with plants
A recent study shows that plants are a proven factor behind increasing the ROI of the hotels. Strategic placement of plants in the lobby area is proved to have increased the revenue figures of hotels by increasing average guest stay and occupancy. You don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive plants, consult a professional and get yourself the plants that fit your budget. All you need to do is to have them planted in beautiful planters. Constant maintenance and care are obviously mandatory but you can actually cut costs only if you take a logical decision under the guidance of an expert who knows what they are talking about.

Play with your interior design scheme with sophistication
Incorporating plants in your interior design scheme can give you a lot of room to play around with. If you are struggling to avoid a dark corner then plants are your ideal answer. You can brighten up any nook and corner, also enlighten a boring view, with a beautiful potted plant. Planters with good aesthetics leave a statement.

You don’t have cram in furniture everywhere. Even in the places where you feel the room is going furniture-heavy, introducing a planter can drastically change, mostly lighten, the mood of the environment. Plants have this natural ability to blend in the space, they never spoil the spaciousness. Further, they are the perfect attribute to create a certain sense of privacy. Long heightened or sized plants have the ability to create privacy without actually blocking vision. Ideal for the screening the diners. Their prominence in diners and restaurants does not require an explanation. It basically a perfect counterpart for anything that feels out of place.

Pro Tip: If you have a small reception area, you don’t have to stick to teeny-tiny planters. There is no harm in experimenting. You can give your location an intriguing jungle-like oasis overlook as well (just don’t forget to consult a professional and convey your thoughts to them).

Plants give you all the more reason to be cheerfully creative with your ambience. The fact that you can decorate your space with a variety of plants in multiple type of planters is precisely the reason to rejoice. You have surplus options when it comes to height, size, colour, the finish of the the planter you choose to have your plant in.

Looking for classy planters for your space?
If you are confused with where to start and which planter to choose from, reach us. At Bonasila, we offer custom-made Fiber-Reinforced Planters in multiple colours and sizes. Our planters are manufactured with designs that meet the hospitality-focused business needs. Each planter that we craft in-house is a physical representation of our creative thinkers. By providing planters in gloss and matte finish, we ensure your hotel or guest-house upholds a voguish end over the others in the industry.

Whether the location is luxury, retail or residential, we have worked in fulfilling copious aesthetics needs. We have been involved in numerous hotel projects, across the nation, where we have customized planters as per the ambience and have helped the architects closely in establishing a classy ambience. Ensuring the design chosen justifies the overall look and ambience of the hotel is our speciality. We are India’s Fiber Planter Specialist.

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