5 Designer Garden Planters for your plants this Summer
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5 Designer Garden Planters for your plants this Summer

The heat of summer is finally here!  Also, with global warming going kaboom every passing day just gives a more of a summer feel. The dread of the summer is real. With summers around the corner, it can be a tough time for nature to survive efficiently. The sunlight is so strong that it makes it difficult for them to survive without proper care and attention. Smallest or small, for this say, like plants too if they are not taken care of, may die just like that. Though some plants like succulents and cacti are adapted well to the heat, summer flowers like sunflowers and pansies love the sun but still do need utmost care. The plants that are kept indoors are not acclimated to the extremes of a summer heatwave. Including succulents and cacti that stay and leafy tropicals are also particularly susceptible to great damage from heat.

For little to big problems, even if it’s under the sun, nature still has a solution to these problems and there is plenty that you can do to keep your outdoor plants thriving during the summer.

You can use designer garden planters by Bonasila and keep them well-protected in advance. With assured non-resistance and strong FRP material used along with automotive painting, these planters pledge to save your little plant babies from as many mishaps as possible. The Frp planters by Bonasila are lightweight yet strong and weather resistant. With its modern beauty and sophistication, fiberglass planters can give an elegant and modern look to your garden. Even if you want to redecorate every once in a while, you can easily move and rearrange the fiberglass planters.

Fiberglass is an excellent choice because it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as scorching heat, cold, and other seasonal changes. As a result, experts advise using fiberglass planters, especially for outdoor gardening. Although metal, resin, and plastic planters do not have drainage holes, drilling holes in terracotta and wooden planters can be difficult and messy, and particularly Fibreglass planters make it easy to deal with excess water. The majority of them have excellent modern drainage systems that keep the soil dry enough for the plants to grow quickly. You may also strain the excess water by removing a small plug at the bottom of the container.

Below is a list of 5 designer garden planters that you use in summer without any hesitation:

  • Escon: If you are an admirer of designer garden planters inspired by geometric shapes, then this planter will grab your attention! It features prismatic edges, designed with great attention to detail. Its complex design blends geometry & aesthetics. With a very distinct and thoughtful design, this planter stands out. It blends well with contemporary and modern design themes. These planters make a style statement in any space that they are. Escon is no exception to this! Its three sizes allow it to host a wide variety of plants. If you are looking for a perfect planter for plants this summer with distinct designs that can create a memorable impression, then Escon is a perfect fit for you.

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  • Remino: These designer garden planters feature a geometric design with its roots in a minimalistic approach! This is why Remino is preferred in most modern design themes. It offers a variety of shapes. It’s a planter that blends well with indoor & outdoor plant pots. Remino can be chosen for both the private residences as well as corporate settings! It offers a huge space for the root growth of the plant! If you are growing large trees and looking for outdoor plant pots that fit in your modern design themes, then you can consider Remino. We offer the largest collection of FRP Planters. You can buy more such designer planters India with the help of our varied range of planters.
  • Conza D: It is a stunning and enlarged version of its sibling Conza. These designer planters have a wider circumference but with the same triangular pattern as the former. The width of the upper and the bottom area of these FRP planters are designed very contemporarily. The design also gives a 3D effect to the planter due to its hollow body. To buy these exclusive planters that serve the best in rooting large plants, this can be your suitable pick. These are the best planters that are surely more economical with space and stand very impressive.
  • Gracili: This planter features a stunning combination of elevated squares following a unique rhythm. It is one of those planter pots from our series that has a complex & thoughtful design. It comes in one size that stands out every time. As it belongs to the category of designer indoor plant pots,  it can be placed at entrance doors hosting welcoming plants. Whether you want to host a flowering plant or a mid-sized succulent, Gracili will do that in a style! It has the most complex design among all our designer indoor plant pots.To buy such designer pots that can be your best planter companion during summers, check out our wide range of planters & renovate your space in style.
  • Minelo: Looking for some distinctive designer planters India? Our Minelo design is simply going to leave you awestruck with their trapezium squares. These designer planters have been carefully ruled out with crisp yet sleek edges to give it a classy touch. You can neatly stuff in your little to full-grown greens in these designer garden planters. Desperately needing some big, powerful yet sophisticated designer planters to protect your planters from the unnecessary sun? Minelo is your go-to planter! Not only will it give your plants a bushy push, but make a focal point for the space around them. Whether it is a large backyard or a tiny balcony, this is going to showcase a clean aura around you.

Apart from this, here are some of the most important summer plant care tips to get you started:

By promoting high humidity:

Plants that are accustomed to high humidity should be planted regularly during hot spells. You can also make a humid microclimate for your plant by filling a shallow dish with pebbles, filling it with water, and placing your designer pot on top to create a little humid microclimate for it, which will help it survive the summer.

Deep and timely watering:

Watering in a timely and thorough manner is important for the proper treatment of both outdoor and indoor plants. Though overwatering is a common way to destroy a plant, heat and sun cause water to evaporate from the soil at a much faster rate. If you’re expecting a heatwave, make sure to water your plants thoroughly. When you water too much or too little, just the top of the soil gets wet, leaving the rest dry.

Save your plants from sunburn:

Imagine how your plants would feel if you’ve ever felt dizzy in the sun! When in summer plant care mode, try to keep your plants out of the hottest areas of your house. During hot weather, this can include moving them away from their ideal location, walls, or even other spaces. With the heavy sun on the rise, the best thing to do is close your windows during the day as it’s too hot, and open them again at night when the weather cools down. You and your plant babies would feel a lot happier if you can get the house to be a few degrees cooler. Protect them by using designer garden planters.

During a heatwave, don’t fertilize:

Fertilizer is your friend, particularly during the summer, but a stressed plant should not be fertilized until it has recovered. Your plant isn’t searching for extra nutrients and isn’t equipped to use them when it’s in summer survival mode. If you put these in the soil, you run the risk of stressing your plant even more. For the next feed, wait until it has cooled down a little.

Why Bonasila Planters?

Bonasila is one of the largest FRP planters manufacturers in India that supplies a varied range of beautifully designed modern, sophisticated and versatile fiberglass planters. Our in-house team of skilled designers carefully designs these fiber-reinforced planters. We provide customized planters that are the perfect fit for your needs, no matter what size is suitable for your plants and decor.

We offer a wide range of designer planters with different shapes and sizes as well as a variety of colors. These FRP planters are lightweight, water and frost resistant, and equipped with an excess water management system that makes it easy for you to maintain them. So, if you need any help in picking the right planters for your garden, Team Bonasila can help you choose the right planters to fulfill all your plans.

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